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    "My name is Briannon of Deana and Lino, I have uncovered the truth of my species and now I'm responsible for correcting the errors made in Alastriona's history. Alastriona was created many eras ago, it's the second oldest civilization in the universe, the Time Lords being the first. In the beginning, Alastriona was the protector of the Natuhal Solar System. A military-based society that pledged its loyalty to serving and protecting the innocent from all dangers. Alastriona was a proud and honor-bond planet with no corruption.

    However, that all changed when a young Alastrion military general decided to disobey the planet's laws and tried to conquer other realms for personal gain. They had managed to convince several Alastrion warriors to follow along and this created a threat to the realms outside of Natuhal. When this deranged group was consumed by selfish greed and lust for war, the Time Lords intervened.

    The Time Lords saw the poison in Alastrion warriors and demanded that they return to their own Solar System. A simple request, but the general was angered at the Time Lords for interfering. Rather than accepting the elder race's request, the general commanded her warriors to attack Gallifrey.

    Unable to reason with the general and her warriors, the Time Lords trapped the entire group in a Time Seal and only one managed to escape. The general. She returned to Alastriona and spun a tale of deceit and trickery, convincing the High Elders that the Time Lords had attacked her and the warriors for no reason other than a desire for power.

    Angered by this, the High Elders created a new law of Alastriona. The Time Lords were declared to be enemies! Then came the Time War and Alastriona was asked to protect Natuhal, they honored their responsibilities and shielded the various other planets from the destruction of the war.

    After the Time War ended and Gallifrey destroyed, the general was elated and along the years following was able to progress to a High Elder herself, Elder Polaris. Having inherited a position of authority, Elder Polaris continued to spread her lies and trickery among Alastriona and within a few years had successfully convinced the entire planet of the Time Lord's horrendous actions.

    Alastriona was completely under Elder Polaris's control and she loved it. Whenever anyone would question her, she had them contained to the underwater dungeons where they would never be free again. However, one of her prisoners was able to write down the corruption of his dear former friend, Polaris, and successfully released this information in his scrolls. These scrolls were believed to have been burned after discovery, when the Alastrion died in his cell, but remarkably they were hidden and somehow landed up in the library.

    Fast forward a few eras and I discovered these scrolls while reading in the library. I learned the truth of Alastriona and that our hatred for the Time Lords was fabricated as a result of Elder Polaris's lies and deception. It wasn't long after gaining this knowledge that I was taken away by the Doctor, the last of the Time Lords. I traveled with him for months, although it seemed much shorter. He took me across the universe and I even adopted an adorable puppy from Barcelona, I named him Vortex.

    I visited Earth, made friends with an immortal man named Jack Harkness and even got to see my Doctor's first beloved, a remarkable human named Rose Tyler. I have grown to care deeply for my friends, including a Moment of Time, a gift from the Doctor's wife, Patience, that has taken the form of the Doctor's best friend, Donna Noble.

    Upon feeling guilty for abandoning my planet, I asked the Doctor to return. I was foolish for thinking my planet would be accepting to the truth. The Doctor and I were forced to stand trial and our friends were locked in the dungeons. I am writing this scroll in the privacy of my own cell, hoping that if I am unable to fix my planet, that someone else might have the courage to carry on.

    My name is Briannon of Deana and Lino. Friend to Jack Harkness, Vortex, the Queen of Barcelona, Odelet and Donna Noble. I love the Doctor, a Time Lord. I'm a Warrior, Alastrion and proud."


    Solar System:
    Natuhal (The Seven Oceans)


    Alastrions (Valkyries)

    Physical Characteristics:
    * Fangs
    * Wings
    * Claws
    * Crimson or Golden Eyes
    * 5'9" - 6'7" in Height

    * Produce Venom within their own blood
    * Cast doubt, insanity, insecurity or fear over any individual or massive gathering
    * Flight
    * Telepathic

    * 121 yrs equivalent to 21 yrs (The Age of Maturity)
    * Capable of living for over 5,000 yrs and continues to age physically, but never is impaired mentally​
    Marriage, Mating & Children:
    * Although not a common practice among Alastrions, they're allowed to marry if so desired. Once a pair has decided to be unified through marriage, both individuals have their auras (souls) tied together and this bond can never be broken. Joined as a single aura (soul) they share each other's pain and misery. When one partner dies, the other will follow shortly even if they are not sick, injured or elderly.

