The Visions in My Head

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  1. Logan rolled out of bed that morning and threw on a shirt and pants he found laying next to his bed.
    His room was messy, like any other teen he knew of, but he didn't usually just threw on dirty clothing.
    The night before, Logan and his little cousin watched a horror movie, and Logan ended up having a nightmare.
    Logan and his cousin, Kendall, enjoyed horror movies, and they both can agree that nightmares could be fun.
    But lately, Logan has been having nightmares outside of his head.
    They weren't that bad, he only saw things he could label as object in the dark making funny shapes and shadows.
    Logan looked in the mirror and ran a comb through his dark blonde hair to at least try to look decent.

    Just then, there was a knock on the door. Logan looked through the window to see it was his best friend, Chase.
    "Kendall! Get the door!" he called out to his cousin, knowing she would've already been out the shower and dressed by then.
    Kendall was in the living room, waiting for Chase, just like she always did. She opened the door and gave him hug.
    "Hey Kendall," Chase said with a smile.
    Kendall greeted him back with a half smile. She isn't always nice to people, but she did know Chase since she was ten. They were practically siblings.
    "Logan, hurry up!" Kendall called up to her cousin, knowing their other friends would be waiting for them, or, Logan's other friends. They were more of his friends than the other way around.
    Logan shook his head of any thoughts of his nightmares and hurried downstairs. "You gotta stop rushing me, Ken," he said with a grin on his face as they all left through the door.

    Leonard rode his bike to the school building, waiting on Logan and the others.
    Leonard didn't go home last night, which was almost obvious due to him wearing the same clothes he wore the day before.
    He knew the others should be heading over to the place they usually hung out before the first bell for class, so he just waited for them there.
  2. Caleb Opened his eyes and stood up from his spot on the ground as usual. He went over to his small piles of laundry and picked out his clothing for the day, minding the color schemes of his skin and the weather he would have to put up with. He picked up his umbrella and headed to school where he would learn and possibly grow a bit stronger. When he arrived at school, he saw Logan and waved slightly, walking over to him with a small smile. His umbrella was up and he offered space underneath it.

    "Hello Logan," He said in a soft voice.
  3. Leonard parked his bike and stood outside the school building where he usually did, waiting for the others.
    Logan, Kendall, and Chase, walked to their place outside the building to see Leonard and Caleb already waiting, like usual.
    "Heyy Caleb!" Logan greeted enthusiastically.
    He grabbed Caleb's shoulder so he can walk alongside him over to Leonard, where the two fistbumped. "Sup," was all Leonard said to him.
    "Looks to me as though the others have yet to arrive, hm?" Chase questioned before a grin appeared on his face.
  4. Caleb nodded with a smile as a reply to his greeting.

    "It seems not. How are you today, Chase?" He straightened his lopsided scarf and nuzzled it slightly so as to reheat his cheeks and chin.
  5. Alex woke up to her alarm going off for the fifth time this morning, groaning she rolled over to look at the clock, "oh what the fuck!" She said shocked to see she was running late. Fighting off the sleepiness that still clung to her body, she ran over to the dress and threw on the first clothing items on her dresser -ripped skinny jeans and a muscle tee shirt- than rushes to finish getting dressed.


    Ridinf her ling board over to the spot she already saw the guys already forming their 'morning circle'. Without realizing it she stepped back to far, and hit the back wheel, "fuck!" Was all ahe had time to say before she was sent hurling forward into the cement. Thankfully her fall just simply caused her to skid slightly on the ground, rolling into a criss-cross seating position on the ground, Alex smiled up at the guys, "sup?" She asked with a giggle as if the crash never happened well the lass reached by someones foot and reclaimed her fallen black beanie.
  6. "I'm good," Chase answered Caleb with a smile.
    Once seeing their friend crash, the three guys and girl, Kendall, Logan, Chase, and Leonard, turned to see Alex seated on the ground.
    Kendall raised her eyebrow at the girl and extended her hand, offering to help her up.
    Logan on the other hand, burst out laughing. He slapped Chase on the back causing him to lose his breath.
    Logan then immediately stopped laughing, as though it wasn't funny in
    the first place.
    Leonard only snickered before replying with "sup"
  7. Caleb smiled at Alex and waved at her as well.

