The Unwilling Emperor

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  1. This RP is, to me, an interesting concept. My character is a young male elf of the forest. He's not had much dealing with the other elves in the kingdom, because he's usually seen as a lower class, being a shifter. But, the kingdom has just lost its last heir to the throne, and that has caused a search to be found for one who fits certain qualifications, which can only be determined through consultation of an oracle, a sacred magical stone that speaks. Little is known of this stone, merely that all who touch it can gain wisdom of it.

    Your character will be someone unknown to my character, but who is sent by the Council of Elders to find my character, confer upon him the title (if he can persuade my character of the legitimacy of that title), and lead him to the Council to be crowned. Along the way, a romantic relationship will form, and the two, despite the ranks placed on each other, will see each other as equals, both in life, as in love.

    I'm hoping to have a partner willing to let the story play out, as well as move it along. My character will be very ambivalent about royalty, but yours must do whatever necessary (without falsehood) to show the truth to my character.

    Think you might be interested in this? PM me, and we will talk.
  2. I'd love to do this with you! I have a character that might go perfect with this plot :)
  3. I'll PM you later. I'll also check out some of your characters and resume tonight.
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