The Vagrant

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  1. The Plot:

    (Your character) is now in her fifth year at Tranquil Springs Mental Health Facility. Serving a mandatory sentence for assaulting her collage professor due to a violent schizophrenic episode, (Your character) now awaits the seventh year of her sentence where she will be evaluated to see if she can function in normal society. Even if the medications can't make the voice in her head go away, and only really help get her to sleep.

    One night, however, when the voices are particularly nasty, they suddenly and quite abruptly stop. (Your character) thinks it's too good to be true...and she's right. Moments later, a new voice, one she hasn't heard before, begins to actually talk to her. It introduces itself as 'The Vagrant', and states that he knows exactly what is ailing (your character) well as how to help.

    What to expect:

    This idea was heavily inspired by Dante's Inferno. But not really in subject matter compared to the flow of the plot. The Vagrant is obviously a metaphor for Virgil, and of course, your character is metaphor-Dante. It is mostly a supernatural thriller, exploring the idea that, in reality, a mental illness is caused by a force beyond explanation. Also, as inspiration again gained from Dante's Inferno, there will be trials laid out for your character to complete with The Vagrant's aid. It's also not really a romance. I didn't write the original story as such. Eventually, things that are so outlandish will begin to happen, and as your character and 'The Vagrant' develop a bond (a friendship, of sorts), and get to know each other, the world your character once knew is once again changed.

    Character Sheet: (to be sent to me directly via PM)

    Background:(This is, to include, the schizophrenic episode that you had that cause you to end up in the mental health facility)
    Physical Description: (this can be a pic, yes. Anime is preferred, but description is also lovely as well.)

    I hope to hear from a potential partner soon! My pm box is eagerly awaiting your reply!
  2. Still seeking a partner. :D
  3. I'll pm you tomorrow, I adore this idea
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.