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  1. 18 inch rims, the tires suffer over the wet streets of New York as they grip to the ground in each corner. Brakes, white hot as the circular carbon pieces got gripped by the brake pads, reducing speed, taking out the back of the car mass and sliding into 96th street with ease. Combustion injectors, pistons, valves and intakes, all of them working together to transform the 6.8 L V 8 supercharged engine into pure power.

    The majestic roaring of the 2013 Camaro ZL1 filling the streets, only dimmed by the loud sirens of the cop cars behind its tail. "Where is Vasily!" Demanded Rob though the comms, acknowledging the Russian man and its car were nowhere to be seen. Cursing between teeth, Rob pushed the throttle harder, avoiding cabs and civilian cars while taking the heat of the cops in its metallic red paint.
  2. Lacey drifted through the corner, loosing little speed, and slingshotted out of the turn coming right up behind Rob and following his lead. The stock 6-speed manual transmission of the 2013 Shelby GT500 held up very well, and Lacey loved how the car ran. 662 Horsepower and 631 lb.-ft. of torque thanks to the aluminum 5.8- liter supercharged V8 engine. The deep impact blue color was what got Lacey to fall in love with it. Usually red was more her color, but for some reason she couldn't turn away from the blue color.

    Lacey ran her hand through her long dark brown almost black in appearance hair, she listened to Rob's voice over the comms and let a daring yet alluring smirk appear on her delicate and full lips. "What's wrong Rob? Lose him again?" Lacey teased as she was testing his patience really, she just loved to mess with people. Lacey always got away with whatever she did though, she usually managed to charm her way out of things with her appearance. With her hypnotizing impossibly blue eyes and fascinating curves it made it hard for any man to say no to her.
    "Shut up Lacey." Jace said since she always messed with them. He got close to the other cars until they moved for him, he didn't care enough to avoid them. He lived for the thrill, and in his 2013 Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse people moved out of the way. 1,200 horsepower and 1,106 lb-ft of torque. The 8.0-liter W-16 engine made the car that more appealing to him, and being able to get to 60 in 2.5 was nothing but game for him. Jace preferred a midnight black color.

    "Oh Jace. That's not what you were saying last night." Was the reply the man got, he growled and ignored her looking around for Vasily. "Where the hell did that man go?" He asked himself as he searched, he swore that if they got caught he would be killing people. He would not go back to prison, so if Vasily got them caught then he was a dead man. Though Jace didn't care what anyone in the crew did as long as they weren't caught.
  3. Rob was starting to sweat it as the cop cars traded paint with his Camaro. It's superior weight over the police car had given him enough resistance to its hits for now, but it wasn't certain how much was he going to hold, bearing in mind escaping using speed wasn't an option in the middle of the city. That's why they had something that could charge into a wall without taking a single scratch, but the Russian man and his tank-like SUV where nowhere to be seen.

    The police car took advantage of Rob avoiding a Taurus and pushed the throttle for it. Should have seen the looks in the eyes of the cop when a Ford F-150, more like suited for battle than for a road, appeared literally from inside the mall building they were passing next to, coming though a wall, jumping two sets of stairs and ramming the police car so hard it flew two lanes and landed on top of another police car.

    Vasily gave the lights a couple of hits, accepting the thanks Rob didn't even said yet. "About goddamn time!" Exclaimed Rob. ""Sorry." A sound, like slurping from a straw could be heard over the comms. "Got thirsty waiting for you guys." Replied him, avoiding the civilian cars with ease, not doing so with the police cars. "So.... Where you guys going?" Asked Vasily.
  4. Lacey avoided all the cop cars she could, she didn't want to put a pretty little scratch on her new baby. She purposefully lost some speed also as a distraction for Rob. Some of the cop cars started to go after her since she was going slow, and they assumed they could catch her. As the cops or bobbies as she used to call them in England were coming at her, she shifted and accelerated causing two of the police cars to crash into each other. Now she just couldn't get one to stop tailing her, so she hit the petal to the metal getting far away from the cop car.

    She couldn't help but to laugh when Vasily just came plowing through the mall, and the cop car that was tailing her he ended up hitting. That was even more perfect. "Oh Vasily how we all missed you dearly." Lacey said playfully amused by the Russian man, but she didn't see how he wouldn't be amusing to any of them.
    Jace didn't really care about hurting the car, he was really good with fixing them. So he could damage it then restore it as many times as he wanted. He knew his Bugatti would last over the pathetic cop cars, so he just crashed into all of the ones in his way. Jace usually never cared for anything or anyone but himself anyway, he knows it's a dog eat dog world out there. However he did care about the crew, but other than that not much.

    When Vasily made his appearance Jace smirked, he admired how much of a b.a. that guy was. Still he was just lucky he didn't get them caught. Jace shook his head hearing Lacey, and then decided himself he would speak. "We should head back. Lose the cops before they get smart and start sending out helicopters." Jace said since he knew it would be hard to lose the helicopters, and they didn't want to show the cops the place they hid in.
  5. "Agreed." Said Rob as Jace advised about getting out of there as fast as possible. "Let's wash off the cops and get this over with." Said Rob cornering in an intersection with a fancy little drift. Vasily did not, he just turned the wheel and went over the sidewalk, a garbage bin not being enough to slow him down. where they a few meters inside the new street, the cops starting to make a mess of their driving and getting back, when Rob could see three identical Lancer Evo driving peacefully in a line on the opposite side.

