The Void

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Would you like to join this role play if I made it?

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  1. My name is Alexander and Im a criminal who is to be killed in a week. Im recording this message to warn those that hear this. Hah, what am I kidding? Who is going to hear this? Well anyways, to those that find this recording, my death is not in vain. I must warn you what the government is planning. They are evil. I watched them single handedly kill innocent women and children for the hell of it. They enjoy it! And they are going to happily gun me down for protecting my wife, my daughter from those monsters.
    They have planted a device that can single handedly destroy the entire human population. They have planned it so that they will be safe from the device. While their hanging in their space shuttle far from Earth, we will be wiped out. To those that are listening... please, sought out the cult that goes by the name of The Void.
    The Void is a group of men, women, children and elderly who fight to destroy and stop the government evil plans. They are a group of demons, angels, and humans who have set aside their differences to work together and kill every last one of them.
    Please... to those that are listening please, you must fight before its too late. It is too late for me. I couldn't save my wife or daughter but you can save yours....
    Don't give up.
    What are you doing? No! Its not my time! Please stop! I still have a week left. NOOOOOOO!!!!!!

    You there, you think you can beat me? I am more powerful than all of you. The Void will fall under my rule. Hahahah


    Who are you? Are you a demon, human, angel? Are you a government agent or apart of The Void? Its your decision. Fight now. Welcome to... The Void!
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