    "Late waking, Alex?" He said as loud as he could, also known as the normal volume for other people. "If you want, I can come over in the morning and wake you up." He stuck his hand outside of the umbrella's shade and withdrew it when he felt the warmth. He held the hand to his chest and looked at his looming shadow.
  8. giggling she took Kendall's hand, "o-only if you want~" She said shyly at Caleb as her cheeks shimmered a faded pink. Seeing the boys snickering at her she stuck her tongue out at them, "You only wish you had this fabulous of an entrance!" She said sarcastically flicking her hair out of her face with a dramatic juster. Though moments later she couldn't hold a straight face anymore and ended up laughing.
  9. Caleb tilted his head, confused with her answer. He continues looking at his shadow stretch and minimize for a second before looking up with a serious look on his face.

    "I wasn't joking..." He muttered and pouted slightly. "If you're late much longer, someone might notice... I know you're never late for class, but it's still unhealthy to be so late! Maybe we should analyze your brain... I can set you up with a wonderful examiner. He's always gentle with the bodies." He blinked for a second before shaking his head and closing his eyes with a slight breath. "Sorry. I meant he's very gentle with his patients. Though, I suppose he's wonderful with bodies too..." He continued mumbling about his expertise with handling bodies and the processes while fidgeting, playing with his scarf and tilting his head every once and a while. The mm\umblings fading away to him just mouthing the words and fidgeting.
  10. Arching her eye brow at Caleb, Alex walked up to the lad and placed her hand gently on his shoulder, "Dude you ok?" she asked the studied his face for a moment, "You seem a little off today." She added softly the corner of her mouth turning up into a half smile to let him know she wasn't bashing him, just concerned slightly.
  11. He flinches slightly and looks at her. A look of realization crosses his face and he chuckles in embarrassment, rubbing the back of his next with his hand.

    "Sorry, I think the shadows are getting to me..." He whispered, ashamed of his rambling. "It happens a lot since I live mostly in darkness, with the occasional sun rays that reach under my umbrella. Did I scare you? I apologize if I did. That happened with my cat too..." He looks away, uncomfortable in the situation.
  12. Alex smiled at him, "Oh no you didn't scare me at all, though it seems like you need more sleep." the lass said with a small laugh as she pulled her hand away and quickly waddled over to her long board and rearrange it so that she could stand on it and face the group at the same time and bounced excitedly, "I feel so tall!" She announced happily as she compared her height to being a few inched shorter than the guys instead of being the shortest in the group as she smiled at Kendall, "Whose shorter now~" she teased her with a laugh and a giggle.
  13. Watches her with a slight smile.

    "I suppose I am in need of more sleep." He whispered and joined the group once more. "I think I am now." He stood at five feet and seven inches.
  14. The four only watched as the two talked to each other.
    Kendall only shook her head as Alex stood up as her long board. She was around 5'3, compared to her cousin, Logan, she no longer cared for being short seeing as how he was 6'.
    Chase smiled then looked down at his watch. "I wonder where the others are," he said to himself.
    Leonard only shrugged. "They better come soon, if I'm late to first period again they're calling home." Leonard was known for being late to class.
    Chase turned towards him and noticed he was wearing the same thing he was wearing yesterday. "Why didn't you change?" he asked him.
    "I didn't go home last night," was his only answer.
  15. Caleb smiled at Alex for a second before reaching his had out of the shade of his umbrella and he took off his glove. The sun started to burn slightly, but he ignored the pain. He pat her head for a second before settling his hand onto her head.

    "So this is what your hair feels like..." He muttered and winced. The pain was getting worse. He withdrew his hand and rubbed it slightly to ease it of its pain. He put back on his glove and fixed his clothing once again.
  16. Alex raised her eye brow at Caleb's comment but dismissed it as she fixated on Leonard's statement, "What'd you do now Leo?" She asked with a playful smirk as she followed along with the boy's conversation. Though as she shifted her weight on the board, whatever was holding the board in place was moved and Alex started to roll backwards, "Shit!" Alex said surprised as she nearly fell in surprised of the sudden movement beneath her. After regaining her ground she slowed herself down and skated back to the group, "I'm otay!" She informed them with a giggle.
  17. "I ain't do anything," Leonard stated, jamming his hands in his pockets.
    "You're always doing something," Kendall said to him, joining the conversation. She didn't always speak, but she did try to make an effort to talk to others.
    "Not this time, I was only enjoying a bike ride," Leonard said, but smirked due to Alex's second slip up on the long board.
  18. Caleb simply watched them with a smile, preferring to follow the conversation instead of inserting comments that might scare them.
  19. Alex blushed slightly at Leo's smirk, "you and your bike rides." She said with a laugh and began to fiddle with the amethyst coiled in a golden rod that always hung loosely from her neck.

    "Are we still missing people?" She asked randomly well looking around.
  20. He looked around as well. He couldn't tell though, since he was fixing his clothing while doing it and was a bit distracted.
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