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  1. Well, this thread is going to be for my general requests. So I will have quite a few plots posted here and there.

    I'll put a little star next to the role I would wish to play. And if you need extra detail for these plots, I can't help you. I can't think out these things correctly. Just bare with me.

    Also, I have added the possible pairings that these roleplays could be.
    1. MxF / FxF / Mystery, Action, Comedy (possible romance) For my first plot. It is a reporter* and dectective duo at a high school. They usually solve somewhat minor cases and they do their jobs pretty well. Until one day the biggest mystery arises in *insert random school name here*. There has been a pervert going around biting the wrists of female students. It is up to them to solve this case. And possibly even become heros of the school.
    2. MxF / Action / Melodrama / Romance / Science Fiction elements Night couriers are the people who complete tasks for the wealthy and famous without the public ever knowing. With the exception of one. Phantom. He or she has been a night courier for over eight years and has made quite the name for himself. He has caught the attention and hearts of many (because girls love mysterious guys) with his antics. Especially someone who is another courier*

    more will be posted eventually.

    thanks for reading ♥
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.