    Also, upon their marriage, each Alastrion will have either their neck, hand, wrist, arm or back tattooed with the symbol in their language that translate to:

    "Forever Yours"

    * In order to have children, the two Alastrions in question must be married. For this reason alone, many Alastrions do not reproduce. Besides, considering the lifespan on Alastrions, it is not crucial part of their society. The mating of this species is identical to the humans, hence their humanoid bodies. However, Alastrion women are very fertile and become pregnant easily. As a result, mating is only to be used as a method to reproduce and not a symbol or expression of love.

    * An Alastrion pregnancy last twelve months, an entire year. During this time, the mother-to-be experiences numerous physical and physiological transformations. This begins with the mother's turning sliver, regardless of their natural crimson or gold colors. Secondly, the mother's blood no longer produces venom and that makes her extremely vulnerable to attacks. Thirdly, the Alastrion mother loses her ability to fly within the first few days of pregnant (this is usually the sign that informs mothers-to-be of their condition).

    In terms of psychological differences, the mother becomes very emotional and frequently may result to violence if provoked. Alastrion women begin showing the developing stomach very quickly and they can grow to be quite large. Multiple pregnancies are extremely rare and have only occurred three times in Alastriona's history. Child birth is perhaps the most painful experience of an Alastrion's life. Labor is rather tedious and it's fairly common for Alastrion mother's to die during this process.

    * Once an Alastriona child has been born, they stay with their mothers for up to a few days. After wards, the child is taken away for military-style training. Alastrions do not actually have a childhood stage of their life, they simply are miniature versions of the warriors they are to become.

    * Alastrion children develop slowly, however. They're forced to endure many hardships and difficult tasks while training. This is what shapes and molds them into perfect warriors. From ten days old till their 121st birthday, Alastrion children are separated from their mothers and fathers.

    * Female Alastrion children are capable of forming bonds and relationships with their mothers, but never their fathers. Alastrion fathers are protectors and do not become involved with their children. They are loyal husbands, but terrible fathers.

    * After their training has completed, the fully grown Alastrions are allowed to decide for themselves if they'd prefer to remain into the Alastriona Military Service or to retire.
    Alastriona Written/Spoken Language:
    * A complex series of colors and shapes that construct the language known only to Alastrions.

    For example, this featured below is Briannon's name:

    * As for their vocal language, Alastrions speak Old English (similar to Elvish) and can sometimes have several accents which range from British, French, Scottish and Irish. Briannon speaks with a British accent, although her mother used a French accent.

    Alastriona Military:
    * The most successful, ruthless, gruesome and violent military organization known to the Shadow Proclamation.

    Alastrion Weapons:
    * The most traditional is a sword, however, some Alastrions choose to wield daggers or other various weapons. These are used for protection and in war. Alastrions are very attached to their weapons of choice and will not easily be separated from them. As for Briannon, her sword was an inherited gift from her mother upon being taken away for training.
    Notable Alastrions:
    - The One That Changes It All
    Odelet - A Best Friend That Knows The Truth Of Loyalty
    Deanna - Briannon's Mother
    Lino - Briannon's Father
    Elder Polaris - The Vengeful
    Elder Saris - Confused & Frightened
    Nikolai - Briannon's Friend From The Military, The Rouge
    Sodom - The Former Friend of Polaris & The One Responsible For Writing The Scrolls Of Knowledge​
  2. "Briannon?"

    She knew that voice, it belonged to someone she'd once known as a friend. Rather than answering him, though, Briannon remained in silence and continued writing the last few words of her scroll. In fear that the Elders would have her executed for the outrageous crime of swearing her loyalty to a Time Lord, Briannon didn't want the truth of Alastriona to die with her. Written in the color-coded-symbols only recognizable to Alastrions, Briannon wrote quickly and carefully, keeping the scroll hidden from view.

    "Briannon," he whispered again, kneeling down alongside the cell. "I can help you."

    The former warrior sighed heavily, her disbelief in his words clearly evident. "Why would you offer your assistance to me, Nikolai?"

