The Wanted Chivalry

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  1. As the guilds and guard officers came marching from under the arch of the gate door, the king and his spontaneous daughter walked vigorously out onto the red carpet then took their seats on their bronze encrusted thrown. The guild guards and officers stopped right in front of the patio the king and daughter were high upon on.
    "Here ye! Here ye!" said the captain of the guilds. Not a moment to soon, the villagers of the town came sprinkling though into one spot in town square. "I am here to announce that the king;" The king nodded with respect. "And his daughter Grace;" His daughter waved a waved, and smiled a smile. "Will be attending tonight's Masquerade Ball!" The crowd murmured in excitement.
    From the far back of the crowd, was a guy with dirty dark blonde hair, tinted in black, brown eyes, dressed as if he was slightly came from the rich and looked like he lived with the poor. He was looking at the paper posted on the pole about the formal Masquerade Ball tonight. Although he didn't know nothing about it, he decided to go all out.
    "Dmitri!" Two guys yelled to the dirty blonde. Apparently his name is Dmitri. He slightly turned and raised an eyebrow at them as if he didn't know them by voice.
    "Hm?" He said. He gave a warm smile as he seen the two running towards him.
    "Hey! Your going to the ball tonight?"
    "Nah, balls are not my thing. Besides, going to a ball means you have to bring a date." Dmitri made a concerning face and ripped off the poster paper off the wall and left his friends. The two of his friends never really got Dmitri. It was either "Curiosity killed the cat" or "First come, first served" with him; but how ever the saying goes...

    "All who comes to the ball may get to have one admission dance with the one and only daughter of the king!" The villagers cheered gleefully. Again, Grace waved a waved, and smile a smile.
    Dmitri couldn't help but not resist her beauty. The way her light blue ice hair flows freely in the wind, her cheeks rosy and soft, her eyes multicolored as the colors combine. These were all the characteristics that labeled her grace.
    "I need to go to the ball..." He thought to himself. He clutched the paper tightly into his fist and ran off to the nearest store to buy the most quantitative tux he could buy. "I need a mask..." He thought again. He took the tux, bought it, and went off into the nearest mask shop.
    "Is there anything you need?" The shop owner said.
    "Yeah. A mask." Dmitri browsed briefly before approaching the shop keeper.
    "I have just the mask." The shop keeper went behind the desk and picked out a silver tainted black mask. "This might do the trick sonny." He gave the mask to the teen to analyze for purchase.
    "...I'll take it." He purchased the mask. Before he could even leave the store he saw something eye catching. "Whats that?" He pointed to the weaponry in the back.
    "Oh, that's where the swords... and armor... and extra pallets and stuff are at."
    "Do you think i could take them to the ball?"
    "You can try, but i doubt it. You know their having it in the royal palace right? They're strict on what to bring in and what not to bring in." Dmitri thought about it. and pick up an encrusted dagger.
    "Ill take one anyway." He put the dagger upon the desk for purchased. The store keeper rang it up and gave it back to him. "Don't go telling i give weapons to minors, Ill be out of business."
    Dmitri gave a solid firm nod and left the store putting his weapon away.
  2. Annabelle rolled her eyes as the crowd that swarmed around her erupted into yet another cry of delight at the news. Of course it would be an honor for all of them who could dance with the Princess before the ball ended, but what about those who didn't get their chance? She was about to release a sigh, when the crowd once again cheered, causing her to smile. It was all very silly, if you asked her, which no one did. Her mother had been very adamant about her going and even more so that she find a date before this evening. A slightly older girl with spicy brown and red hair pushed her way through the throng towards her, closely followed by her date tonight. The girl pulled her friend away from the brush of villagers and into the more open space where she would be heard. "Oh, Ann!" she exclaimed dramatically. "I just heard from your mother. You don't have a date yet, and you know how very, very much she wants you to go with someone, and it would be so good for your family's name if people knew you weren't so introverted as everyone thinks you are." The girl was shaking Annabelle's shoulders as if she were a rag doll as she spoke a mile a minute.
    It took half an hour of talking before the girl reluctantly left to prepare for the events. It hurt her friends' ears whenever she went off like that and Anna was no exception. Her friend had suggested that she go with her brother, until she was reminded that he already had a date, and left. Catherine, the name of the girl, had been right about something during their conversation though - virtually every single male and female in the village already had a date. She could already imagine her mother's tears, crying over the fact that her daughter was the only one who didn't attend the ball. In a huff of frustration, she marched towards the town mask shop. The dress was already picked out and hung from a stand in her bedroom, but she had forgotten to buy the mask and knew her mother would be ranting about it if she came home without one.
  3. It's is now noon and the crowd of villagers and their dates are now spreading their way towards the palace ball. It wasn't a moment to early that they were pushed back out because the party hadn't started yet. I watched the guards from the top of my window creece as they do so while I was gesturing to put on my tux. I felt like a new man. "Now the mask..." the mask was lying face up on the yellow stained pillow. I couldn't help but stare and remember what the shop keeper said before I purchased it. So I put it on and suddenly felt mischievous. "..."
    "Dmitri!" his mom yelled from the kitchen. You can hear the pots and pans breaking and falling in the sink and onto the floor. "Where's your date? The ball is almost starting! Ouch!" out of nowhere you can also here a sizzle steaming from a pot downstairs too. Sounds like she's cooking. He Put on his black cloak and added a long feathery black fedora hat to his look then scurried downstairs to his mothers aid. "she's at the ball waiting." he shy'd away his devilish look away from his mother so he could tend to her finger.
    "You look adorable... Just like your father." she smiled cunningly at his looks then ruffles the bang falling out from the hat a bit. After the quick bandage, Dmitri quickly removed her hand away his head. "I'll be back." he kissed her forehead goodbye and swayed away.

