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  1. (Side note - This will be my last created RP for a while, as I lack inspiration and my tutor/partner has stopped contacting me all together.)

    The V Bridge was a project made by scientists to allow people to connect on a mental connection, a virtual landscape combining two minds that takes faces and memories and makes a world out of them, good or bad. This is how some doctors began to treat illnesses such as depression or other mental offsets, and it also became a way to connect with loved ones more intimately. However, after the first year of the "Mynde Set's" creation, there was reports of certain people, special people, who had minds like no other. In their everyday life, they live normal lives, sometimes even terrible lives as homeless folk live or amazing lives like the stars live. The reason that they are so special is because they can create new worlds and people who haven't or most likely won't exist, despite the M-Sets function is to use memories. These people are called "The Authors" and they bring innovations to places in ways that people never thought of, like using salted grounds creates hybrids of the original plants. Many inventors, naturalists, and even major governments and corporations wanted to use "The Authors" for money, power, or peace. That is how the World War V began, and the emerging of "The Children" also began. "The Children" were the most powerful of the "Authors" creations; in fact, they were so powerful, that they became real, powerful beings who always called the Authors their parents. Some of the Children hated the parents for reasons unknown, while some could never fathom feeling any emotion towards them other than love. These are the two major powers that the world struggles over, like artifacts that change people's fates.
    As of now, there are three places that have most of the control over the Authors and the Children:
    The USA
    Land of the brave, home of the free, yadda yadda. The U.S.A currently owns one Author and two children, the Author's name being Alex, and his child being Daisy, the second child being an orphan named Paul. The Authors and children here are celebrities in the eyes of the people, but they are smitten and looked down on by other Authors and Children.

    A popular country, though not very big in terms of world super-powers, has three Authors but no Children. The Author's names are Takato Kayagawa, Beng Pho, and Terra [UNKNOWN]. The Authors here get no special recognition or treatmen, but many people do respect them.

    Obviously being one of the biggest regions wouold give them an advantage in finding Authors and children, it has five Authors and four Children. I'm not going to bother saying all of those names. The Authors and the Children are mostly given free reign when it comes to rules, being as how they are so powerful and so numerous in Russia that offending them could spell disaster.

    Then, of course, there is a mysterious new place that has emerged in recent stories and reports.
    The Pylon
    A new place said to be discovered or founded by Authors and Children, and the home of what is called "The Broadcast". The broadcast can only be heard by those who are an Author or have the potential of becoming one. It is also believed that the Pylon is where all of the Children are created.

    General Rules
    1. No god-modding. I know this is a common rule, and some people just do it for shits and giggles, but please realize that as someone that used to do it, I know how annoying it can be to others.
    2. Try to keep racial arguments, religious arguments, or arguments altogether out of this. A bit of debating is fine, but don't resort to using low blows or insults. You can take that to an inbox message if it's that important to you.
    3. Try not to be gone for too long without warning. A good day or two heads up would be good, but if you're caught by surprise and can't tell anyone, (like I often am) it would be appreciated if you could explain your absence when you return. It's not mandatory, but it is appreciated.
    4. If there is an adult scene where you and another character want to get intimate, please take it to an inbox message or fade to black, based on what you two decide.
    5. 2 character max, you can choose any combo from:
    Normal & Normal
    Normal & Child
    Normal & Author
    Child & Child
    Child & Author
    Author & Author
    I don't think it would be a good idea, but if you feel like you can handle it, I can give you permission to create a third character if you'd like.

    Rules (For Real World)
    1. Only Children have powers in the real world, but they can only control their powers in moderation (Which is still really powerful). The Authors or Normals have as normal lives as possible.
    2. You must keep the technology in modern tech, no futuristic laser beams or spaceships. If you insist, you can also use weapons from history, like a spartan shield or an official samurai sword.
    3. Unless there are special circumstances, the Children can grant the Authors near impunity, so it takes more for Authors to die than normal people. That is the only out of dream thing that is special about them.
    4. While the nation you are from doesn't matter, I will be making a list to keep track of the people and their profiles.

    Rules (For Dream World)
    1. Using powers as a Child uses energy and can kill the character if there is too much effort put into it. For example, lifting a mountain would require such an immense amount of energy that it would break the V Bridge and damage both people's mind, but lifting a boulder would be doable. Same rule goes for Authors.
    2. Creating a Child as an Author uses part of the Author's soul, so each child you make causes you to forget a bit more about yourself. Luckily, you can start to recover these memories if the Child is willing to speak with you about them. Even if someone else or another Child tells you something you have forgotten, it will not register until the Child who has your memories tells you.
    3. The Authors also have powers in the V Bridge, which is the root of the powers of the Child they create. A normal person has as much power as a lucid dreamer, but they cannot think of things or create things like Authors or Children can. In some cases, this makes them more powerful than Authors and Children.

    Character Sheet
    Age (Opt.) :
    History (Opt.) :
    Preference (Opt.) :
    Powers (Opt.) :
    Nation :
    Appearance (word, Image, or both) :
    Items (opt.) :
    Misc. (opt.) :​
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  2. This seems fairly interesting! I don't think I've come across an idea like this before.
  3. Thank you! It was my last ditch effort to scrape something together. Might you be interested?
  4. Okay, I'm down :)
  5. Name:
    Luz Delaluna
    (Nickname: Light, Luz, Luna)

    Age (Opt.) :



    History (Opt.) :
    Find out ;3

    Preference (Opt.) :
    Sexually? Pansexual.
    Food? Sweet.

    Powers (Opt.) :

    Nation :

    Appearance (word, Image, or both) :
    [insert image here]

    Items (opt.) :

    Misc. (opt.) :
  6. That's just a quick entry, I'll update it later.
  7. Yay! Thank you for your interest! As I said before, this is a quick entry, so if something is unclear, please post about it.
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