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The Walking Dead: Roads

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by ch0sen1, Oct 12, 2014.

  1. This RP is a survival/libertine type role play based off of and set in the SAME universe as Kirkman's The Walking Dead series. However, I want to explore a twist with the world of walkers. Everything's all about the POST apocalypse....I want to make a rich, expansive story following the time of the world where the outbreaks first occur, transitioning into the world of chaos that is the Walking Dead. ROADS will explore the initial outbreak from New York City (think about how crazy that'll be), where all will start out, and then as the story progresses begins to spread out and become more global in scope and location.

    - SEX/SMUT is allowed (duh) so long as you stay true to the gritty, surreal story that is the Walking Dead. Any and Everything goes in this rp. Anything.

    - Be ready for sacrifice. Surely you can't think there will be a happy go lucky story 24/7 and no bad endings will occur? You must be willing to accept death, loss, abandonment, etc. That goes for all participants (yupp, me too)

    - No god-modding (carrying 102 guns in inventory, can't die, killing 298 walkers alone, etc)

    - Bring something ORIGINAL AND FUN to the table with characters and stories! That same reaction you get when watching/playing TWD you should get while rp'ing this! ^_^

    - Who knows? Maybe we'll run into certain characters from the universe....heheheheh.

    1x1 only, will be open to group later if warranted. THAT BEING SAID, ANYONE INTERESTED PLEASE RESPOND :D

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  2. You're a teen member, can't rp libertine with you sorry :\
  3. I would LOVE to do this with you! This sounds aaaahhhhhhmazing =D I am going to PM you RIGHT Now! xD
  4. Alright lol