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  1. Yea, The Warrior Heir series by Cinda Chima

    We will only be using this universe to create a new story within it, not recreating all of the characters in the books. There might be a few of them, like the most memorable ones, but not the entire cast. We will create a new cast here.

    The plot concept will be surrounded by four of teens who are either:

    1. learning that they have a stone for the first time - Enchanter (my charrie)
    2. has had a stone but was keeping it suppressed to keep themselves safe from what lies ahead. Warrior
    3. has the wrong stone and don't even know it. They know they are Weir, but has been told their whole life that they are a Wizard, but is really a Sorcerer.
    4. Is fighting to stay alive because the stone they have - Warrior, which is not the right stone - is not accepted by their body. They are naturally a

    The Antagonist are the two sides of the Guild: The White Rose and The Red Rose. They will do anything and everything they possibly can to seek warriors to fight in the tournaments, for power and prestige. But now, there's a bigger purpose for their hunting out new Weir. The lack of Warriors is staggering. The need for breeding Warriors, and turning other Weir and Anaweir into Warriors has become a major medical phenomenon in the magical world. Both Roses are now searching for ways to medically create their own version of Warriors - ones with other skills - like having a Warrior who can Enchant you from attacking, or a Warrior who can See what your actions will be way days before you make them...

    Or bad guys - There is a scientist and a surgeon on both sides of the Roses with their hounds prepared to snag up any Weir or Anaweir they can find and experiment on them, adding donated Weirstones (ones that they've removed from dead Weir, those already dead and those who were murdered for it) to kidnapped Weirs and Anaweirs to see what happens. Some are successful, and some are not. Once they have their Frankenstein, then the Roses brainwash them and train them to do their bidding.

    There's Hunters and Sponsors on both sides who are seeking young Weirs out for these experiments, and will pay a king's ransom for a well trained Altered Weir.

    And there are also people who you thought were on your side, turning against you when you least expect it - either because of a misunderstanding, or because their lives were threatened by The Roses...

    The last two members of our teen group, number 3 and 4, have escaped from their respected Roses and had run across each other. They know each other from previous meetings with the Roses, and realize what had happened to them. So, instead of being enemies, they're helping each other out in order to survive.

    #2 and #1 live in the same town - Trinity - and know of each other, but really don't know each other well. For some reason, ever since they've started their Senior year in high school, they've suddenly been drawing towards each other.

    #2 is suppressing his weirstone, but he's running out of medication and having a hard time contacting his partner, a doctor in England, who has been sending him his yearly supply for years. (He's been murdered.)

    #1 is just beginning to notice a change in her health and behavior (her stone is beginning to grow stronger because it has awakened.) They will eventually meet and team up because the Enchanter's awakened stone is now heard by the enemies and they will be hunting her down. #2 will protect her at the time, only because he's also protecting himself.

    #1 & 2 will run across #3 & 4 and fall into the dangerous Game of the Roses.

    Does this seem like a decent idea for a group RP - something that will have enough variety to grow with? Comments, suggestions?

    If you are interested, post a request for a character. I will be holding the Enchanter, a Sponsor for the White Rose, and various Companions in Trinity who are older Weirs and Anaweirs who have secured Trinity as a protected haven for magic.
    They will be our character's tools for learning, training, shelter, & protection. They will become their sponsors. These NPCs are up for grasps and might turn into Main Charries if needed.

  2. If you don't know this series, that's fine! I'm not wanting to run the series per batum at all.

    I'm hoping to just create the atmosphere, and create our own story through it.

    Which means, everything is up in the air here.

    This whole thing is basically a normal-type, medium size town setting, with nice neighborhoods in various places, as well as their own dark alleys of secrets and mysteries that are sometimes overlooked as just big-city influences that are squashed in the minds of the citizens by just ignoring them. (Yea, like that really works!)
  3. I'd be interested in #2. Does s/he have to had grown up in Trinity, or does s/he just have to end up in Trinity in time for the last few years of high school?
  4. However you want to run that charrie, it's up to you. There's really no set plan on that, except what you come up with.
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