    The ball was filled with colorful people. Red, blue, green, and on top of all this no one knows anyone.
    "Alright. Time to snag my girl." Dmitri walked around the ball room floor looking for the princess of the night. Of course everyone was dancing, so of course he was getting bumped into. But all he would find was the king and his wife sitting upon their throwns looking down upon the villagers.
    "Arnt they peace filling Elliot?" the queen gestured to the king for a response. "No. I only did this because it's my daughters birthday tonight and she hadn't met anyone decent in several years!"
    "Oh hush. You know she's had her eye on a certain someone since she was young."
    "Who? Tell me!" the king demanded.
    "Nope, mother-daughter secret." the queen smiled gracefully and continued to watch us villagers sway upon the dance floor. Although king Elliot seemed agitated. And sweaty.
    "Guards. Go see if my daughter is ready."
    "Yes." the two guardsmen went off into the crowd of people and got swept away by it. On the other hand Dmitri got lost of the dance floor and suddenly decided to stay until someone finds him.
  4. Annabelle wast cent double over her bed as her mother leaned over her. "One more, dear," she heard her utter over the pain it caused her lungs to ignore the urge to breath. With a final tug and a flurry of tied laces her mother backed away. "There!" she announced with evident self-satisfaction. Annabelle took in a gracious lungful of precious, although restricted, air. The corset had been the hardest part to put on but her mother had been determined to help with the dress as well. It was a beautiful ball gown of soft purple, tinged with splashes of vibrant orange that helped to bring out the magenta of her curled hair.
    When she had reached the mask shop she had realized, too late, that she had forgotten to bring her money. Having expected as much from her, her mother had brought out one that she had been saving. It was of a soft orange hue with swirling patterns of black that would attract one to the wearer's eyes, along with a single orange and black plume.
    With a soft peck on her mother's cheek and a mumbled excuse for as to why her 'date' wasn't picking her up himself, she rushed through the doors and made her way to the Masquerade.
    It didn't take long to get there, even with her frequent brakes that made sure she didn't overwork her suffocating lungs. She passed through the large, wooden double doors that led her inside to the neatly crowed dance floor. She was a new person here, she reminded herself firmly for confidence as she stepped amongst the dancers, gently biting her bottom lip in nerves. Soon she felt very lost, almost like crying and going home in the confusion of where she now stood. 'So this was why people came in pairs, in order to feel stability around themselves by having someone with them instead of being alone,' she thought to herself in mild panic. A still, unmoving figure caught her eye, like an anchor in the middle of a raging sea. She made her way towards him until he was only an arm's length away, when she nervously touched his shoulder. "Would you care to dance?" she asked in a voice shy enough that it surprised herself.
  5. He slowly looked to his side to what tapped his shoulder. A bright gleaming girl in a corseted tied down gown approached him with a shy voice. "Me?" He asked reassuringly. He looked at the clock and saw that it was only 8. 'I guess I wouldn't mind a dance or two...' Dmitri took her hand gracefully and looked deep into her eyes and said-- "Come dance with me." --Then took her into the middle of the crowd to sway her in the moonlight. He watched her gently as the night slowly became full. Suddenly, the princess approaches her thrown.
    "Sorry im late. Mom. Dad."
    "Sorry never makes anything on time, your late." King Elliot scolded her drastically and silently where the rest of the guardsmen and villagers couldn't hear. Her highness sat low in her seat and watched the people dance about. Until she saw a certain couple in the middle of the floor. It was stargazing.
    Heart stopping--Bliss. The moonlight was full; the Lunar eclipse beamed upon the dance floor as if it was a spotlight. The two danced around in circles, squares loops, It was pure happiness. "Dad..."
    "Yes daughter?" The king grumbled.
    "Who is that... Chivalry?" She was so amazed about his appearance it was apparent how she couldn't talk.
    "What! Why call him This-- This 'Chivalry' When you don't even know him?!" The king ranted on and on about the guy in black and silver. But then, Music stopped. The crowd hushed and murmured.

