The Warrior Race Rises (DBZ)

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  1. This is a RP about the Sayian race, Things happen differently in this universe. Frieza never destroys planet Vegeta on started a genocide of the race and decreased it by 57% . The story is set 300 years after that. The new ruler of his sector of the universe is Lord Hieloza. (related to Frieza)

    The Sayian are the main players in this story. It is about a group of young elite warriors between (20-28) thinking of raising up against lord Hieloza's empire.

    No abuse
    1 character
    decent spelling
    Hair should be black, brown.
    (Edit: If hair is different, State if dyed or if you are a hybrid, humanoid aliens if you are hybrid like zorban, Recoom, chase.)
    black eyes


    Power level (10000-20000, You will get stronger.)
    There look
    back ground and military dossier (Battle history, Social life with soldiers, ect. Please bring something to are Locus squad.)
    (We have a tank=Yamato, traction and general+ Good Kid, Lieutenant and Tactician=Echidna ,Booze=Berserker )

    page 3 for prelude.
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  2. Nobody?
  3. I'm pretty interested.
  4. thats wonderful new friend
  5. Do we have to use a saiyan from the show as our look?
  6. No, Just your own original creation form ya own head.
  7. Ha. Alright, I'll cook up a bio and leave it here later after I get some sleep. Hope it'll help spark some more interest.
  8. i'll post my bio when i wake up too.
  9. I've always thought DBZ had decent story potential that was neglected in the series, and particularly the Sayians. The nature of their society wasn't ever fully elaborated on. Only hinted at. How had you planned to handle that?
  10. We know the race was a warrior race and I assume they had a Spartan swagger. I like to think that they were in it to enjoy life, Kill, pillage and reproduce. Now the time has advance I think they might have changed much, There still a warrior race but the for to serve one the great grand children of the person who almost ended there race. I see the sayians intelligence to be a Atheist society or a Warrior god worshipping society like in Norse myth. Hell, There gene's might have changed, I found pictures of red haired sayians and a navy hair sayians from the anime. Maybe I should just let anyone have what ever color of a hair they want, Well as long as it's dark.
  11. I like it. Could our Sayian character's gain the Super Sayian forms?
  12. Name: Addle
    Sex: Male
    Armor: Basic yellow and white Sayian armor with black spandex and blue scooter. Like all members of his squad, The symbol on his armor is a[​IMG] and all members of his squad were this.
    [​IMG] (Not Addle just his armor)

    Power Lever: 17550

    Age: 23

    Physical features: Dark skin, Low cut black hair, Black eyes, medium build, 5'11, Cross shape Scar on his chest. His tail has 3 gold rings around it.

    Personality: Like most sayians he loves a good fight. He is determine , great tactician and is the fastest of the squad. Has the tendency to shoot first ask questions later. He believes the week should stay out the way in battle if they don't want to die. He is a advocate social reform for Sayians.

    Background: He was born into a average sayian family, His father was a social leader in Sayian reform along with his mother being a famous actor. His mother died in battle during a attack on a planet. His father was assassinated one night in his room, Killed with a strong poison. Ever since then he hated Hieloza believing he ordered it. He was a above average warrior and was made leader of the a elite Sayian force called Locus.

    Ki: white

    He needs a second in command.
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  13. @Yamato Yes but near the very end of the story.
  14. Just because we never saw a female SSJ(If Super Sayian can be unlocked as we get stronger), I'm going to create a female Sayian.

    Name: Kumiko

    age: 25

    Sex: Female

    Armor: She does not wear armor all the time, but sometimes she does.

    Power level: 20,000

    There look: Caucasian. She had long black hair, and black eyes. She is 5'11", and 125lbs. She still has her tail. Her aura when in her normal state is red.

    Personality: She enjoys fighting and growing stronger. She trains alot because she wises to become the best. She has honor, and had a sense of fair play. She, like most Sayians had a ego. She hates Hieloza, and wises to kill him. She also hates when someone murders many innocents needlessly.

    back ground: She was born to 2 Sayian Warriors. Her mother and father raised her to hate Hieloze, which is why she trains alot, so she could grow strong and kill him.
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  15. yeah, We got our Tank.
  16. Is Hieloze weaker or stronger than Frieza?
  17. On and nice character Good Kid.
  18. Hieloza power is at coolers level, She I do a bio for him too.
  19. Yeah, that would be a good idea just so people know who there dealing with.
  20. <3 Totally dig the fact that our tank is a chick.
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