The Voice of Angels



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Jayde stepped out of her house quietly and put the hood of her sweater over her head. The voice would come soon, she had to get down fast. So, she ran out of her 'normal' suburban neighborhood and into an alley that was next to an apartment building. It wasn't risky though, the building was abandoned and it was a bad part of town, peoplehardly went there.

She looked around first anyway. Finally she slid a dumpster aside and opened a hidden door in the pavement. She slammed the door shut just as the voice came on. She hoped the others were there too, she'd hate to think that one of them had been stuck outside.


Jyo wondered where his sister had wandered off too. He'd gotten the day off and was sitting in the living room when he heard her slip out the back door.

He'd follow her but...something stopped him. For a while he seemed frozen. In a daze. You would think he was paralyzed, but he could still hear as the soothing voice of Ruler came on. Jyo relaxed a little, basking in the happiness that came from hearing the words of his boss.
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Yi-Ting was already there, sitting on one of the sofa chairs. She was leaned back, feet propped up on the edge of the seat with her laptop on her lap, typing furiously. She glanced around the screen to look at Jayde with a small smile, "You're just in time." Yi-Ting reached for her headset, putting the bulky headphones around her neck. She was currently on an experiment as usual; trying to mutate the Ruler's voice via frequencies to see if there was a frequency at which the effect didn't activate. She wasn't actually going to listen to it unless she really thought it was a success. She was watching the moving crests of the vocals and changing the pitch to see if there was a math that was demented enough to cancel out the original sound without actually being the backwards version of it.

"How are you?" she asked.

Emil exited his car, wearing his usual guise of "pizza delivery boy," attempting to obscure his face as much as possible by wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses. He didn't want to risk being caught on this operation today. The cargo he was delivering, was, as usual, kept a secret. While he was suspicious of the cargo itself, he tried to reassure himself that he was doing this for a righteous cause. Besides, something that could fit in a pizza box couldn't be too dangerous, right? His hands shook, and a beat of sweat trickled down his face. He took a deep breath, walking as naturally as possible towards his rendezvous location. However, his stride was broken when he noticed a group of what looked to be government enforcers making their way down the street in his direction. Almost instinctively, he made a quick sidestep into a nearby alleyway, ducking behind a dumpster in said alleyway. "can't afford to take any chances here..."

In the moment that the officers pass the alleyway, time stops for Emil. His heart pounds like the engine of a racecar, and his breathing stops. When they finally pass, he breathes a sigh of relief, and leans back against the dumpster he was hiding behind. However, when he does so, it gives way. Emil falls backwards, slamming on the pavement behind him as the dumpster he was leaning against rolls away from him. Startled, he rubs the bump forming on the back of his head before scrambling for the "pizza" he was delivering. After his vision focused and he regained his cargo, he noticed an oddity in the pavement he lay upon. Perhaps it was just a crack in the asphalt that seemed out of place, or perhaps he was seeing things, but something definitely seemed very strange about the ground he was sitting upon. Sitting upright, he felt around on the ground below him, just to make sure he wasn't crazy. Before he knew it, he'd found a crevice large enough to fit his hand under. "what the hell am I thinking...... there can't be anything odd about this pavement. I've got mo-"

before he could finish his sentence, he began opening what appeared to be a door in the pavement.

" crap."
She pulled a wheely-chair over to where Yi-Ting sat. "I'm good, how about you?" Jayde replied. She looked at the complex structure on the other girl's laptop.

"How's the latest experiment?" she asked with a small smile. Sometimes Jayde wished she had technological abilities. But then again...She was much better at fighting and shooting things. Much like Jyo...she thought suddenly. The thought of her brother. Sitting at home listening to the broadcast. Her eyes clouded for a second.

Her eyes cleared as she heard the door she'd come through open again. She turned, wondering which one of them it was.
The pavement opened before Emil, much to his great surprise and dismay. Another bead of sweat ran down his face, despite the fact that his blood was running cold. Whatever he'd just stumbled upon probably wasn't something he was meant to find. For a few seconds, he was frozen in place, every hair on his body standing on end. Out of what was either blind curiosity or absolute stupidity, The disguised courier leaned into the entrance he'd just opened in the ground, being sure to grab his cargo before doing so. Unfortunately, the fact that he was still a little dizzy after getting a bit of a knock to the head, courtesy of the pavement, combined with his lack of discernment when leaning forward into an open hole in the ground caused him to trip and fall forward, crashing face-first into the room he had just opened up the entrance to. He dropped the "pizza" he was delivering in front of him before finally colliding with the ground. The box flew a soared through the air in front of him before finally ending its journey on the ground about five feet in front of him. He lay face down, sprawled out on the floor of this 'secret room'.

The feeling that was engulfing him could only be described as a combination of absolute embarrassment and an overbearing dread.

