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    As the title states, I'm seeking any literate male (or female) partners who would be willing to roleplay TVD with me. I'm soooooo craving for an Alaric/OC setting; with me playing as the female OC. With that said, I don't mind doubling up as Stefan, Damon and/or Klaus for my partner. I do have a couple of plots in mind so feel free to PM me or reply here! Also, to let you guys know, I'm only on the third season... so please no spoilers.​

    - 2+ solid paragraphs for each post (more the better!)
    - Have decent spelling and grammar
    - Be descriptive/detailed
    - Be able to play multiple characters
    - Realistic pic(s) for character appearance
    - Third person only
    - No god-modding/power-play
    - No one-liners/one small paragraph​
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  2. Bump! Still looking...
  3. I'm interested in doing a doubling! Please PM me your ideas!
  4. Ill double
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