    All painted metallic black, no plates, thick tires, shaded windows. Yelling trouble a mile afar. They passed the cars quickly, but a quick glance to the rear-view made it clear that the trouble those cars meant were meant for them. "Ehm... I think we have a prob..." Rob was about to finish the sentence when bullets began to fly, Chinese little guys popping out of the windows of the Lancer's with pretty big guns firing at them.

    "Hey, hey, hey! War ended decades ago!" Exclaimed Vasily, trying to get on top of one of the Lancer, like literally, but failing at it. Whoever was driving those cars did knew what they were doing. "What do this people want!" Exclaimed him again, receiving several bullets to the bodywork of his f-150 because of his mistake. "Hugs! What do you think they want!" Replied Rob. When someone steals for a living, its usual getting shoot at at least a couple of times a year, but this was way more hardcore than usual.
  6. Lacey rolled her eyes at the guys, she would just drive for right now. She saw no need to pull out any drifts, or drive along the sidewalk. Vasily would do that though, she wasn't surprised by that at all. Lacey watched as they got further from the cops, she didn't expect them to be able to keep up anyway. Before the crew Lacey was one heck of a racer, she still was so if she didn't want someone to catch up to her then they wouldn't. She always had a few tricks up her sleeves.

    Seeing the three Lancer's in a line Lacey automatically knew they had trouble. Afterall it isn't something you usually see everyday. Muttering a few curse words to herself she tried avoiding the bullets flying, she had a few that hit the car and the windshield of the car. The last thing she wanted was to get hit herself. "Should we shoot?" Lacey asked before pulling a gun out. It of course wasn't as good as the guns being used against them, but it was something.
    "I'm shooting." Jace replied before rolling down his window, he was half in and half out of the car. He started shooting at the people that were shooting at them. Jace did not care, he lived for this stuff. He could even get shot a few times, that wouldn't stop him. Especially no little Chinese guys, he narrowed his eyes as they dodged his bullets. "Damn. These guys are fast." Jace commented before reloading his gun, he was determined now to get a few shots in.
  7. "What does it matter!" Replied Rob, even if Jace already had taken the initiative of returning fire. But as he himself said after emptying a entire magazine in them, those guys were too fast not even the bullets seemed to get near them. Those Lancer sure had very few original pieces left, because not even in a car like that one such maneuverability and speed where possible.

    In a sarcastic spark of creativity, Vasily lost some speed to get as near to the Chinese as possible, ramming the hell out of them as a adequate outcome to his intentions. How the whole crew was left when not only the car the Russian intended to take out avoided him, but other one pushed him, taking advantage of its momentum and making the f-150 run into the shops from the buildings on the left side of the street. Trying to pull out of the shops before any civilian was hurt drive Vasily straight into one of those modern looking benches, which gave him enough height to run over a cab that finally catapulted the incredible mass of its car over the Lancers and into a lamp post that this time, refused to move and ended the Ford career for good, hopefully not Vasily's one.

    "What is happening!" Demanded Rob, the reality of what was happening starting to grow under his skin, making him commit little mistakes that luckily for him didn't cost him more than he was already risking. He cursed heavy words between teeth as his third try to reach Vasily returned nothing more than static over the comms. His concern for his teammate made him not realize bullets were no longer flying, for the Lancer were already upon them, insane the engine those cars had to carry under their hoods to be able to move so swiftly and fast over the asphalt.

    It took much pressure and hits by the Lancer upon Rob, and it wasn't the Chines, but the fate of a red light that made the red Camaro to violently crash into a Volvo SUV in a junction. The piece of metal almost melt with the silvery Volvo, making it wander several meters into the sidewalk before the Camaro got unstuck from the Volvo and gave several rollovers, ending into a bus stop. Hopefully the safe cage and roll bars had been enough to keep him alive.
  8. Once Lacey saw Jace shoot she did the same, but it was slowing her down. Shooting wasn't worth the risk, so she stopped unlike Jace. These freaking Chinese guys and their Lancers seemed to be untouchable. They meant serious business, but she had no idea what they wanted. Was it something they maybe stole from them, she wasn't sure. Lacey knew none of them probably knew why they were being chased exactly. They had an idea, but no exact answer.

    After taking a sharp turn hoping to lose these guys Lacey glanced in her mirror seeing the destruction they were leaving behind. Looking back in front of her she slammed on her breaks. Because she was looking behind her she almost misses the huge semi moving right in front of her. Letting out a sigh she saw from her rear view mirror one of the Lancers speeding towards her. Lacey hit the gas and barely made it out before the Lancer could hit her.
    Jace continued his shooting, but yet he wad the one getting hit with bullets. Throwing the gun aside as it was no use anymore Jace headed straight for one of the Lancers. He didn't care if these guys were prepared or experienced, he was mad now. It was never a good idea to make Jace mad. It's like a death wish, he was a very well built guy. He could crush anyone in his path, and having no morals made that an easy thing to do. Jace sped up in his Bugatti, he came close to the Lancer as he was right up behind the car.

