The Vengeful Contract (Villainous_Chocolate and BloodMoon)

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  1. Roxane bit down hard on her tongue, as she tried not to say anything. She had seen what had happened, but didn't want the police involved. She wanted to get the darn murderer herself, and didn't want them getting in her way. She stood up, "I didn't see anything." She lied. "But, I'm late for work, so I have to go." She walked outside, and past the cops, not looking at any of them.

    Once Roxy was out of the police's sight, she picked her pace ip to a run. She headed into the forest, and looked around. She had seen the man run into the trees. She looked and looked, and eventually got lost.

    Roxy kicked a rock, "Ah man." She said to herself. "Why did I have to get lost?" She sat down with a thump, on a large rock. The stone was big, and more silvery than gray. There was a paper on the side of it, and she looked at it closely. "Wait. I know what this is." She said. "This is the solution to my problems!"

    Roxane ripped the paper off, and smiled.

  2. Korien became aware of the outside world once again. Someone had removed the cursed seal that had kept him trapped here for so long. Opening his pale red eyes a devilish smirk found it's happy home on his face. As he appeared back into the human realm he felt the beautiful longing for revenge that fulled his purpose in this world. And there was the girl who emitted the feeling.

    "Heheheh, I must thank you mortal but I imagine you didn't remove my seal out of kindness. So tell me . . ." Korien came very close to the girl tilting her head up with a hand, as the long sleeves of his outdated close draped down. " . . .who does your heart desire revenge on?"
  3. Roxane's smile grew, it had worked, she had summoned a demon. "I don't know who he is, but.." She dug through her bag. "I have these." She pulled out a knife, a bottle, and a hair. She handed them to the demon, more enthusiasticly than expected. "Will they help?"

    Roxy kicked her feet back and forth, and smiled. "By the way, I'm Roxane." She said. "So, how does this contract work exactly?"
  4. Korien took the items and looked at them each in turn before making them disappear into a magic holding place. "Greatly. I am Korien Demon of Revenge." Korin said stepping back. "Well, it works differently depending on the situation. But put simply you want revenge so I help you get it, and in return you give me something I want. Now from the feel of things we're going to be working together for a little while. As for what I want . . ." Korien paused for a moment thinking. "I want your heart. It will be mine to do what I wish with after your revenge is complete. Are these terms acceptable Roxane?

    People always accepted whether they thought it was really fair or not. People who are hungry for revenge would go to great lengths for it. This far and beyond, and Korien knew this quite well.
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  5. Roxane laughed, "Dial it down, Korien." She said. "I'm still holding the seal." She waved the paper back and forth, tauntingly, before shoving it into her bag. "I'll agree, with a few condisions of course."

    Roxy thought for a moment, before speaking again, "You can't kill me. No matter what you do." She said. "And I get a chance to get my heart back, after it's yours. Do you agree?"
  6. Korien didn't understand what "Dial it down" meant, but he certainly understood seals. And also the conditions Roxane listed. A look of distaste crossed his face briefly, but he wasn't one to turn away from such a succulent deal. As he saw it he still won anyways. "Agreed." He replied planting a quick kiss on her lips. "Now that the deal is sealed. Tell me everything that happened." He invited.
  7. Roxane wiped her lips with her arm, "Well, I had just come back home from a walk, and I saw him. He had just murdered my mother. I don't know why." She said. "After that, he ran. I sat near the corpse, and the cops arrived. I told tjem nothing, and ran here."

    Roxy stood up, "I would like you to kill him." She said. She pressed her hand against a tree. "Slowly."
  8. "Heheheh any way you like." Korien replied running his tongue across his lips. "One last question, would you like to come along or shall I simply report back when done?" He asked looking over at Roxane.
  9. Roxane smiled, "I'd like to come along." She said. "I want to see that poor fool suffer. He should have never messed with me." She stepped away from the tree, "Let's get going."
  10. "Then let's be off." And with that Korien began to walk off pulling the hair from thin air. Seemingly following the way the wind blew it.

    Soon they can upon a cabin in the woods where the murderer outside. "Wait here." Korien instructed Roxane. And he walked out of the trees.

    "Who're you?" The man asked standing up and readying himself to grab a nearby axe. "Are you lost or something? Cause your in a bad place mister." He threatened. But Korien held his silence coming closer.

    "Does this belong to you?" Korien asked pulling out the knife. The man swung his axe towards Korien's undefended middle. The blade burying deep, but Korien seemed unaffected simply grabbing the man's hand as it was still wrapped around the axe handle. "Because I believe it does. And you've made someone very angry with it." He pulled on the man's hand dislodging the axe from him self. Dark blood dripped from the wound. Korien changed positions holding the man's hand behind his back and the knife to his throat. "Come on out Roxane. He should look upon your face as he dies, killed by his own knife."
  11. Roxane smiled, 'He caught the man already?' She thought. She stepped out, and closed her eyes. "Okay. Get ready to pay. You're going to die a slow and-"

    Roxy stopped talking, as she opened her eyes. "That's not him." She said. She frowned, and sighed.
  12. "Not him?" Korien asked. "Oh, well then." Korien was certain the hair'd been this guy's but as it hadn't there was nothing he could do. Korien slit the man's throat anyways his body falling to the ground. "Shall we be going then? It's getting late we should return to your abode for the night."
  13. "Uuuuh..." Roxane glanced around. "Heheh. I'm a little lost." She admitted. She looked away from the man's dead body, and frowned.
  14. "Then we shall stay here unless you would rather not. And don't worry I dispose of the corpse." Korien grinned and Roxane.
  15. Roxane shrugged, "You'd better leave no trace of the dead guy!" She said. She walked over to the cabin, and grabbed the doornob. She began to open the door slowly, scared of what she might find.
  16. Korien set to work getting rid of the corpse quickly finishing, as he was quiet used to cleaning up such messes. Then he came up behind Roxane whom hadn't gotten far. The inside of the cabin was clean but hunting tools lined the counters and taxidermeied animals decorated the walls.​
  17. Roxane could have puked, as she looked at the cabin. It creeped her out, and had a disgusting smell to it, that reminded her of death. She stepped inside, and frowned. "Could you get rid of the dead animals?" She asked. "They're creeping me out..."
  18. Korien chuckled. "As you wish." And with that he began hauled them out several at a time. Tossing them into one of the hunter's perches. On his last trip someone spoke to him.

    "Ah, Korien good to see you again. How'd you do it, you old devil. Always got a trick or two left." The voice said.

    "Winter." Korien said turning to face the other demon. "I guess you could say that, but I'm kind of under contract at the moment. Other wise I wouldn't be putting corpses in trees. Well, I might but not like this."

    Winter looked up at the hunted animals. "Ah, I see well I'll talk to you later. And you might wanna think about learning more about this time period." With that though Winter was gone.

    Shrugging Korien walked back. "Roxane, what year is it?"
  19. Roxane looked over at Korien, "It's the year of 2014." She said. "Why?" She looked around the cabin, as she awaited an answer. She wondered how she could fix the place up with only grass and sticks.
  20. "2014?" Korien asked dumb founded. "But I was sealed in the 1900's. Almost a hundred years ago if I'm remembering correctly. Tell me about this time." He said a little more forcefully then nessisary.
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