the wellcomed not so wellcomed?

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  1. lately ive been feeling diffrent geting on this site and to post, it feels like a daily thing for me, wich i like to do every day.

    I started at the top of my happiness like the tip of a moutain, but by each post it gose down more and more, slowly walking down the moutain.

    Now i feel like no ones reaaly going to notice if i just stop on the form and ill turn into an inactive role player.

    My post say im happy but im secretly turning hollow, i just dont know whats wrong with me.
  2. People would notice since you're an active roleplayer, don't worry. They'll go "WHERE IS ED!?" when there's suddenly no post from you for a good number of days.

    Are things going all right in your real life? I can understand how that affects your activity on the forum. I myself go through those phases. Even currently, I've hit 3 issues that need fixing before the situations get worse, so I'm writing less and less because it's bringin' me down... Let me know if you ever need to talk about anything, all right?

    Also, have you thought about getting to know more of the members? Participate in more of our discussions, and play in our writing challenges. :3 People are more likely to know you exist, then! This is a massive community, so a person feeling ignored or unnoticed is not uncommon. You just need to put yourself out there and say HELLO in everyone's faces!
  3. Is something in real life getting you down too? .__. Because I noticed I get really paranoid and emo about my online life the same time something uncool is going on in my real life. Feelings like that seem to seep in to all aspects of your life.

    Otherwise, I would say - worry less. XD The more you're around and talk to people, post, and make friends, the more connections you're going to have. And for a lot of people it doesn't come naturally, so it's all about taking the time and the initiative to talk to others.

    [Edit] me and fluffy posted the same thing at the same time. XD thas funny.
  4. Ed. Don't make me set the Chibi squad on you. You won't survive the glomping.

    Anyway, maybe you just need to find a rather wacky roleplay. Something to get your spirts up.

  5. I know how you feel Ed...I come on here happy and as I post, I start slipping into a depression...Now every time I get on here, my mood is dimmer than that of last time. I fear I'll disappear for a few days if this keeps up.
  6. The thing was it was only me that felt sad, but things got alot worse once i got offline.
    Things are slowly going back up but they suddenly drop fast, then slowly go back up again..
    Ill keep posting ok guys?
  7. Make sure you find a way to express yourself- don't bottle up how you guys feel. If you guys need to talk, you can always come to me. I've been feeling a bit down when I come here lately, not that it's any ones fault, perhaps it might be the weather that's also getting to you? When we progress into winter and change over to daylights saving, it becomes darker faster and that can definitely mess with your mood. It could be lots of things, but I'd totally notice if you went poof, Ed. :P
  8. Thats the thing, i wount make any nosie if i dissaper. it will be more like fadeing away.

    And its not the time of year, i love the cold and how it gets darker faster.
  9. I would still notice if I didn't see you posting much anymore :P You're active enough that it'd be odd to have you not be there.
  10. I would notice if you left! You may not know me, but I have been watching you...oh, yessss : )

    Seriously though, I think everyone gets that feeling from time to time. We all have highs and lows in our life. The important thing to remember is this: When you are at the peak make the best of it, and when you are at your low remember that it will pass.
  11. Completely right. Everyone's life goes up and down- when it goes down, you just have to ride it out until it rises again. You can do it!
  12. Well thank you guys
    im going back up to my old happy self
    *Fixs his pappers in his hands and looks at them*
    <------*makes this reaction*