The Two Princes

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  1. Alec frowned at himself in the mirror.

    It was mid-morning and he had been up only for several minutes. He had put on his "best clothes, mostly blue in color and made of leather or velvet. He had a distaste for silk and satin. His boots were his riding boots. He felt like going for a ride before what was going to happen today. He felt like he needed to be alone.

    He pulled a comb through his hair, still frowning. A knock came at his door.

    "Who is it?"

    "Uylia sir."

    Alec made a noise and the door opened. Outside of it stood his bodyguard and long-time friend. He stood several inches shorter than the prince and for all purposes appeared as a girl. His black hair was pulled back into a braid and he looked displeased.

    "Your parents seem to think I need to be close by you today sir."

    "There is no need to sir me Uylia. We are friends as well. Besides no one else is around. And yes. It seems my wife-to-be is arriving. Even if this is meant to be a peaceful and joyous occasion my parents are wise to worry. She is still from our enemy Kingdom. We must be on our guard."

    Uylia nodded. He made a motion and together they exited the room. In several hours the Princess of the Miyazaki kingdom would be here and everything would begin. Alec felt a knot grow in his stomach, but he said nothing.

    There was no turning back soon.
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  2. Kai was looking at himself in the mirror and sighs.

    It was nearing the afternoon and he just finished his elemental lesson. He put on his best clothes which was mostly red with gold detailing and made of leather. Satin, velvet, and silk just didn't appeal to him. He had his usual boots on and went to his balcony, breathing the fresh air of his kingdom for the last time. Today was his last day in his home and first day of his new life as an engaged man.

    He walks back into his room and over to his pet phoenix, Suzaku. Luckily he would be allowed to bring his beloved bird with him. He then hears a knock on his door and looks over at it.

    "Come in Ray." He says, knowing who it was. Ray was his personal assistant - or 'slave' as his parents called him - and his best friend.

    "Are we ready to leave yet?" He asks, looking at his friend.

    "Yes, we can leave when you are ready." Ray replies.

    He sighs and nods. He mind as well leave now then never. He was going to go to Kingdom of Tamwheim, engaged to wed Alec - their prince. As much as he didn't want to do this, he had no say in the matter anymore.

    He whistles and Suzaku flies over, landing on his right shoulder. He then looks at Ray again.

    "Let's go." He says. Ray nods and leads him to the transport outside.

    There was no going back now. His life was about to change and there was nothing he could do about it....
  3. (Added Uylia's appearance)

    They both spotted outside of the throne room, but when Uylia turned to enter, Alec shook his head. He started heading to the sables. Uylia followed him silently. He knew most of the time that it was pointless to argue with the prince when he was set in something. He still shook his head. Alec ignored his friend.

    "They will want to talk to you about it."

    "They can do that when she arrives. I have no desire to hear them talk like Marcus is dead. He is crippled but he could still rule."

    "Sir, Marcus is paralyzed from the waist down and has memory problems. It's very unlikely your parents will allow him to rule."

    Alec scoffed. He had looked up to his brother and now he seemed half-dead most of the time. It hurt. It also hurt knowing that Uylia was right. Even if they hadn't said it outright Alec was the heir now. Still it felt...wrong.

    "I am going for a ride. You may come with or stay here. I am sure Kylia or Willis won't mind your presence." Kylia was Uylia's twin and was a knight. Willis was his younger brother. He finished saddling his horse Winter. Then he rode off leaving the castle behind.
  4. Kai was in the carriage, Ray sitting across from him, as the driver drove them to Tamwheim. He was currently looking out the window, watching the scenery pass by. He was nervous about the king and queen's reaction when they find out he was the one their son would be marrying, not a woman.

    Ray sees the nerves his friend was experiencing and frowns. "Kai, just relax. Even if they do reject you, they can't call off the wedding now. The entire thing is planned except for your tuxes and the banquet." He reassures. Kai looks at him and smiles slightly. "You're right but I'm more nervous about their son's rejection. If he doesn't accept me, then what's the point of all of this?" He replies. Ray nods, listening. "I understand but you don't know that for sure. He could surprise everyone and accept you. You won't know unless you try and take this chance." He says.

    Kai nods, listening to his best friend. He sighs, not bothering to argue. He looks back out the window and relaxes. His phoenix was flying in the sky, following the carriage. Suzaku, you don't have to follow me. Enjoy your freedom, explore our new home. He telepathically tells him. Suzaku nods and swoops away from the carriage and towards the forest.

    He couldn't stop thinking about his fiance and soon-to-be husband. His parents wouldn't tell him anything about this man other than they were around the same age. He didn't even know what he looked like. He just hoped he was at least good looking.

