The Waxing Rises

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    The Waxing Rises Still Accepting Characters

    You’ve finally made it good ole’ Gieseck, the reasonably small town that sits off of the metropolis city of Alberta, Canada. Yes, after working hard to save your money, setting all loose ends at your job, your landlord, your family and friends, you pack up your entire life – out of the blue – and move to a place that doesn’t even have a Starbucks or gourmet Chinese Dutch Strudels. And as you now sit in your new apartment, unpacking items and attempting to settle down in this new town, you still wonder to yourself, “Why did I come here in the first place?”

    Maybe, it was because of that stranger who just happened to cross your path a month ago, the one who smelt like jasmine and pine, and spoke about living free from the chaos that drives this new era in the world against those that are not – exactly – the way they should be. Or, perhaps it was because, for some crazy, unknown reason, you have no idea why you feel uncomfortable where you live; out of place with the friends you associate with. Sure, you love them all and wish to stay close to them, but you feel as if you are meant to be – someplace else.

    Gieseck – you heard the name mentioned by that stranger, and suddenly all you can think about is going there, settling down in those piney woods and just – be yourself. The problem with that now, after making the Big Move, is…you don’t quite know how to be…yourself.

    In the back of your mind, you know you’re unique. Here in Gieseck, you’ll soon get to learn all about how unique you really are.

    The Call has sounded;
    The time is near.

    Your heart has heard;
    Your blood boils.

    The Waxing rises.
    Younglings return
    To claim their own.
    The time is near.

    Tonight, we rise!

    Follow your heart and visit the ancient town of Gieseck and find out just how real some myths are.

    (Lycans & Vampires & Ancient Curses, Oh MY!)
  2. We are in need of three members who are willing to take over three important characters in this RP. The original member had to leave due to Reality Emergencies. Therefore, in order for this story to continue, I'm opening up his charries for adoption.

    One charrie is an adopted one of his - and is completely up for editing into a charrie of your choice.

    The other two charries are creations of his. If you wish to alter them slightly to your liking, that's fine. But they are designed for a particular purpose and certain things about their background and character must remain.

    If interested, PM me. I will have the original charrie sheets for you to look over, and possibly a completed summary page for a quick rundown of the activity thus far.
  3. Hey hey!!

    I'd love to adopt a charrie! Fo'sho!^^ Welllllls, that's if the RP is still alive? Right. So like I'mma PM ya anyways! ;D
  4. I still have three adoptable charries for anyone interested - one female and two males.
    Just post here or PM me, and I'll send the original templates and links to OOC/IC to you for review.
  5. Hey hey!^^

    I adopted Nikki and soon enough I should have a postie up for her! ;D So like there's still time to get into the RP and get into charrie! Like we can soooo discuss how we knows each other and stuffs too if ya'd like, kay? Kay!^^ Come and check it out! Joins if ya can! Yayuh!!
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  6. Always room for Jello! Come add in your flavor and let's see what happens! :3
  7. Still open for newcomers!
    I've been sick for a few weeks - again, but I'm back. The story will resume shortly for those who were watching and waiting.
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