The Vampire World

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  1. Roses character~

    Name: Sarah Love
    age: 17
    race; Human
    hair color: Bright red
    eye color; green
    height: 5'0"
    weight: 95 lbs.
    personality; stubborn, shy, quiet, bubbly, funny.
    other: hair reaches waist, if down

    I'll post first.

    vampires are trying to find her, and she forgot to blend in, cause thats what she was good at.

    Sarah was walking through the streets. With the other vampires, but she realized her hair was down, she forgot to put it up and put on all her black stuff that made her blend in with the vampires. That was why she had been hidden pretty well for a month now. She looked around noticing who knew the prince look at her and speak among each other She gasped, and began to run, she wasn't far from where she was staying. It was an abandoned house, where no one thought that a human would stay at. she went to the kitchen and hid in one of the cupboards, since she was small enough. She closed her eyes tightly as she hoped they wouldn't find her, it was dark and she was starting to get scared.