    [I just got an idea, how about Ray and Uylia get together too but secretly? maybe due to some rule?]
  5. (Yeah I do like that idea. It'd be funny to if at one point Ray mistakes Rylia for Uylia too.)

    As Alec rode across the country he could feel all the anxiety of the impending wedding and becoming heir to Tamwheim start to fade away. He always enjoying riding even if he hadn't done it much in the last few years. Winter seemed to be enjoying herself as well. Alec could feel himself begin to smile as he rode.


    Alec laughed softly to himself. If anyone saw him like this they might question if Alec could be their King. Not that he wouldn't agree with them. But there wasn't anyone around for a couple miles. The castle was surrounded halfway by a woods and halfway by a large lake. The path from the woods through the plains up to the castle was the only marked path. He looked towards the woods wondering if his bride was on that path now. As he watched he noticed a bird in the sky. No not a bird. A phoenix. But it wasn't Raivy. She was back at the castle but he could feel her.

    As the phoenix emerged so did a carriage. "Whoah girl." Winter neighed and stopped. He looked towards the carriage, a strange feeling enveloping him. He waited a few moments before galloping off.
  6. [omg YES!!!! an arranged gay marriage in which one thinks the other is a woman PLUS a forbidden secret relationship! IT'S TOO PERFECT! :D <3 ]

    Kai finally seen the castle emerge above the horizon. He felt the anxiety and nerves of his impending wedding. He watches Suzaku fly above the forest with his telepathic 'eye' allowing him to telepathically see what he phoenix sees. He focuses back on the now as he looks back at the castle before him.

    Ray notices his friend's nerves. "Calm down Kai. Everything will be okay. Just relax and be yourself. I'm sure the prince will accept you." He reassures smiling. Kai looks at his best friend and smiles. He then looks back out at the castle which was quickly approaching, feeling his nerves and anxiety fade away.

    A few minutes later, his carriage goes through the castle's gates and pulls up in front of the castle's steps. He whistles, calling Suzaku back to him. He takes a deep breath and nods looking at Ray. Ray smiles and walks out of the carriage first as the driver opens the door. Kai pushes his nerves away and steps out after his friend, looking at the grand castle before him.

    He was about to meet the prince that he would be marrying.
  7. Alec had gotten to the stables as soon as he could. He almost threw off his helmet at one of the stable boys. He said a quick "take care of Winter" before heading in the direction of the castle. He spotted the carriage as soon as his young brother emerged.

    "Why hello. I am Prince Willis. You must be from
    Miyazaki." Alec wasn't paying attention to his younger brother. He was focused on the two who seemed to have come from the carriage. But both seemed to be male. Which...that couldn't be right. He moved into the castle just as Willis made a "follow me" motion. He slipped into the hallway then into the throne room.

    "Alexander. Young man where have you-"

    Alec raised a hand. His mother looked offended but stopped speaking. He moved to the thrones as Uylia stood beside him. Marcus was on the other side of the platform.

    "They are here," he told his parents. They looked towards the door. Willis, who had lead both Ray and Kai in. He nodded. Then he turned.

    "Announcing Prince Kai, the Heir and Prince of Miyazaki." As the doors opened, Alec held his breath. No this couldn't be right.

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  8. [it ok :) ]

    Kai's nerves returned almost instantly. He was just about to meet the prince and his parents. He was praying they wouldn't reject him. He smiles when the prince greets them. "It's nice to meet you. Yes, we are." He replies smiling, looking at him.

    He nods and follows the young prince inside. Ray smiles following suit. "I believe this is the Prince's younger brother. We're just about to meet the prince." He informs Kai. Kai nods, listening to Ray. They were about to enter the throne room where his fiance prince was.

    He stops and lets the younger prince step in first, letting the parents know he had arrived. He takes a calming breath and smiles when his phoenix Suzaku finally returns to him, landing on his shoulder. He looks at Ray and nods.

    This is it, no turning back now. He thinks. Ray was now at his right side and he was ready to start this new journey to becoming a married prince.

    "Announcing Prince Kai, the Heir and Prince of Miyazuki." He hears someone announce then the double doors open, revealing him to the royal family.

    He then starts walking into the throne room, stopping a couple feet from where the family sat. He looks at the King and Queen then to the side, looking at the younger and older brothers. He then finally got to his prince, his fiance, and feels his heart skip a beat.

    Gorgeous blue eyes, amazing blue hair, fair skin, his body in the blue clothes. Dear God... is all he can think. His fiance was sexy as hell and he suddenly felt all his nerves vanish. For the first time, he was completely okay with this marriage.

