The Vampire Princess and the Lycan General

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  1. Plot (open)
    The war between the Lycans and Vampires ended with a strategic move by the Lycans. During the daytime hours, the lycan general along with his most trusted men crept into the castle of the vampire's royal family and staked the king and queen, leaving the vampires completely unorganized and scattering to pick up the pieces left behind. Before the lycans could retreat, the general came upon the last remaining member of the royal family, the infant princess. Unable to kill a child, the general came up with an idea. He would take the infant along with him, raise her among the lycan, and teach her to feed without killing. The lycan king was against it, but when the general threatened to leave, he reluctantly agreed.

    True to his word, the general raised the princess, feeding the blood his kills each day and showing her that vampires and lycan could live in peace. At a century old and frozen into her immortality, the general was supposed to explain her importance, and prepare to return her back to her people, but a problem arose; his beast has chosen her as his one true mate. Twelve years have passed now, and the lycan king is getting anxious to return the princess back to the vampires, who are beginning to grow restless without a king or queen to lead them. Can he let her go? Or will he crack under the pressure of his beast and take her as his mate without telling her the truth of her identity?

    Okay, I'm not looking for some Twilight bullshit, let me start off by saying that now. If you come to me with a lycan that's a wuss, I will laugh at you. Sorry....

    Now that I have that out of the way, the story will begin prior to the king ordering the general to return the princess to the vampires, and his struggle with his beast, not only over taking her as a mate, but the because of the father/daughter relationship that they have.

    I am looking for someone who can give me 3 or more paragraphs, and not bail out on me after the first post. I don't need a post every day, but at least a few times a week or else I start getting bored.

    My Character (open)

    Katrina Aristov

    Age: 112

    Personality: Because of the overprotective nature of her protector, Katrina is extremely timid around those that she does not know. Having never needed to fend for herself, she is a bit reliant, and does not seem to understand the problem with that. She is fiercely loyal to the general who raised her, and refuses to do or say anything that would go against his wishes.

    If you're interested, feel free to send me a PM, or drop a line on here.
  2. Still looking.