The Vague but Merry Search for Partners!

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  1. Welcome and well met, oh Spinner of Destiny!
    During these quiet moments where I outline to you what I crave most,
    You shall have everything you need to commence our partnership, should you wish it.
    You may call me Mer, and I am a young adult woman who enjoy creating and breathing life into characters of all genders, backgrounds and temperaments. I enjoy chatting with my partners, and I hope you, too, will be an active chatterbox between each post we will each make. I have few limits, and those I have can easily be dodged by merely asking about a touchy subject before implementing it in the roleplay, a courtesy I will also extend to you. Now, things may still be patchy at times, but with enough caution and communication we should be all right! That said, let's go to what we are all here for, the rp ideas/concepts!

    I enjoy every genre when done well, but lately my tastes have been grouped in three neat categories; Alternate History, Drama and finally Extended Fandom. That's as generalized as they can get, and I'll get more into these three right now, by order of mention.

    Alternate History: Did you ever wonder what would have happened if a war ended with different victors, if a calamity never happened or even if something as simple as a brother or sister coming to power instead of the historically relevant sibling? There is a lot we can do with this, from putting our own spin on the changed events themselves or playing around with the resulting changed modern times.

    Drama: Now, I don't mean Melodrama or Angst, but rather hardships that makes someone stronger, harden them into something different that the one they previously were before their luck ran out. That it may be psychological thriller, socio-political pseudo biographies or something gritty, our characters will suffer and make suffering upon others in turn, as rose tinted glasses get shattered in those types of settings.

    Extended Fandom: Do you have a particular fandom you love and would love to delve more into? I sure do, and though those I crave are mostly games, I am able to be swayed with the proper words. Right now, what I crave amount to:
    Dragon Age

    For those over eighteen years of age, I also am willing to take this to the Libertine section, if the plot calls it!
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  2. Hello there Mer! I'm The Last Outlaw,but you can call me Outlaw or if you're feeling really dangerous, you can call me Nate XD. I looked over this thread and I am thoroughly interested in starting a RP with ya'll :P
  3. Great! Mind sending me a PM with your own cravings or even just what caught your interest most? We'll start with that.
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