    She had a point. Nikolai is a skilled warrior of Alastriona and unlike Briannon, he never left the military. His entire life has been dedicated to the laws of Alastriona and now he was offering his aid to a prisoner. Yet, to Nikolai, he found it difficult to convince himself of Briannon's crimes.

    "You have always been my friend, Briannon." Nikolai confessed, sitting down onto the floor. "You saved me many times while in battle, never once asking for anything in return. You're loyal to Alastriona and although I find disgusting that you've given your heart to a Time Lord, I trust in your beliefs and I won't stand by allowing you to be killed."

    Briannon smiled, tears dampening her eyes. "Thank you, Nikolai."

    Without another moment of consideration, Nikolai released Briannon from the cell and she ran happily into his arms. Showing affection is not typical for Alastrions, but Briannon's exposure to physical contact from the Doctor has altered her actions. "I can't leave my friends," she whispered as Nikolai began walking away.

    "We can't save them, Briannon."

    The female stood stubbornly in her place, refusing to move an inch. "I love my Doctor," she announced pridefully. "Donna and Jack are my friends. I won't leave them behind."

    Slightly angered, Nikolai agreed and together they went searching for the others.

    * * *

    "So, my first visit to Alastriona and I get locked in a cage. How delightful!"

    "Stop your complaining, immortal."

    "Aren't you at the least concerned about the Doctor? What about Briannon?"

    "I know the Doctor more so than you or anyone else," the Moment spoke in Donna's voice. "Stop worrying."

    Donna, as she was now known, huffed in slight annoyance as she sat back against the rather damp and disgusting wall of their shared cell. Underwater dungeons are prone to mold, allege and chilly environments, none of these were pleasant experiences for Donna.

    As for Jack, the immortal, well, he was less than enthusiastic as well.

    * * *

    "Doctor?" Briannon whispered softly, approaching the poorly lit cell with caution. She stuck her hand through an opening between the bars and reached into the darkness. "Doctor? It's me, Bria." Still unable to get a response vocally, Briannon decided to try something else.

    "Doctor, I'm here with my friend, Nikolai, we came to release you and save the others. Please, answer me, love."
  3. After the valiant effort to escape, to free his darling Briannon, his friends all was done in vain for they were recaptured and thrown into separate cells. The Elders had witnessed the small taste of the Time-Lord's abilities and knew it would be best to keep him alone in a darkened cell where no one could get to him. The Doctor had used up so much of his energy to tap into the true Time Lord power of his ancestors that it left him weakened as it did every time he'd used it in the past. So of course when they were captured, Elder Polaris needed to make sure that The Doctor had no means of escaping. He had to be weakened even further than he already was, with his sonic screwdriver gone, his body so weak he wasn't able to conjure up his barriers of protection he had no strength at all.

    So it was quite easy for the Elder to enter the Doctor's holding cell and ram a blade laced with a poison known as Ansel nectar right into his chest and walk away leaving the Time Lord for dead. The scent of the poison was quite distinct, it gave off a near wickedly sweet aroma that would cause stomachs to turn at a mere inhale. ' … Ansel…' the Doctor laid there in his holding cell, his suit dampening with sweat as the hours passed. It wasn't enough to kill him, but in his weakened state it was enough to do damage to his body internally. As he laid there he could feel what it was doing his hearts were suffering, his left heart weakening much faster than his right.

    By the time Briannon had arrived with Nikolai, the Time Lord's mind was in a blanket of fog, his complexion pale, his dark chocolate brown eyes near lifeless the twinkle that once resided in them, gone. His left heart had stopped beating completely and his right was beating just enough to keep the Doctor alive and breathing. His mind was so clouded in such a haze that he couldn't register what her verbal words were yet as she spoke to him through a telepathic link he heard her voice. 'Bria… my darling Briannon. I'm glad you're safe' even if they held a strong telepathic link, in his weakened state his voice sounded no stronger than a whisper which was much unlike his strong tone of voice when he'd speak to her verbally and mentally.

    It took a bit of time in silence for the Doctor to muster up all his strength to be able to stand. The man didn't open his mouth to speak, he didn't want to risk losing more energy carelessly, he knew his body would heal up as it had been. The poison was gone now, and his body was healing himself and would return to normal in due time. As the door was opened the Time Lord walking out he embraced Briannon closely before turning his gaze to Nikolai 'Thank you' he spoke mentally to the warrior.

