The White Wolf

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  1. In this world, there are more then just humans, there's wolves and vampires. wolves live to protect the human race, vampire see them as there personal feeding source. Rin is the white Wolf, the leader of the primary pack. She's sworn to never come between the humans and there happiness. Without a alpha male at her side, many pack members doubt and challenge her leadership. Always having to live by tradition, she wants to break free. But is she strong enough, and is her pack willing to fallow her? With the enemy growing stronger is the pack ready to fight for what they believe in?

    what side are you on?

    ( each character must be wolf, vampire or human plot for there character)

    RULES: no smut or flames. all equal opportunity.

    See Out of Character thread
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  2. *Walks out of house walking to school* walking down the street meeting up with Qwween and Floyd. Jason meets up with us right after that. instead of riding the bus we walk through the forest( this is actually part of Rin's pack territory) theres a faint sent of vampire in the air so rin is very tense and everyones starting to notice. Qwween is starting to notice the sent to.
  3. Shadow sighed and walked out of her hiding stop "dont bite its me" Shadow hold out her hand she knew she smelled of vampire. "and yes Qwween i have informashon you want anno I was not bitten or i would be dead i dont want to de a vampire" she sighed again as the other wolfs smelled her "god its hard to talkke ofthe smell ok" she hated that she startinto smell like wolfs or vampires "but one did try" s smiled ar the out come thats why she could not get the smelled off realy
  4. Raiden was posted up in a branch looking down on the teens. They weren't your everyday average teens. Raiden could sense that right off the bat. He looked at the one who smelled of vampire. He called down. "Do you guys walk through these woods every day?" he asked them. "I mean...this isn't the best route to take." He looked at them closely waiting for an answer.
  5. not a teen»
    shadow looked up and her eyes turned dark and jumps in to the tree next to him. pulling out her sword place in to his neck "who the hell are you" she said in a dark evil voice she hate using it on cute guys but he asked for it. are this wolf watch him or something.
  6. Raiden put both of his hands up. "Just a human...nothing more, nothing less....well maybe a little bit more." Raiden used his index to move the blade from his neck. "My name is Raiden, just your everyday vampire hunter." He smirked at the girl. "You're a creature, I've never seen before. What are you if you don't mind me asking."
  7. humen one and the same" she said still eye him with the drity look put the blade down "but a highly trand one and a spy for some people" she looks down at the girls and boy with a smile. "so your a vampire hunter so why are you here?"
  8. "Did I mention I didn't like werewolves too much?" he asked her. Raiden smirked once more. "I wouldn't kill one, but I'm always keeping an eye on them...they don't do too much of a good job of guarding and protecting humans in my eyes," he said, before having a quick flashback about the night his family was taken from him. He sighed before focusing back on the girl. He gave her an irresistible look so she could let her guard down a little.
  9. "so me your pockets and take off you wepons and i will do the same for mine then we can talk more" she said throwing her sword to the gound and her gun as wilebut hade an invesable type of string on her wapens so she tuged it hard it came back tomher and sat down on the branch
  10. "Every weapon will go except the dagger," he said. He'd never let go of his dagger. It was a gift from his father that was past down from many generations. It's more than just special, because it was given to him only a couple moments before his father was sucked dry by those bastard vampires. "I have to admit that it was dumb to let your weapons go first though, because now I'd be able to kill you with ease." he said with another smug smirk. He dropped his crossbow and his pistol, then he sheathed his dagger. "Is that better pretty girl?" he asked.
  11. he called me pretty. she laughs "you realy think i would let mey wepons go ha you take me as a fool" she pulls at her string wich holds her gun and her gun comes flyinh at her but she catchs it with a smile "hey look at that i know magic" she smirks "so sweet haert whats your name" she loks at him with a smile then winks at him "Im Shadow but you can call me whatever you like" she trying to put his hole gard down so she can shot him in the head for making her a slut right now
  12. *growls at Shadow* hanging around watching us will get you in alot of trouble.
    * glares at Raiden* enough with the fighting, were just walking.
  13. Floyd is peering in to the distance. Following the faint scent the best he can. Floyd jumps in front of Rin "We don't have time for this. Rin I know you can smell it. The humans are in danger. We should go after the scent and leave this human. He obviously doesn't care for what we do." The sent is getting weaker. Any longer and we can’t pursue the vampire.
  14. hey im just doning my job and the vampire is probly going back to the club 'nightlight and death day' that all i came here for " Shadow put her hands up with a smile not pulling on the other streing with the sword
  15. Quween as usual felt bored in the forest waiting for her alpha but as always she must wait on her for it was the law. she waited and while waiting she heard a faint rustling in the bushes not only in front of her but behind her as well. the smell was unmistakable. Vampires. they seem to have caught her scent sooner then she thought because she had made sure her scent was covered by dirt an leaves. but she could take them there seem to be only two or three by the sounds in the bushes she just wishes rin was here to help but oh well more fun for her.
  16. "I'm sorry for trying to protect you from those horrible vampires little missy. No need to get an attitude with me!" Raiden hopped down from the branch and picked up his weapons. "Vampires are near. Just be warned." Raiden disappeared into the shrub and trees, but still decided to follow them. There was no telling what would lie in the path ahead.
  17. "well if there coming here i need to hit the rode or i may as well rigth my name on a cofen " she smirks and falls to he ground lightly and then start to walk wawa to the cafe she alway is wich is near the forst. "in the moonlight i felt you haert ...."she start to sing a song beautifuly
  18. fallowing the sent Rin and all other wolves track the sent as far as they can. up on a hill they find a group of three vampires making there way to the highschool. they all look to be around there 20s so there abviously not students.
    " Well guys, lets do are job.' she shifted forms and ran down the hill.
  19. A girl with a small and pale complexion was laying down under the shade of a tall tree with her eyes closed and her mind relaxed of the stress she was having just a while ago. For her it was peaceful, just like she wanted.

    She had soft shoulder length light green hair and side bangs covering her right eye a bit, her eyes were plain as silver forgetting to wear her contacts earlier since she was in a hurry to get here. Eeve was wearing a plain white dress that goes above her knees. This was her normal everyday nap outside.

    Eeve never bothered going to school, she never saw the point off it. But if she does attend it would only be because of the lunch special. " Lalala... little blossom by the side... Mhmmmm.. waiting soon enough... " she slowly opened her eyes looking around her surroundings while singing a song she'd known when she was younger. She spotted a small flower not so far and decided to get up and get it, flowers were mostly the ones that made her smile the most.