"The wandering mercenary"

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  1. Grey clouds filled the sky, as rain continued to pour viciously through the scaling trees of the forest. Lightning would occasionally flash; lighting up the darkened area. A man wearing a black hooded rain coat wandered through the drenched forest as his brown combat boots left clear imprints in the mud below him. The rain bounced off of him; leaving him soaking wet as he continued to search for clear cover from the pour. He wandered through a cluster of surrounding trees, and came upon a lone rocky cave covered in green moss and rain. Without further hesitation; the man began to pick up his pace as his calm walk transitioned into a slight jog; making his way toward the cave. Entering the cavern, he immediately sat and leaned against the rock mossy wall as a puddle began to form under him from his dripping clothes. He sighed as he looked to his side; out into the pouring rain as lightning filled the sky. Reaching into his coat pocket, he pulls out an open pack of cigarettes; praising god that they were not damaged in result of the pour. Taking one out carefully, he applied it to his mouth and lit it with a lighter he obtained from the same pocket. He pulled the cigarette out of his mouth; puffing out a cloud of smoke as he began to become relaxed and concentrated, forgetting about the burdens of locating a nearby town.
  2. Deep within the forest, checking the area for any possible signs of any life that could be close by. Carefully launching the Longshot from his pouch and fires it up a tree to have a view of the ground to see with parts of could have been either unstable or predators lurking in any mud pits. He decide to make somewhat of an hut like in the village he once lived in. Remembering the instrument that he been carrying since he first starting his journey. Gazing down on the ocarina with a smile and played the "Sun's song" so the storm would passover.
  3. The man looked out into the open, with the cigarette still resting within his mouth. He sat there calmly; patiently; wondering when this dramatic pour would eventually come to it's climax. Finally, after what seemed like an hour; the pour began to come to a sudden halt as the sun began to slowly shine through the groups of shrouded trees from above. He placed an arm over his eyes; shielding his vision from the sun's sudden appearance. He certainly wasn't expecting the sun's rays to suddenly shine upon him, but he was truly grateful, for now he could finally be on his way again without the annoyance of thousands of rain droplets pouring down upon him unforgivably. A trail of water dripped behind him as he emerged from the depths of the mossy cavern. He glanced up into the trees and could make out the promising and melodic chirps of the birds who resided within the forest. He removed his hood; revealing his middle-aged features. His jaw shrouded with the hair of his five-o-clock shadow, and his brown-eyes began to wander; studying his surroundings.
  4. "Rain sucks," he muttered, trying, though in vain, to light a rain-soaked cigarette. It had worked before, actually. And in less than the last hour that he'd been trying for this particular cancer stick.

    With a weary sigh, he put the lighter back into his less than dry pants pocket and chewed on the soggy white cylinder. It would have to suffice for right then, if anything. His boots sank into the softened dirt of the forest floor, the soft 'squish' and 'squelch' of the mud the only sounds that hardly registered to him. Hackles raised, he always kept an ear out for what was happening in forests. And to this hollows of his ears, a light tune played. Stopping for a few moments, he gazed up.
  5. Silently the warrior checs his supplies for some of his weapons like his bows and arrows. His ears twitch from the sound of birds flapping in the air and fires a couple of arrows at them for some early practice. Then noticed voltures and fiends slowly gather around where the birds bodies have landed. Starting down upon then not to sure to take any action.
  6. There was nothing up, and he decided to continue, the feel of his axes on his back his only comfort. They were hidden from ready sight, the twin weapons beneath his cloak. He had made to continue on, gazing up occasionally. A vulture, hungry and out for prey, was circling around its food, apparently. He watched, earlier, as a large bird fell like a stone to the ground through the trees with a hoarse cry, the faint rustle of leaves in the distance the only proof that it had met its untimely end.

    There seemed to be hunters about, then. Both animal and man alike.
  7. The man continued on as he was halted by the sudden growling of his lower abdomen. "Ugh...Really..? Now?" It was clear that his hunger had gotten the best of him, and now he craved something to re-energize him so that he could continue. He removed the rain coat and dropped it to the ground beside him; his equipment was then revealed. A green-Cameo combat suit, hunting knives resting within pouches located on opposite sides of his upper chest. The pistol could clearly be identified resting in the sleuth on the side of his waist. The streamers of his head-band flowed behind him, as he darted forward in search of prey.
  8. The hero opens is pouch for something to stall the fiends and pulled out a small bag of Deku Nuts. "Heh, This'll do nicely." He scatters the nuts below randomly to let loose a barrage of flashing lights. "I gotta be quick for this strike." He takes a leap with his sword beneath him to pierce a couple of fiends on landing.