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  1. Hello hello everyone! I'll say this right now just so everyone knows, I'm not looking for a group rp for this, I suck at those and am just looking for some onexones for this. I'm looking for a few pairing for this, two m/m and three m/f...well kind of since I'm more than happy to do the m/m one as m/f as well. Anyway, here are the pairings! I'll also have a little bio for one of my characters afterwards.

    Daryl/Female Rick
    Shane/Female Rick
    Rick/ OC

    Red head
    Jamie May Grimes
    Former bartend
    Rick's little sister

    Woman with brown hair
    Roxanne 'Roxi' Peletier
    Former waitress
    Was adopted when she was 7 by Carol and her husband Ed

    model1.jpg img-thing.jpg
  2. @Faithviper

    Hey, just to let you know, the Fandom section is only for group roleplays. I've moved your request to the One[x]One request section.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.