    He turns to look at the king and queen and nods/bows his head, Ray following suit. "It's an honor finally meeting you, your highnesses. This is my best friend and personal assistant, Ray. He will be accompanying me during my stay here." He says then informs them.
  9. There was a moment of silence after Kai spoke. Alec could feel the tension in the air. Uylia was watching Kai and Ray intensely and he reached out a hand to calm his friend. Uylia gave him a look and nodded.

    He watched his fiance then. He had been since he had entered the room. A...boy? But he was meant to marry a Princess wasn't he? Still Alec felt an odd feeling in his chest. He wasn't bad looking, in fact he was quite attractive for a guy. His problem wasn't even that this was who he would marry, but how his parents react.

    As soon as he thought that his mother exploded. She stood, yelling, "What is the meaning of this?! I thought the King was going to be sending his daughter? This is a slight against our Kingdom. To think they really wanted peace with us. This is a joke!"

    Alec tried hard not to watch Kai now, not wanting to see his pained expression at his mother's words. Unless she was right. He saw Willis shrink and Kylia stood a little in front of him. His father was standing and Marcus had moved over a little to his mother.

    "Mother calm down. I am sure he has a good explanation to this," Marcus reasoned. His father, King Nichol, placed an arm on his mother's shoulder and looked towards Kai.

    "Prince Kai we were expecting a Princess. I think it's best if you explain yourself before anything happens."
  10. Kai just stood there, waiting for their reaction. He can't help but feel a pain when the queen goes off. He knew they wouldn't approve of this at first glance. Ray stood closer to him, almost comforting him without saying anything. He looks at his fiance, trying to not show the pain from the queen.

    He listens to him and nods. "I know what my father told you months ago but things changed. While my sister was preparing to come here she met another prince. She married him and moved to his kingdom just last month. My parents are desperate to keep our treaty strong and our kingdom safe. I know this seems like a joke but I assure you it's not. My father told me to tell you that if you reacted like this that if there was another way to keep our treaty he wouldn't have sent me to marry your son. Miyazuki is my home and I would rather die than let it struggle like it has been. So I agreed to my parent's wishes to come here and wed your son. I would do anything, even this, to save my home and kingdom of Miyazuki." He explains, looking at all of them.

    He then looks at his prince, hoping he would understand. Being here now changed his past feelings of rebellion against this. He knew they had to wed to bring his kingdom to peace.
  11. There was silence in the room once more. Alec did not looked away from Kai this time. He felt a small blush when he felt the other prince lock eyes with him. No matter how his parents react the choice was his. This would affect his life the most. Uylia leaned over, whispering, "You better do something now while you can."

    He looked to his friend to see the man smiling reassuredly at him. Alec nodded. He knew what he had to do. He moved forward ignoring his surroundings until he was a foot from Kai.

    "I do not think this is easy for you. I can see how much you love your Kingdom if you are here. I do not wish to see anyone beg and to see a beauty like you would be a crime. I too would do anything for my people. If a marriage is how we must mend our Kingdom, then I would have no other." Alec knelt down and took one of Kai's hand. Inside he was embarrassed and unsure if he was making the right choice. But he couldn't go back now. He kissed Kai's hand gently. "I accept."

    He heard Willis' and Kylia's cries of joys, his mother's gasp and a sound of affirmation from his father. Smiling himself now, he stood, turning to face the thrones. His father raised an eyebrow and Alec shrugged.

    "It seems that we have a wedding to plan then. Everyone is dismissed." Uylia took this as a cue to run over and hug Alec. "Ha! You smooth bastard!"
  12. Kai was looking at his prince, waiting for his choice. He knew it was all up to him. His choice wouldn't just affect their lives, but also their kingdoms.

    He looks down, accepting the silence as rejection. He hears someone approach him and he looks back up. He is shocked when his prince is standing just mere feet in front of him.

    He listens to him. He blushes at his compliments, looking away shyly. His heart skips a beat and he can't help but gasp slightly at what he was doing. Was he accepting? Is this a dream? he thinks shocked. He can't help but smile when his prince accepts to marry him. He couldn't believe that he officially got engaged just like that.

    He jumps slightly when he suddenly hears the other two princes' cries of joy. He could tell the parents didn't accept their sons choice but there was nothing they could do now. He looks at Ray and sees him smiling. He can't help but hug his best friend. "Congrats. I knew you had nothing to worry about." Ray says. "Thanks for being here with me." He replies. He pulls away and can't help but smile more looking at his new fiance.

    He was definitely looking forward to spending some long awaited time with his fiance. He couldn't wait to get to know him more, and most importantly find out what his name is.
  13. Alec finally pushed Uylia off of him as Kylia, Willis approached. He tried to ignored his older brother in the wheelchair but it wasn't easy. Uylia had now attached himself to Ray.