    "It is now time for the annual Father daughter dance!" Again the crowd rose up in excitement and glee.
    The king took his daughter hand and walked off the balcony and a flight of stairs. There she wore a winter floral snow print dress, a big egg shell white bow tied up in the back of her dress, and fish net veil like object surrounding her gracious head. "Let the Dancing, Begin!"
  6. A deep flutter came to being at the bottom of her stomach as he asked -no, more like commanded- that she dance with him, as if it were impossible that the statement could ever have existed as a question. Her cheeks colored lightly under his stare as they danced around the ball room, her own eyes dutifully staring back into his, trying to see his core. She was grateful of the covering of her mask that helped to hide the blush as it crept its way further up her cheeks.
    The music slowly came to a stop, as did the dancing as the announcement was made that the King and his Princess daughter were to begin their annual dance. Annabelle believed that there were three main reasons that they did such a thing each year. One was to make it clear to all of the eligible you men that if they wanted the Princess, they would have to get through him. The second was to show the bond and strength that the Royal family held over its kingdom. Lastly, tradition.
  7. Everyone watched the king and his daughter danced along with the whispers around the palace. One couple thought they would try it out and dance with the king and the daughter too on the dance floor. So they did; and soon everyone began dancing again. Dmitri abruptly got close to the daughter and his highness while they're were going about on the dance floor. He thought that he might try something on himself. He reached to his side, grabbed his cloak and pulled it over his face like he was a Spanish massacre. "May I have this dance?" King Elliot didn't feel super effiecnt about his pickings about this guy. He looked suspicious. Somewhat, acoustic. But for now he didn't care because it's his daughters birthday. And it's just one dance. What could hurt? King Elliot looked into his daughters eyes then slowly let her go into his arms. "Go have fun." His highness went back to his balcony to sit on his rightful thrown. From there, he could watch his daughter from a far.

    "I like your mask." said the princess. To bad she couldn't look at more than she could, she was busy watching her feet.
    "Why are you looking down so much?" Dmitri said. He stopped his circulation movement and looked into her eyes confronting like.
    "I..I can't dance..." her voice got high pitched. More than what a baby 2 year old girl would sound like. "I'm sorry..." Grace diecided to run. Run away as far as she could from the one she seeked for earlier to dance. On the other hand, Dmitri felt lost. Consumed inside. Every little hope he had just ate him whole. He soon diecided to run. Run towards her to where she ran too. Only to comfort the soothing heart that which he fail to fill.
  8. The dance that had become popular in the ball room was that of a fast paced kind. The musicians increased their tempo by a half second and it appeared that everyone was having fun, swapping partners every other verse in the song and socializing as smoothly as clockwork. Something didn't feel perfectly right though, like it should have. Annabelle looked across to where the subtle shift in the dancing had gone out of rhythm, and was surprised to see the Princess herself fleeing. Fleeing from... the very man whom she had been dancing with herself only a few minutes earlier.
    Annabelle smiled apologetically at the young male that she was dancing with currently and hurried after the two. It may have been considered a dishonorable thing to do, -follow the two and listen in on their inevitable conversation- possibly even illegal, although she doubted it, but she was curious.
  9. Grace was sitting crying in the garden corridor. Weeping in her own willows, Dmitri came to comfort her Still trying to catch his breath. "Princess!" he kneeled down onto his knees then suddenly collapsed next to a colum next to him. "Why did you leave?"
    "..." She twittled her thumbs while drying the tears off with a white napkin she stored away in her purse. "I can't dance."
    "Is that all?" the tone in Dmitris voice sounded dilarous and sarcastic but somewhat full of heart. He sat next to her and took her napkin and dried her tears for her. "Don't be sad. Not everyone knows how to dance."
    "The. Why do you sound so ridiculous when I told you I couldn't dance in the first place?" she restated the part of how reacted to her. She gave him a wet glare, clutched hands, and red rosy cheeks. I think the girl Dmitri likes is scary.
    "You know what, I can teach you how to dance. Come on, let go princess Grace.--" Dmitri took him gradually by the hand and pulled her out the seat. She stumbled to get up then suddenly fell into his arms. While all this happened she avoided eye contact. This was not meant to be rude or anything, she just didn't want to be "persuaded" by such force. Dmitri gently lifted her chin up into an eye-to-eye contact position do that she would focus on him instead of her feet. "Wacth me." he tossed and turned and spinned her everywhere around in the garden corridor. By far this moment, was Graces favorite.