"I sure hope nobody saw that...." he said to himself, quietly.
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Yi-Ting looked over at the girl and smiled again, "I'm good, but it's going to be while before I can get this experiment to work." she slipped out of the chair, putting the small laptop onto the seat and stretching her arms, "It's a bit of a hopeless adventure." Yi-Ting could tell Jayde's mind instantly fluttered away to other things, but as the door opened, she put a hand on the girl's shoulder as a gesture of comfort and moved to see who it was. It was a rather clumsy entrance so Yi-Ting was slightly worried.

It was a man with brown hair, built well. She couldn't see his face because he had crashed into the ground, but Yi-Ting made her way daintily towards the box of pizza, gingerly pulling open the cover. One part of her mind was insisting it was probably some kind of danger, but she couldn't help her curiosity. If he was dangerous, would he really have come sprawling through the door unannounced?

"Welcome?" she muttered with a small smile, eager to know if he was friend or foe. And if he pulled anything, Yi-Ting was confident Jayde would kick his butt.

Jayde's first instinct, when she saw a man fall into the room flat on his face, was to laugh. But upon seeing that it was no one she knew, she went to a desk, opened a drawer, and pulled out a small gun. She walked over to the fallen man and crouched next to him. The gun was in her right hand, which she rested on her right knee.

"Well sir, who are you and what exactly are you doing?" Jayde asked him in a gentle-tone of voice. For all she knew, he could be one of Ruler's spies or something. But seeing as to how clumsily he'd entered, Jayde doubted that was the case. She was still holding back a laugh as she watched the man carefully.
Emil looked up very slowly, trying to maintain what little composure he had left. Upon seeing the weapon pointed at him, he immediately flung his hands above his head in a gesture of surrender. "I SURRENDER! P-PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!" He begged, his entire body trembling. He could only hope that he couldn't embarrass himself any further in his already compromising position by pissing his pants. Thankfully, he at least had the strength to keep his bladder from losing control.

"I swear...I-I h-had no id-dea that there was any k-kind of apartment here. I d-didn't mean to b-barge in like that."

His eyes becoming more fixated on the box of 'pizza' he'd left lying on the floor now being opened by a girl who was sitting on the couch just prior, who was beginning to open the box. His nerves and adrenaline kicking into overdrive, he did the one thing that his entire body was telling him to avoid doing at all costs. He leaped at the girl, attempting to snag the pizza box away from her. However, his attempt was in vain, as he only managed to knock it further open and scatter its contents all over the floor of the apartment.

Within the box, there were multiple tablets, which contained a detailed layout of the entire city, as well as a potential plan of attack on the suspected city capital at the time. In addition, there was a small cylindrical object about the size of a pocket watch, with a blue glowing sphere held in the center. On the side of said cylindrical object, there was a small LCD screen, indicating the numbers 24:05:04, and counting down.

Emil stared for a moment at what lay before him before returning to his prior state of begging for his life.

"Please don't kill me! and if you do.... please don't tell the cops about what you've just seen!"
'Bout that time...

Glancing up at the clock on the wall told Jayson that Ruler's broadcast was about to start. His fingers paused what they were doing and he took a deep breath and waited, his heart thudding wildly in his chest...

Still only blurred and distant sound.

His heart rate slowed as he calmed and he returned to his work. His fingers flew across the keyboard as he inputted a series of codes and calculations, adjusting the scanning equipment on his desk. It'd been a week since he'd began this project and he was still a long ways off. He needed help. Another techie like him would cut the time in half, maybe more if that person was more qualified than him.

As he switched back to joining cables, his callused fingers working the incredibly small components to a sonic conductor, his mind drifted to the only source of help he could think of: Group. But it'd been a week and he'd had absolutely no luck in hunting them down. He still didn't even know how they managed to avoid the brainwashing of Ruler's broadcasts. Perhaps that was his ticket to finding them?

The sound of the broadcast died away and it wasn't long after that a red light appeared on his security system. Reaching up to the monitors, he tapped the one surveying the front door and mouthed a curse when he spotted the law enforcement uniform. Quickly, he got to his feet and left his workshop, the door sliding shut and locking behind him. Nothing short of his hand being scanned would allow anyone access to that room. Well, that, some really powerful explosives, or a really smart hacker.

Kicking off his shoes, he padded barefoot into the kitchen, opened the fridge and popped open a beer. Switching on the tv as he passed by it, he approached the front door and hit the button to open it. "Yo," he said, careful to get the volume right, even if he could only hear muffled sounds. "Come to babysit me again and make sure I don't reopen my stitches?" he asked with a grin.

