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  1. The Character of Dean winchester (open)

    name : Maxwell, Max
    age : 18
    His true form

    powers : Fire, ice, darkness and air

    Height : in his true form stands ten feet tall, his wings are over forty feet long, can carry away cattle and bison

    Human form


    Name : Baron

    Her agent name : Boss

    age : 23

    Picture :


    Maxwell was his name or his name to the organization he was trapped in he was called, experiment 35j8 or better known as Fire Bat. Maxwell was never treated nice let along allowed outside much but today they allowed him outside and today would be the last they see of him, well for a while.

    Max woke up that morning in the dark cell he lived in for most of his pathic life, no family no love only yelling and shouting at him. The guards where nasty and they loved to hit and slap him as much as possible. The worst was when they made you fight others, it took long time to heal. Maxwell looked at the yard today it was nothing more then a a green patch of grass on the whole yard. The rest was cement and guards at the post. Max was known to be a trouble maker and was known as a very dangerous person and mostly at nights when his creature took form.

    max swore it to the end that today he would get out, and he did. After leaping intoa. Guard block he kicked a guard and set him on fire. He grabbed two blades and a hand gun that the guy had . He coughed and leaves the guard block and got shot in the foot, he screamed in pain and then jumped off the wall. And that was the last they saw of him. The boy ran and limped till he got himself about forty miles away to what looked like a safe place. He wore dirty clothing and he looked awful as well. He had not seen other people in a long time and turning his head slightly he saw the person allowing people in. He wobbled over slightly and said.

    "Hello , I'm new and I need a place to stay, I am Maxwell" he said looking tired. The head of the camp nodded and went to the tent that had one other boy in. Maxwell gulped and slowly walked into the tent. He carried in a bag of stuff that he would need , some clothing and other things hiding the gun and knife inside the bag deep inside. His black hair was dirty looking and gross. He looked at his tent mate and said "Hi"


    Back at the base the head of the organization walked in,he was a tall male with golden hair and deep thick green eyes. He looked at the burned guard that now lay dead on the ground.

    "Did anyone see who did this?" he snapped at the other guards of the place, they shook their heads but someone had to have seen or known it. he stares at them all with dark eyes his eyes deep and scary. he was not someone you want to play or mess with his name was Boss, anyone other name was deeply feared to be spoken.
  2. Bick Wickerton (open)

    Age: 20

    Bick was going up to the local camp ground to get his mind free from the worries of things that bogged down his mind lately. The man lived a mundane life. Nothing exciting was going on and it felt like nothing had any purpose. All that he felt like he was doing is going through the motions. At the very least a change of scenery would be a welcome change if that is all he could get at the time.

    He wore boots that were ready for some hardcore hiking and a bag full of survival goods if anything unfortunate were to occure, but that was going to be avoided at all costs. Once in his tent the man sat down pulling out a Ipod that was a little oder then the typical model and put the ear buds into his ears. While listening to some music the man started to pull some cloth out and a sewing needle. Yes Bick sew. Something that most made fun of him for. Something most would get beaten up for, but not him. He was good enough to stand his ground and even get cash for making such amazing looking creations.

    Bick did not hear the man come in, but looked up enough to find a pair of legs with in view and looks up at the guy. Huh. This guy is ... clearly homeless ... Now now don't be rude. You are not one to judge others. Especially your sexual preferences. Just smile and be nice. Can't be that bad a guy right? Be optimistic. Taking the ear buds out a soft smile comes over the man. "Hi there. You are my tent mate? Pleasure to make your acquaintance." Standing back up and walking over to the unknown E.T. offering a hand shake. "I'm Bick. Nice to have someone around so nights are not lonely."
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