The United Guild Master System

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  1. The United Guild Master System is a new system designed to get participation going and recognize our outstanding world builders. You needn't be an expert at everything to be a Master, but you should either have some broad knowledge or a specific area to be able to help others with. Masters are responsible for making sure there are challenges and workshops and can take apprentices. However, unlike the mentoring system, Masters will get to choose which of the applicant apprentices they wish to take on. Apprentices who show great aptitude in a specific area may also be tapped by that area's Master to become a Student Teacher. Student Teachers not only learn the finer points of world building from their master, they also help teach the master's apprentices and work to enrich the group.

    If you think you have what it takes to be a United Guild Master, send me the following application with ALL parts filled out.

    Area of specialty:
    Area of expertise (that small area inside your specialty that you REALLY excel at):
    Number of apprentices you can take on:
    Why do you want to be a United Guild Worldbuilding Master?:
    If you have one, link to an existing example of world building or a workshop or article that displays your skill/knowledge:
    By typing your user name after this statement, you agree that you understand that this position requires you to contribute and help and that there will be weekly and monthly requirements of you and that you will do your best to fulfill them:
  2. United Guild Masters

    Revision (Area: General World Buidling)- Apprentices: Artzydaze
    GMK (Area: Culture and Politics)
    ????(Area: Language)
    Malkuthe Highwind(Area: Fantasy)- Apprentices: Eolande, Cicatrix
    Lstorm (Area: Science and Sci fi)
    ???? (Area: geography and geology)
    ???? (Area: Biology)
    ???? (Area: astronomy)
    Grumpy (History and Religion)- Current Duties: Finish deity workshop with Revi. - Apprentices: redwolf

  3. Name: GMK
    Area of Specailty: Politics and Culture
    Area of Expertiese: The People of the World.
    Number of Apprentices: Three
    Why do I want to be a Magrethean Master.

    I aspire to become a professional world builder in video game design one day, and I'm currently studying it.
  4. Name: Malkuthe Highwind

    Area of specialty: Fantasy

    Area of expertise: Mechanics of Magic

    Number of apprentices you can take on: 1 or 2.

    Why do you want to be a Magrathean Master?: I want to become a Magarathean master because I fell in love with roleplaying through worldbuilding and I want to share its wonders with other roleplayers.

    If you have one, link to an existing example of world building or a workshop or article that displays your skill/knowledge:
    The Mechanics(Incomplete) of My Multiverse
    My Into the Scrolls: The Gongs of War World
    Lux Tenebris
  5. Just a reminder: We are still looking for world building masters. For those of you who have stuff to contribute and want to help others, this is a great way to do so.
  6. Name: Lstorm

    Area of speciality: Science and sci-fi

    Area of expertise: Unconventional thinking and technology.

    Number of apprentices you can take on: One, maximum two.

    Why do you want to be a Margarathean Master? I like to experiment with concepts and I like world-building. I also enjoy reading about and analysing other people's worlds, and through them, I want to learn more about world-building.
  7. Define the monthly requirements
  8. The monthly requirements are a report on your progress with your apprentice and either a monthly resource, a weekly exercise or challenge, a monthly workshop, or a weekly discussion series.
  9. I understand the exercise and challenges. but could we see a sample report, however phony