    The Chinese man in front of Jace fired to get him off his tail, and Jace slowed as the window was completely shot out. He could not see out of it at all, he muttered many curse words before putting the car in reverse, he looked out of the back and drove it like that. Jace was only able to get so far like that. He wasn't about to let all of these Lancers get away. Still driving backwards Jace rammed the Lancer right into a gasoline truck at a fast enough speed where some of the gasoline began to leak. He jumped out of the vehicle with the gun before shooting in that direction to cause an explosion. Jace luckily was at least alive. However he was mad about his car being exploded.
    Lacey was still trying to chase off this Lancer. These guys clearly had the intention of wiping all of their vehicles out. Even them in the process probably. Lacey was crossing over. Bridge right now with this Lancer right behind her. It was beginning to make her nervous. She changed lanes and dodged the cars coming her way. She got many shouts and honks as she was in the wrong lane. It wasn't until there was a car beside her, in front of her, and the Lancer behind her that she was screwed. The railing of the bridge was on the other side of her. Eventually the Lancer drove her right through the railing and into the body of water beneath her. Lacey had to break open her window so she could swim out of it and get out of the water.
  9. Police was too busy trying to sweep all that chaos and mayhem left behind to be fast enough to catch Rob before he managed his way out of the wreckage of his car and into the metro. He was lucky enough not to get too hurt and only had a few bruises and some small wounds. Having to walk his way around the city felt... Odd. Used to be always behind a wheel, being carried up and down in the public transport made Rob uneasy... "Oh, hey handsome!" Exclaimed a girl that bumped into him on purpose. Guess public transport wasn't that bad.

    In the event that something serious happened, they all agreed in meeting back in the garage, the place where they meet and fixed their cars. Without all their beauties the place looked painfully empty; no more red pain on the ground or the sound of Vasily singing some motherland song as he welded some piece of metal to his f-150. Hope the others made it out, hope Vasily is allright. though Rob as he sat near a pile of tires. "Goddammit!" Exclaimed Rob.
  10. Jace fled from the scene making sure not to be spotted, he decided he would walk back to the garage. Take some time to himself and clear his mind, he had a lot of steam to blow off. He was pissed about what happened, and even more so that his Bugatti is gone. He punch the side of a brick wall as he walked, he shook his head in anger as he walked. Once he reached the garage he saw Rob but didn't say anything, he was pretty sure they would all be pretty mad right now.
    Lacey got out of the water soaking wet, she frowned and ran her hand through her hair. At least her makeup was waterproof, she sighed and thought about how to get to the garage. Hm surely no guy would say no to a hot girl soaking wet in need of a ride. She laughed a little at her own horrible joke. Lacey easily found a ride. Some hot shot in a Lambo. She had him drop her off a decent amount away from the garage. When he asked for a tip she smirked, she leaned over close to his ear. "Careful who you talk to." She said in a whisper showing him his wallet, she gave him a wink before throwing his wallet back in his lap. Lacey then walked off to the garage making sure the guy didn't follow. Once she got there she was still pretty wet, but oh well. Lacey looked at Rob sitting near the tires and Jace pacing trying to keep in his anger. Vasily? She figured he probably stopped for food, or something. He would do that.
  11. Rob looked at each one of them arrive, relieved to see they had made it out alive and safe. "Does anybody know anything about Vasily?" Asked Rob, bearing in mind his crash was one of the most hardcore ones he had ever seen. Flying into a lamppost and going from 50 miles per hour to 0 in a split second entitled the Russian man to that honor.

    Feeling uneasy, Rob was tempted to call the hospitals of the area asking for him, but he knew Vasily was more smart than that and he would not go to a hospital. He would be probably at that doctor guy who always helped the crew fix their little cuts and bruises after sharing some pain with the cops or with the usual bodyguards, who lucky for them, seemed to have that habit of packing their cars with all the people they could, making them slower and bulkier.

    Hours turned into a couple of days, it feel safer to stay under the radar for some time and the garage was the best place to do so, so it seemed that Indian food was in order for quite a while. "I'm starting to get sick of... What was this thing's name again?" Asked Rob rising some funny looking noodles from its recipient.

    Was then when the door opened, and guess who appeared. "Holy, f..." Rob let the noodle recipient to one side and got up, his hands up to his head as he saw Vasily in a wheelchair, being pushed by his sister. "Hey guys. Glad to see you all made it out." Said him with a smile. "You take good care of him, alright?" Demanded the sister, who didn't spoke English as good as his brother.

    "What... It cannot be." Said Rob, still agape by what was he seeing. The sister kissed Vasily in his cheek and left, moving her hips graciously as she closed the door behind her. "I... I'm so sorry." Said Rob. Then, out of nowhere, Vasily got up. Just like that. "Oh, don't be it. My car got scrapped tho." Said Vasily. "Wha... What? The chair!" Exclaimed Rob. "That thing? Nah, I'm just fucking lazy. What'chu eating?" Said him as he walked towards the table with the food.
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