The Warrior's Quest for the Archangel

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Plot : her name was well known throughout earth as Archangel Cryslia, she was known as the archangel of crystals, fighting, devine protection and the end of all evil. She was never seen but many men have claimed to see her over the past thousands of years, but no one has actually seen the true one. So a warrior seeks her out to save the earth from a massive darkness that threatens to kill everyone and everything that is over shadows, but will the warrior ever be able to find this archangel or will all hope be lost. All there was ever left from the archangel was written in a rock ancient words left behind for anyone that seeks her.

Seeking Crystals, Seeking Lights
ASeeking the shadows seeking the bright'I shall await, i shall call
My powers from the stones and from the north
A star will come, a crystal shall merge
only a heart of gold can reveal
The archangel once more to the men of earth
Crystals are bright yet sharp
The angel is no different


Her disguised form, comes to people in dreams
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