The Vampire King RP

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  1. I was supposed to do this with someone else, but he ended up having to step out. I'm looking for someone who'd like to take over that spot (from the start). If you're looking to do something else too or want to change the storyline that's fine too! Let me know!

    A male vampire (you) is set to become the king of vampires but it is required that he must set out to find human or vampire love (usually fall in love and remain with them for a year) and then kill her himself in order to become king. The vampires believe that you must remove weakness from your life and to remove it must be killed. Love is the ultimate weakness to the vampires.

    Basically the story would be about an internal argument with himself on whether or not to kill this human girl (me, she's named Felicity) and be king or forfeit the throne to his brother.
  2. I might be interested, get my feet wet into the vampiric kind of rp.
  3. That sounds great. I am interested in sexual activity in the story since Vampires have been known to be sexual or at least imply sexuality throughout literature. What are you comfortable with?
  4. Heheh that sounded so kinky XD
    But honestly I'm easy going about the story. I can dish out more sex if you need to.
    I'm good with that really.
  5. Oh I could go on and on since I had to write an essay on it back in high school for ap literature.

    also one thing, I'm about to go in finals next week so things may be a bit slow at times--usually I'm a fast responder, but it's a bit difficult with the papers and tests.

    do you have an idea for a character profile? Also you don't have to be a stereotypical vampire if you don't want to be. I definitely encourage you to so whatever you like with the story or with my character.....eheeheeheehee.

    You don't have to commit to this right now, but let me know soon if you decide to!! :)
  6. I coluld flesh out my character as we go, and finals time wont be a problem I can wait. And I'll just mold the story as I go~
  7. Guess a quick one from me as well


    Name : Christoph "Chris" Von Dmitri
    We can do a London vampire, but what is her real nationality?
  8. Looooooveeee the picture!!!! Isn't hat a tattoo by his ear?

    To clarify I consider my character's eyes to be golden brown even though they are a red brown in the picture.

    She was raised in Ireland though she was born to parents with Irish and Scottish heritages. Her full name is Felicity AirgĂ­alla.
  9. I think it;'s a piercing?

    Anyway that's gonna be hard to remember so I'll have to have a reference >w<
    And his vampiric eyes are red, his hiding eyes are blue.
    So ready to start...and one more thing...
    Time....when can this go on since I't 4 here and I plan to sleep at 6 due to insomnia
  10. It's 5 am for me and I've got class at 8:30.... I'm used to lack of sleep.

    Normally I check this site around 12pm (11 yours') until 2pm and then again starting at random intervals between homework sometime starting 4pm or 6pm (depends on when class ends) until anywhere from 2-3 in the morning. I have ridiculously long days.

    As for starting right now Ill probably reply once or twice then head to bed and start replying noonish is that Okay?
  11. Actually I think it's a mole....
  12. Sounds god and since you're one hour ahead of me it works out fine. I can post when I get off work.

    And I looked closer. it is a metal stud piercing. Anyway care to start? Or shall I?
  13. Fair enough and why don't you :)