Don't invite yourself in. I have work to do.
Celso bounced around, swinging at the sand bag in front of him. Left hook. Left hook. Right hook. Jab jab. Uppercut. Jab. He turned around and looked into the corner of the room, where a red light had appeared in the makeshift gym he trained in. Oh great...more broadcasts again. Celso thought. He unwrapped his hands, rolling the bandages back up and storing them in his locker. Knowing the true nature of these broadcasts, he had sound proofed this room and this room only. Celso took his headphones, shut his locker, and grabbed his overcoat. He turned his music player to his favorite song, dubstep naturally, setting it to the highest possible volume. He put in his earphones and walked out of the door, locking it as he went.

As he did, looking at the dumpster that hid the entrance to the Group hideout, he saw what looked like a pizza delivery guy open up the entrance and fall in. He laughed to himself as he slowly crossed the street. He peered into the whole in the ground, seeing Jayde, his fellow Group member, pointing a gun at the guy. He chuckled as he jumped in, then took notice of the tablets and the small bomb on the floor. He closed the cement door and turned to Jayde. "Hey Jayde, give this guy a rest! He's with us....aren't you?" Celso asked the pizza guy.
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Yi-Ting's tense shoulders relaxed when Jayde started laughing. The incentive gave her a chance to look closely at the man, who was now lunging at her. Was it her? or the box? Yi-Ting, quite used to quick movements from recon, jumped backwards and rose slowly, watching the man closely. The contents of the box spilled open at her feet and she bent again to look at them closely. She picked up the plan to attack the city, looking over the map. "This is.....the capital? blueprints?" She picked up the small blue device, turning it over in her hands. The blue light was blinking and a counter was going down.

Yi-Ting was becoming serious. In her mind, everything was coming together and calculations were going crazy. What is this...? A timer for a bomb..? A timer for an...

Jayde started laughing. An uncontrollable laughter. She would've killed the guy, had the pizza box revealed wires or a tracking device from the police. But because he had nothing that was dangerous to them, she felt the need to laugh at the man who had fallen not just once, but twice.

"Dude, what is this stuff?" she asked, leaning over to pick up a paper. "Capital blueprints?" she wondered out-loud, her eyebrow raising in curiousity.

She looked over at Celso, "You really think he's one of us? Well, you're probably right. Anyway, hello." She smiled and looked back to the other man. "So, tell us buddy, do you know who we are?"
Emil scratched his head, breathing another long sigh of relief after what felt like yet another eternity. The air rushing from his lungs felt to him like the air being released from a tomb that had been sealed for 2000 years. As in, he'd been holding it far too long. He became a little light-headed, and nearly collapsed before snapping back up to what is likely the most dignified posture he'd attained that night. His back straight, and his chest puffed, he proclaims:

"I have absolutely no idea who you are! However, my name is Emil Matejka, number one Courier and risky driver in all of Angels! I was on a mission to deliver these blueprints and said ordnance to a group called... errr..... what was it..."

Emil scratches his head for a moment, his face turning red hot with embarrassment, as opposed to the dead cold it had been mere moments before.

"aw crap. I forgot the name. I think it started with a G. They're..... uhm, sort of a secretive group, so I don't think they like people knowing who they are. They've got a real complex name, to keep people from remembering it! That way the cops can't track them down! Yeah...that's why I don't remember their name!",

He states proudly, attempting to reclaim some of the dignity he'd lost over the last few moments. These girls are totally gonna think I'm some super cool secret agent type dude..... He thought. That was, until he noticed the girl who had opened the box of pizza holding the bomb. At that point, his mind once again went absolutely blank.

"AAGH! YOU CAN'T TOUCH THAT!" He screams, once again leaping in her direction, and once again tripping and falling flat on his face.

"this really isn't my night..." he mumbles.
"Bro," Celso says to the pizza guy, "calm yourself. You have blueprints of the capital. You have what is obviously a BOMB. It's not that hard to put two and two together!" *He holds up two fingers in each hand and touches them together* "Now, answer the lady's question, honestly this time." Celso says seriously, glaring at the pizza guy. He can only hold this face for two seconds before breaking into uncontrollable laughter. "No, but seriously. What's your name and do you know who we are." Celso says, his composure returning to him.
Emil tenses up for a moment, clenching his teeth, almost preparing to get hit in the face by the man looming over him. After the man laughs, he loosens up and says, "uhm.... I'm assuming you guys are the 'group'......."

His eyes grow wide and stare with an expression of great curiosity at the man looming over him. "....I err..... wasn't lying about my name. I AM in fact Emil Matejka..... and I was sent to get you these plans and the bomb she's holding. I... guess.... no, I am the official courier, chauffeur and reconnaissance man of the group!"

Emil starts to stand, but decides it might just be a better idea to stay seated for now. So he remained, sitting cross-legged on the floor, eyeing the rooms inhabitants. He scratches his head once again, more confused now than anything.