    "Hey I think we should leave these two alone." He winked at Alec who only gave him back an indignant look. "We'll be sure to take care of your friend Prince Kai," Rylia said. Alec had doubts about that but he couldn't spot them. He looked to Ray and gave him an apologetic smile. But then he recalled. "Actually Ray and Uylia should stay near us. I know Mother would be upset if I let my bodyguard far with an "enemy" around. No offense," he said, saying the last part to Kai.

    "Another time then." The other three departed. Alec felt something in him release and he sighed in relief. "I am Prince Alexander if you weren't already aware. But you may call me Alec. Most in the castle do."
  14. Kai couldn't help but smile seeing his fiance surrounded by his brothers. He wished that his sister was here to congratulate him but having Ray with him was good enough.

    Ray couldn't help but smile looking at one of Alec's brothers, Uylia. He chuckles and nods. "Yeah, I agree. They need this time to get to know each other." He replies smiling. "I trust that you all will. Kai isn't just my prince but he's my best friend." He says, looking at him. He nods listening to Rylia.

    Kai sees Ray talking to two of the brothers and smiles. He was glad his friend was getting along with them. He hears one of them and nods. "It's okay. My mother would be the same way if you visited my home." He replies chuckling a little.

    Ray smiles, nodding at Kai, then follows Uylia and Rylia. Kai watches his friend walk away and looks back at his fiance. He can't help but smile when he finally introduces himself. Alec.... He loved that name. It fit his fiance. "It's a pleasure to finally meet you Alec. My parents barely told me anything about you. Just that you had a brother that was ill which is why you're the heir now. That you were expecting my sister to come here." He replies. "I can't thank you enough for accepting me Alec. It means everything to myself and my parents." He says smiling.
  15. Alec shook his head. He tried his best not to look flustered but it wasn't an easy feat. He looked at Kai and wondered, somewhere in the back of his mind, if he was making the right choice. Only time would tell.

    "It's not a problem. I meant what I said. Your loyalty to your family and people is amazing. I could not reject you for doing something like this. I mean..." Alec trailed off. He wanted to ask if he was okay with marrying a guy. If he wished that Alec's own sister was still here and he could marry her instead. Alec licked his lips, trying to think of a good way to phrase it. "My own sister is gone as well. It seems fate has other plans for us. I just hope you will be okay with those plans."

    There was other questions Alec wanted to ask, but not here. He made a 'follow me' gesture to Kai. "You must be tired from your trip. I will show you to your room." Alec did not say anything about his brother. He did not want to think about it.
  16. Kai notices Alec look somewhat flustered. He knew it was because of his surprise arrival and he hoped the man wasn't seconding guessing his choice. He had to admit he was second guessing himself about choosing to marry Alec but he knew time would tell.

    He smiles and nods. "Thank you. Like I said my home is everything to me. To see it suffer it hurts and I'm willing to do anything to save it." He replies. He watches Alec try to find the right words to finish what he was saying. He is taken back slightly by what he says. "Yeah, it seems like that. I am okay with this. I understand that this is different for you and I hope you're okay with these plans too." He says, looking at him.

    He nods as Alec gestures him to follow. He smiles as he follows the man to his room. "If you have any more questions for me you may ask them Alec. I don't mind at all." He says smiling.
  17. Uylia smiled as he put an arm across Ray's shoulder. Rylia stood nearby with Willis. Marcus was gone, but he was mostly in his room or the library most days now. All three of them had wide smiles on their face.

    "So what do you think of Alec? Do you approve," Uylia asked, leading the group towards the courtyard. He knew nothing was going to happen with Alec and Kai. He knew he'd be yelled at since he was suppose to keep watch on them both. He was Alec's bodyguard after all. But he wanted the new couple to have some time right now.

    "Prince Kai is very cute," Rylia said, linking arms with Willis. Willis nodded. "They make a beautiful couple." Rylia giggled. "But seriously I can't wait to see how this turns out. I don't think our Kingdom has had something like this happened before." They kept on chatting and soon Willis and Rylia became engaged in a conversation. Once outside, Uylia released Ray and turned to him.

    "Prince Kai is in good hands. And welcoming hands." Uylia leaned closer, winking at Ray.


    Alec thought about it. It would surely be different from the life he had expected. "I don't....I do not think I will have too many problems with our situation. I have never put much thought into who I'd marry anyways. And you are very handsome so I can't say it turned out all too bad."

    Alec looked at the man beside him, wondering which would be the best question to ask. "Did you have anyone back at home? I don't keep much company myself especially after...what happened to Marcus. Uylia, Rylia and my brothers are my most longest and common companions and I have no love for Rylia or Uylia beyond how I feel for my family."

    The prince wondered idly if he was starting to ramble.