The Ultimate Taboo (Fullmetal Alchemist RP)

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  1. All alchemists know that human transmutation is forbidden. Nearly every attempt as cost the alchemist dearly, ruining or entirely destroying the lives to those who attempted it. All attempts at playing God in such a way have failed miserably...until now. A gifted alchemist named Merrick was known to have been researching the Philosopher's Stone, as many had done and been doing. One day, he completely disappeared, surrounding neighbors claimed to have seen a bright violet colored light shining from his home. Upon inspection the next day, there were no signs of him. There was however a large alchemical setup in the basement, including an intricate transmutation circle.

    No more than a couple days later, a young man was found wandering the country side. He had no memory of who he was, aside from his use of alchemy, and the place in which he claimed to have simply woken up in. Merrick's home. He was taken in by a local family, and began to enjoy his life there. However, his desire for the truth of himself, as well as the curiosity of Merrick's disappearance is heavy on his mind. Ignorance of the truth could only last so long before everything came crashing down.

    I'll be playing the Alchemist, and the roles that are open are any members of the small family that took him in, other alchemists to help (or hinder) him, or non-alchemists if you prefer. I will also allow homunculi for villains or anti-hero types.


    (Civilian, Soldier, Alchemist, Homunculi, etc...)
    Title: (Military Rank, State Alchemist Code Name, Homunculus Sin, etc...)
    Powers/Abilities: (Type of Alchemy they use, Homunculus Powers, Skills, etc...)
    Personality: (Optional)
    Bio: (Optional)
    Appearance: (Picture or description. Anime is preferred this time.)


    Rainbowwave - Wrath ​

    More info coming if anyone expresses interest.
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  2. Hmmm this could be pretty cool, might be fun to play a villian (homunculi) hehe
  3. Is this AU?
  4. Well. I'm interested.
  5. I have a good idea for a character...Lol
  6. Added a template, yo.
  7. Could I play two characters?
  8. I don't see why nott haha
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  9. Name: Bethany Jex

    Age: 177 (9)

    Gender: Female

    Role: Humuculi

    Title: Wrath


    Sin exposed- Wrath haves the ability to bring out sin in man and women. However, the humoculus of that sin must be present. (Like to say, she uses sin exposed to bring out wrath, humans would have more chance of violently acting out, or to act more rageful.)

    Extended speed- wrath can run faster Then any normal human, However with her intense speed wrath can easily crash.

    Personality: Psychopath

    Bio: Bethany jex was once a loving girl, living a lovely life with her mother and father. She was only nine when her family was taken captive, being used as one of the many souls to create a philosopher stone. As time soon became the young girls enemy, her soul raged, ready for a monument to spring to life. As sin was pulled from man, and life was made, the girl broke from her prison, forever changed. She was no longer Bethany Jex, but The homunculus wrath.

    Appearance: Wrath wears a long black dress that drags behind her.

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  10. I will make my 2nd character after I know that wrath is approved.

  11. Wrath is accepted. Interesting power she has.
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  12. Ps- Wraths tattoo lies on her ankle.

    Name: Bryan Tinstone

    Age: 400 (18)

    Gender: Male

    Role: Humuculi

    Title: Pride

    Personality: Prideful, very dark. Appears Kind, yet understanding of humans.


    Shadow control- Pride can use shadows as weapons, stretching them, while their touch lies Sharp. However, the farther someone is from him, the harder it is to control their shadow.

    Shadow protect- Pride can use His own shadow as a shield, protecting him from anything but light and metal.

    Bio: Pride was once Bryan Tinstone, a man who fell in the ishvalen war. After his soul was sealed into a philosopher stone, Bryan quickly grew to hate the other souls, inclosing His thoughts, drowning in His own pride. After three years of waiting, His very pride saved him, However, the price was a humuculus, the humuculus pride.

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  13. Name: Avelien "Avie" Neora
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Role: Amateur Alchemist
    Title: Winter Alchemist
    Ice Alchemy
    Skilled with hand-to-hand combat as well as hidden blades
    Personality: Will rp
    Bio: Was Merrick's best friend, she got caught in the blast as she was at Merrick's house doorstep about to visit him. She has lost her memories the same as the boy that was found in Merrick's home.
    Appearance: 1400x1050.jpg
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