"errr..... I didn't imagine the group would be this uhm......." He looks around the room once again, making sure nobody was pointing a gun at him. "....urr.....small." He looks down, biting his lip. dammit.... what the hell am I saying now. I sound like an IDIOT! And a disrespectful one at that... damn my big mouth!
Jayde smiled at him, holding back another laugh as he once again fell flat on his face. "Smaller is better, I think. There's less of a chance of being caught. Don't you guys think?" she asked, looking over at Celso and Yi-Ting. Looking back to the man she said, "Well. It's nice to meet you Mr. Matejka."

She crouched next to him again, "Who exactly sent you though?"


Jyo had left the house, the sudden urge of wanting to visit an old friend pricked at him. And so, he put on his uniform and walked a couple of city blocks to arrive at the house.

He knocked on the door, a smile plastered on his face. One of those smiles that said, 'wassup?' Which was strange because he wanted a much more formal conversation with his pal. When Jayson opened the door barefoot, drinking a beer, and greeting him with a 'Yo', Jyo shrugged.

"Come to babysit me again and make sure I don't reopen my stitches?" Jayson asked, grinning.

Jyo shook his head and pushed past his friend into the house. "No, I'm not. Got another beer?" he asked, looking around. Nothing out of the ordinary, he thought. Immediately he shook his head. I'm here to be casual! Not to be a cop! Jyo yelled at himself.
Emil looks over to the woman inquiring who sent him.

"Most of the time I'm contracted by some kind of corporation...... but let's just say it was a little bit more something personal this time." His expression and tone becoming much more serious and somber. He looked down to his feet, hesitating before divulging this new piece of information.

"it was an old friend of mine who drew up these plans, and you could say I'm just trying to carry out his final wish."

He pauses, audibly attempting to hold back tears. He slams a clenched fist on the ground before him, in an attempt to distract himself from the matter.

"Anyways.... Even before he asked me to do this, I'd seen horrible things committed by the powers that govern this city. I guess you could say I just couldn't let that slide this time."
Holding back a defeated sigh, Jayson closed the door again and followed Jyo into the kitchen as quickly as he could without seeming suspicious. He had to keep his eyes trained on Jyo in order to read his lips and know what he was saying. It'd be a sticky situation otherwise.

He grabbed another beer out of the fridge and popped it open, pushing the door shut with his foot as he handed the bottle to Jyo. "So then to what or whom do I owe the pleasure of this visit from an old academy buddy?" he asked, leaning with his back against the fridge. He took a swig of his beer, keeping one eye on his friend all the while.

And he and Jyo were indeed friends, dating back to their academy days. Since graduation though, their work had kept them apart quite often. It'd literally been months since they'd last talked to each other, let alone enjoyed anything recreational. Jayson found it hard to believe Jyo was here for anything short of business.
Her eyes clouded slightly. "Oh..." Jayde could see the pain in Emil's eyes and hear the hurt in his voice. She didn't know what else to say to him. So instead, she stood up and held her hand out to him. "Why don't you sit in a chair?" she suggested.


Jyo shrugged, taking a sip of the beer. He let out a breath after the swig, he hadn't drunk a beer in so long...

"Why all the suspicion?" he asked his friend with a grin. "Can't I simply visit you? We're pals aren't we?" Jyo grinned more and took another, longer drink.

"I just wanted to check up on you. You somehow..." Jyo said. "I don't know how though..." He examined Jayson, as if hoping to figure it out right then and there.
Emil graciously accepts the offer, and plops himself into a chair. He looks around once again at the group, breathing a bit more normally now.
While he feels relief that he's amongst the right crowd, he also feels himself once again overcome by a great sorrow, as memories of his long gone friendship revisit him. For a few moments, he stares off into space, blankly, recalling the memories he had, those he wanted to put behind him so he could make his friends dream become truth. His face is a blank slate with a hint of sadness, as he puts forth all of his effort into stifling tears that would no doubt come streaming like waterfalls if he let up for a moment. I can't get TOO emotional in front of these people or they'll think I'm some kind of wuss... and the LAST thing I need to do tonight is embarrass myself again.

However, his somber stare is broken when he hears a massive grumble in his empty belly. In his panic, it seems he'd entirely forgotten how incredibly hungry he was. His entire train of thought is broken when he comes to the stunning revelation that he hadn't eaten since he prepared to make the delivery that morning. He didn't want to eat too much in fear of accidentally throwing up from getting too nervous. Of course, as always, that was now coming back to bite him in the ass. His eyes widened from the somber stare into a state of absolute horror.

"Hey, anyone got something to eat around here? I don't have anything except a stick of gum and some tic tacs back in my ca-"

If Emil's heart stopped any more times that day, he was seriously going to have a heart attack. His jaw is agape as he realizes that he left the vehicle he had arrived in at a 'no park zone'. He sits, completely motionless for a moment before grasping his head and pulling at his own hair as he exclaims,


Before jumping to his feet and attempting to run to the door, only succeeding in running straight into a wall.