The Undead Can't Break A Family

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Louis Cyphre

Original poster
Lullaby Of A Dead Man

"Citizens are to remain calm at all times and report to evacuation centers immediately at Metro City Hospital. I repeat Metro City Hospital for evacuation." Those were the words of some news anchor as he spoke out of his calm studio while an outbreak occurred. Dubbed the 'Necro Epidemic' the virus had taken ahold of the world and refused to let it go. Soon the panic came, and death was widespread, then the dead started coming back to life. Needless to say, the cities were evacuated by any means necessary and the law had turned itself inside out trying to control the outbreak.

In Metro City, an urban sprawl, the streets once filled with people now suffered a cold case of isolation. Except for one, a man in his early twenties, hiding under some collapsed debris of a building living on rations. He wore a brown leather jacket, jeans, and hiking boots. He had been coming back from his vacation camping out and revisiting mother nature when he heard the emergency sirens go off. He had rushed back to the city to find his beloved sister. He sat by the debris, a couple of discarded beers and a few empty cracker packages. Not what you could call lunch but it had to due. Other than that, he had matches for making a fire although that itself would be a smoke signal for trouble, a loaded handgun and a hunting knife used for any situation. That a couple of porno mags and the world had discarded everything else.

He had no idea where his friends were as he had left them, and his family whereabouts. He was trapped in this city, but he had to find his sister of die trying. Holding his gun in his hand, he got up and took a stance to go on his new locations. On the way he could pick up supplies to keep him alive, along with the undead, attrition was another factor. He took out his driver license: Kieran Rotesman. It was the only piece of identity he had left.

When the first epidemic came to the city she had watched on the television. That was moments earlier before she was taken away from him. All the people looked so scared on the television and she was glad her brother made her watch zombie movies. Her brother had gone camping and now she had no way of knowing if he was still alive or not. Him being in the wild meant he was probably dead and she did not want to know that he died. Right now she was trying to find a place for her to stay in so she could be safe and maybe her brother would find her. It had been only a day since this happened but it was already world wide spread and people who were living were far and few between. When the epidemic first came she had locked herself in the room which was a good place to hide. Their parents were worried so it was a steel door and bars on the windows but somehow they got in. So she had to move now she was in her car driving on the streets not getting very far. The streets were covered now and she was having a hard time driving around them.