The Wastes

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  1. Hell on earth no joke some fires still rage on ever since that damn facilities the governments set up underground became unoperative and exploded some crazy virus turning the person next to you into a cannibal. Not to mention the raging fires around them.

    Hey first RP I made I hope it goes well there is romance but keep it low and there are three main factions

    1:Atomic Shelling: A huge city of scavengers and mercs much trading.
    2:Raiders: Cannibals sometimes and plain asswholes.
    3:Wanderers:Scavengers mostly and travel in small groups 3-5 or alone/Partner

    There is a Character limit of 3

    Rules: Typical IWAKU Rules.
    Keep language low and not very common.
    Keep romance low although its allowed don't post multiple (Max3) posts about it.
    Post requirements two sentences that's all.
    Final rule if you break rules I will kill you and your characters off(you have two warnings) Now the character sheet

    Age(all welcome)
    Personality:(as much or little as you please)
    Description (all welcome)
  2. Name:Chance Nator
    Personality:Really funny at times and loves to read but do not piss him off... Last time someone did it ended with a broken finger and a dislocated shoulder and is not afraid to be loud.
    Gear:One Bowie knife and Side arm pistol. Rope,Lighter, Random Papers and a pen for drawing and reading.
    Description:Typical male 5'8" Stronger upper body and arms. Weaker stomach and head. Common face with a stubble:Currently wearing black hoodie,blue jeans, white T-shirt, and Light grey beanie.
  3. Name: Jack
    Age: 12
    Personality: Before the incident Jack was a fun loving boy that loved to play video games and stay up late. Now he has only one thing set on his mind, and that is killing other people for their meat.
    Gear: Bow and Arrow
    Faction: Raider
    Description: anime_boy_lil-1-1.jpg
  4. Accepted!
    Quite Interesting and a mixture of original and cliche. :)
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  5. BTW id appreciate it if you told someone about this RP : )
  6. Okay :D
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  7. Since its been to long ill do an interest check
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