    As the three headed to the holding cell of the other two, the Moment was on her feet and rushing to the Doctor as the door had been opened "One heart, why do I only feel one heart?" his wife Patience had helped create the Moment, knowing one day the Moment would cross paths with the Doctor. The Moment which at the current time was referred to as Donna by the others [other than the Doctor] saw it as her soul purpose to keep the Doctor safe. She was a weapon, she couldn't die so her existence after the Time War was that of aiding the last of the Time Lords. "Let me heal you" but the Doctor stepped back.

    'We can't be wasting time, we need to get out of here' his link connecting to the four of them.. As he walked ahead of them, the Moment reached out as she took a hold of his wrist firmly.

    "I can't do that, Doctor. You're weak, near death, your body is healing you but in your current state you're too weak. Now hold still and keep quiet" but again he refused.

    "Later" he finally spoke verbally. His voice wasn't in his normal tone but it still held strength. Looking to her with stern eyes the Time Lord pulled his arm away "We have to go, Now." with that the group escaped to the help of Nikolai and were headed to where they would be safe for the meantime.
  4. Briannon did not question the Doctor when he refused treatment from Donna, she knew it would be pointless to try and persuade him into acting differently. Nikolai helped them escape through an undetectable passage and informed Briannon of her friend's new location.

    "She's living with whom now?"

    Nikolai smirked, "Her husband. They were married shortly after you left with the...ugh..." His words suddenly stopped, feeling uncomfortable in the Doctor's presence.

    "Oh," Briannon nodded, glancing downwards to her feet. "I suppose Odelet has always been someone that favored that tradition." Marriage is not something Briannon has ever accepted as a potential part of her life, although she holds no dislike towards Odelet for her own decisions.

    Donna and Jack helped support the Doctor's weakened body and were already moving out into the open field when Briannon turned back, looking over her shoulder and saw Nikolai was refusing to follow. "Come along," she demanded, but Nikolai just shook his head and stepped backwards.

    "I can't, Briannon. I helped you, but I still support the Alastrion military and I can't risk abandonment."

    If Nikolai really stayed, he'd be sentenced to imprisonment. Briannon dreaded that for her friend, but as with the Doctor, neither of these men's minds could be changed. She accepted his decision and started walking off when suddenly he caught her hand, Briannon opened her mouth to speak in protest, but immediately was impaired from uttering a single word.

    Nikolai had caught her lips with his own, kissing her passionately and had a hand tangle in her pale hair. Briannon did not respond to any degree. Finally Nikolai pulled back and pecked her lips for a final time. "Wanted to do that since we were partners in the military, Briannon. Now," he gently pushed back on her shoulders. "Go!"

    Briannon quickly caught up with her friends and without an hour they arrived at Odelet's home. The brunette haired Alastrion let them inside, getting the Doctor comfortable on the couch and left him in the Moment's care. Meanwhile, Jack and Briannon were standing in the kitchen while Odelet prepared some herbal tea.

    Jack eyed the periwinkle blue liquid curiously, but upon tasting it's minty-sweet flavor, drank it happily. As for Briannon, she hadn't said a word and merely watched the Doctor from the open doorway. Odelet saw the troubled reflected in her friend's golden eyes, yet said nothing about it.

    "What's that?"

    Odelet turned, casting her crimson eyes at the human-male. "What?"

    Jack raised his finger to the blue and lavender feather tattooed on the side of Odelet's throat. "What does it mean?"

    Odelet smiled, gently caressing the colorful mark with tender strokes. "It's my marriage tattoo. My husband has a matching one as well, but he's currently out at the market." She paled suddenly with the realization that her husband might be a tad surprised and confused when he arrived home and was greeted with such a group.
  5. The hour trip to Odelet's home was tiring for the Doctor but the Moment didn't let him fall and neither did Jack as they helped the Time Lord. As they reached Odelet's home and were escorted inside, Donna began unfastening the buttons of the Doctor's oxford shirt until he laid upon the cushioned seat with only his suited trousers as she got a good look at the wound that the blade left behind. "She used ansel? where did she even get it? it's grown in the Neistra constellation only." she dipped her fingers to wipe a bit of blood around the wound that refused to heal and gave it a light taste. "Ah that explains it. a diluted but still potent form. You're very lu--" yet before she could continue she realized that the Time Lord had allowed his body to succumb to the inviting darkness, the comforting cold of rest in his current state.

