The Wicked Ones

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  1. Plot:

    Buried deep in the lives of individuals inhabiting Rockford Hills are hearts filled with criminal intent. A crime ring, known to the public as the Crimson Tides, are rolling in the dough from heists and assassinations. But when a new, small, group of criminals rise and challenge the godfather of crime, Ricky Raymond, all hell breaks loose for Rockford Hills. Will this war between old friends ever come to an end?
    • This is a rough idea.
    • Ages for the RP are between 21+, but keep it under 40
    • Characters can range from low life criminals to corrupt cops.
    • Not sure if character death should be present...I have mixed feelings on this one.
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  2. Count me in. ​
  3. Not sure how y'all would feel, but I thought I'd tag you...
    @Princess Poisoned Rose
    @MST3K 4ever

    Shorta changed the plot a little....anyways cool!
  4. sweet
  5. I'm in.
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  6. I am probably going to get the OOC up in a little bit. I have a three day weekend coming up so if not tonight than sometime this weekend.
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  7. I'll keep an eye on this, for now I am in.
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