The Walking Dead(Fan Made RP)

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  1. At the moment there's only room for three openings. A group of five at the current moment. This Walking Dead tale takes place in West Virgina.

    Imagine living in a world over run by the dead. Yet it's not them who you should fear.
    The world as you once knew it is gone. The world of luxury and necessity has been replaced by a world of
    Brute survival and heavy responsibility. In a matter of months society has demolished.
    No Government, No Electricity, No Grocery stores.

    Character Sheet

    Appearance:(Picture Only)
    Current Weapon(If any)


    Character Development We want to see each character evolve in there own way. Choose there own path. The storyline's will be very brutal, so we expect your character to evolve.(Easy example Carol season one Abusive wife. Season five A Bad Ass that toke down terminus.)

    Emotions we want real Emotions from your character. All I ask is that you try to feel as if its real. Expand your mind to your character's mind. Your heart is your characters heart. What is he/she feeling at that moment?

    Must be at least 18 or order to join this roleplay. The storylines are, and will be, brutal (violence, gore, , etc...).

    Must have watched The Walking Dead at least to season 3, or have a good working knowledge of the TWD universe

    Limit of one character per person to begin with at first, with the possibility of a second character later on in the story. PM Desperado or Amberlin for details.

    Zombies? This is The Walking Dead universe - the undead are not referred as "zombies", but as either walkers, biters, freaks, or something along those lines.

    Relationships and romance between characters are fine, but this isn't a Game of Thrones roleplay. Please, take your freaky deaky friskiness to PM's.

    Minimum of one post per day. If there is a day or two that you are busy (we understand that real life always must come first), please contact Desperado or Amberlin and let them know – this gives us (the GM's) temporary permission to “pull” your character along with the group to keep them from getting left behind. We will not roleplay them for you, but we will include them in our posts, which will help keep the group together. If there is some other way you would like to handle this (such as, have your character leave for a supplies run or a similar idea), again, contact Desperado or Amberlin and let us know. We will do our best to work with you. Note: if you are absent for more than three days, we will kill off your character. We understand that life happens sometimes, so if you are still interested in returning, you will have the option to make a new character.

    No Hershel God Mod-Infinite ammo, making yourself untouchable. Not allowed.
    Melee Weapons, blunt weapons can be useless when used too much.(Example Baseball bat wooden or metal) If your going to use a blunt weapon think of how hard your hitting the enemy and damaging the item.

    No automatic Head Shots. Unless your character is of Law inforcement or etc... better get some training and find ammo. You could try to find a cross bow...Your characters will be put into scary situations. Large Hordes of Walkers surround you.

    Please role play them out realistically.(If you choose to get bit remove the part quickly. Hey you can always end up like Merle have a bad ass sharp knife as a right hand!)
  2. Adding some information for my character.

    Warren McKoy
    Sexual Orientation
    He doesn't really care. Never showed any interest in any gender. So asexual.
    Korean American
    All turned into walkers
    Previous Occupation
    Musician, Cook

    Warren is more of a carefree spirit, and not in the bubbly happy-go-lucky style. He genuinely does not care about what happens to those who don't have his friendship. He doesn't believe in that whole thing 'if you do something good for someone they'll do the same for you'. He thinks it is a load of garbage, and just laughs at people who even suggest it. He isn't without compassion, but in all honesty, he takes care of his own needs first. He learned along time ago that attempting to be the good guy just turns you into the bad guy.
    He has a great sense of humour though, he can take a pretty good joke. He is also wonderful under pressure, doesn't lose his cool in scary situations. He's hard to temper, and harder to know if he is even angry. He can think fast, and make split second decisions. However, he is more likely going to act on something he believes in and ignore someone else's wishes. He practically just sticks to himself because he can't stand people.

    5 Good Traits
    Can think fast

    5 Bad Traits
    Uncaring at times
    Won't go out of his way to help you

    Current Weapon
    Machete (open)

    Knives (open)

    Wilderness First Aid Kit (open)

    BackpackWithSleepingBag (open)

    Can opener (comes to many uses believe it or not)
    Warren grew up in West Virginia with his family. Typical childhood, only his parents were camping and hiking enthusiasts, so he picked up many skills from them. He graduated high school and was attending college when the outbreak struck, and just his luck to have to see both of his parents as walkers. He dispatched them and stole away wilderness supplies, heading out of the heavier parts of the city no matter what officials said. There was just too many people, they'd be a buffet for walkers. Instead he ran the other way. Has been surviving with a group since then but honestly he might as well be alone.