The Veil

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  1. For the last few months a small group of people in a nondescript English city have been noticing the world changing. People seem to be rotting and mutating before their eyes and buildings are slowly crumbling to pieces. Metal rusts and everything breaks down as if untouched by humans for years. People die before their eyes yet no one blinks. Whenever these people point things out to others what they're seeing they're treated as if they're hallucinating, for no one else can see the same. And in the sky the moon turns a deeper red with every passing night and the movement of great shapes can be seen within. Something is coming.
    The Veil is a horror survival RP with an emphasis on smart thinking and creative solutions. Combat will be rare and you will run away a lot. The goal is to replicate a real horror game experience where you feel helpless and are hunted constantly while still having a goal to complete. If you're interested you can find the OOC and Signup thread here.