The Unwanted Marriage (Male role open; Jump in at anytime)

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  1. Karu couldn’t believe it. She stared at the mirror as the maid tugged and poked at her giving the finishing touches on her wedding dress. She was going to be married. To someone I’ve never even seen. Tears brimmed her eyes as she looked at herself. She tried to look on the bright side. At least she looked beautiful. Her pink hair had been braided back into one with flowers in her hair with blue and white, her favorite colors. Her dress was white and over the knee and she wore black sandals to top it off. It was mid-October so that was a good thing she assumed. Her favorite month, as a wolf shifter. But she still couldn’t push the feelings away. How could my parents do this to me? There was nothing they would get out of it needing wise. She was 16 and in her third year of high school. Though her parents were rich and even had a mansion where they could afford to buy a tutor and let them live there. But Karu rejected. She chose to go to school like normal kids and never got a C a day in her life. She never drank, was never rude, never broke rules. She was always an angel. She had never even had a boyfriend, Before now. Maybe it was because her parents, as werewolves didn’t want pack life for themselves. They had always told her that they wished they thought twice so she could experience pack life. She refused to oblige. They got what they wanted now. They call the Grey Moon Pack Alpha and told them they’d found him the perfect mate. From what shed heard he was hot, Italian, and fresh out of High School. But those were only rumors. She didn’t care if he was the Moon God! She still couldn’t believe that a month after her birthday her parents gave her away to some..dude! Ugh! As she began down the isle she thought , its okay. One year of this and you can leave off to college. But that’s when she stopped. She came face to face with a wrinkled tie. She was afraid to look up to what she would see. Disgust? Interest? Hope? As the priest began speaking she sighed. Here we go..

    *Dominant Pack Alpha Male needed to play this rp role. Pm me a reply to this and ill decide if you can play the part!* ^w^ gggg.png