    Reaching up, Donna slowly combed her fingers through his brown tousled locks as she brushed them against his cheek softly "Sleep well, Doctor, when you awaken you'll be at full health" her voice in a whisper. It would seem the moment through only a programmed weapon held human like traits, perhaps a bit of Patience's persona was transferred to the weapon during creation. Whatever it was, when she was dealing with an ill Doctor, her actions, gestures took on a different tone, a more nurturing tone. Reaching up she cupped his face delicately in her hands which began to glow a shade of golden as they moved down to his bare chest just over his hearts.

    The golden glow enveloped the Time Lord in a healing energy, unlike reversing Time, it actually healed his wounds from the inside out. The wound that had once refused to heal had sealed up, his chest clean of anything wrong. Second turned to minutes and within half an hour the Doctor took in a deep breath his eyes opening, the Moment had cleaned him up well and had dressed him in a clean oxford and suit jacket. "Thank the link to idris" the woman smirked and winked.

    At first the Doctor was confused then he felt it, the weight in the jacket pocket reaching into his pocket he pulled out a new sonic screwdriver to replace the one that had been destroyed by the elders of Alastriona. "Moment.." he brought his gaze to her and smiled "Thank you" Getting to his feet the Time Lord finally walked into the kitchen behind him "Sorry for coming into your home in such a rude manner, Miss Odelet" he spoke before moving toward Briannon to place a kiss upon her cheek "Are you alright?" he questioned with a whisper as he reached up brush a few of her blonde locks from her face behind her ear. 'Sorry to you have worried you, my love' he gazed into her golden eyes with a sincere smile.

    "It's good to see you're doing better, Doc" commented Jack as he raised his cup to the man before taking a drink of the tea.
  6. Odelet smiled cutely, unlike Briannon, she appears much younger than her actual age. Standing fairly short for an Alastrion, Odelet is only 5'6" and her facial features are quite childish. She blushed once the Doctor came into the room and she witnessed the affectionate display between him and Briannon.

    "I welcome my home and resources to you, sir." Odelet offered Briannon a sly smirk, something that made Briannon gulp heavily and shift her eyes away. "So, you're the Time Lord that stole my dear friend away, huh?"

    This was Odelet first meeting with the man responsible for taking her beloved friend off into the universe. While not exactly angry towards him, she wasn't entirely thrilled either. Briannon politely excused herself from the room and was followed by Jack.

    "Are you alright, Briannon?" He saw the reflections of fear and pain her golden eyes, that alone was worrisome.

    She peered curiously out through the front window, eyes searching the darkening landscape. "A war is going to begin and everyone will be at risk. I asked the Doctor to return and look what happened to you, Donna and the Doctor. Perhaps he should take you, Donna and himself away for a while? Long enough for the war to be fought without him."

    Although Briannon's motives were sincere compassion for himself and the others involved, Jack knew the Doctor would never accept it. "He doesn't turn his back on those that need him, Briannon. You should know that."

    She did and that's what made her so afraid. "I need to speak with him alone."

    * * *

    Back inside the kitchen, Odelet was happily discussing things with the Doctor. She always has been a chatterbox, even while enduring the mandatory training of the Alastrion military. Suddenly though she went silent, spotting Briannon coming into the room.

    "Excuse us," Briannon apologized, reaching for the Doctor's hand. "We need to talk alone."

    Odelet nodded, deciding to speak with Donna and Jack instead. "Are you two hungry? I can prepare us all some dinner?"

    * * *

    Briannon lead the Doctor to a private room, downstairs in the basement which offered complete silence and kept them away from curious eyes. "Doctor, I think you and the others should leave this planet." The words escaped without her knowledge, nervousness making Briannon pace in a circle as she spoke. "I can stay behind and fight with my people, build a rebellion and perhaps restore Alastriona...but, I can't ask you and the others to stay and fight alongside a race that isn't your own."

    She finally stilled in her pacing, approaching the Doctor and gently rest a hand on his cheek. "I want you to leave and take Donna and Jack with you."
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