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    The corridor stretched along the side of the main castle walls, it led to the lower district but wast frequently visited by Murderer's and lowly tricksters who made you give up your money willingly into his pocket for no reason, of course Neverin was no different in the general public's eyes, they saw him as dirt on the ground, impure and ignorant to the things around him, they were fools who wore gold upon there chest's who never took risk's and always stayed behind boundary lines never taking a chance to shine.
    This city.... Kingdom was slowly falling apart due to the king Sir Falsch; He was a wonderful king of course, and he had control over many in the surrounding kingdoms and had an army of two thousand men ready to fight on his word, But he never payed attention to what his citizens were doing underneath the gaze of the kingdom, how he was being back-stabbed by his very people he was trying to protect.

    Neverin tried not to worry himself much on this matter as he walked down the corridor towards his favorite spot in the Kingdom, he had heard shouting and ruckus coming from the castle during noon and he wanted to stay away from trouble, from sight. He did not like it when people knew he was real, that he was alive and apart of this damned kingdom. His heart caught inside his chest as he heard a guttural scream come of from his side, he knew what to do, just keep walking! don't pay heed to what is trouble, stick to yourself so you don't get found out yourself, the walls surrounding him felt as if they were closing in as he heard the screeching again. The moss covered floor grew farther away from him, this happens to him each time he freaks out, the environment turns into something else, into something he can understand and pay attention to.

    He groped for his sanity, for the reality that was so close, and then it came..... a sudden rush of air filled his lungs and kept on his way home, not caring if the screaming had come from someone who needed help, that was how the world was know, pay attention to yourself and don't get into any messy situation or your done for. As he walked briskly out of the corridor he found himself in the same beautiful scene that he came upon each day: a shining sky full of white and pink fluffy clouds and the two sun's that cascaded color across the land, he would come here every day to find peace and calm in the chaos of his life, the moments he had here were the few greatest of his life, other then the time he was allowed entrance into the castle itself.
    Neverin felt weary and his muscles ached from the stress of having to scavenge for half eaten food all day, it bothered him that the king had no real regard to his darkest parts, including the poverty of his kingdom. but it was like this for two reasons: the kingdom was falling apart and he had bigger things on his hands, and that he just was uncaring to his peasants.

    Sitting down on a curve right outside the entrance to the corridor he looked down upon the city, it was a great spot to find great picking to, he would look up and down the streets form his high perch on the kingdom and look for bakers and house wife's leaving food unattended, of course this would be considered stealing, but they had homes and he had nothing, he was almost twenty and he still had no house, no roof over his head when he slept. He did have a shambled piece of would though, and clothes that made him look like one of the night assassin's that frequently visited this side of town.

    closing his eyes he collected his thoughts letting them wonder around and form new ideas, time to rest up a bit!
  2. I need to get out! Now!

    Rosalind's heart raced as she rushed down the stairs. Her once beautiful dress was now torn and scorched, ruined from the now ongoing battle in the castle. Why was this happening? Things were not suppose to go down this way. What about her father? Her brother? What was going to happen to her family? This was no time to think though. She needed to get out. She made it to the bottom of the stairs and took a hard right down a hallway. Torches lined the walls as Rosaline screeched for the right door. She had gone through this plan before. It was one of the first things she learn when she started her schooling as a princess. If there is ever a problem and you are in danger, take the stairs down to the basement. When you are there, take a right and go through the third door on the right. This will take you to another hall way. Take that one to the end and find the last door. In that room, behind a cabinet, there was a doorway that lead out of the castle. Rosalind played those instructions in mind like a broken record. When she opened the first door she needed to entered, she stopped to listen. Yells echoed past her of her pursuers. This pushed her into the hallway and into a full out run. This was not something ever really planning on doing with her life.

    Today was a meeting of the royal council about the distribution of wealth in the kingdom. Rosalind was the daughter to King Falsch, so it wasn't uncommon for her to attend these meetings. Everything seemed like it was going fine until there was a bagging at the door. Many people were confused but this, since everyone was in attendance and no one else was expected to come late. A few guards went to check to see who it was. As soon as the door opened a sliver, all hell broke loose. Soon fireballs were flying around the room, screams ran through the air and the smell of blood filled her nose. Rosaline was shoved down to the ground, by her brother. He grabbed her by the shoulders and looked into her eyes. "Rosey, you remember what you learned. You need to get out."

    "But, Jericho, what about you?" she said grabbing his hand.

    "We will manage. But you do not have magic. You are not safe here. You need to good" Jericho said, and peeked out over the table. Rosalind hesitated. "GO NOW!" he shouted and jumped out and over to join the battle. Rosalind nodded and took off, leading her to where she was now....

    Rosalind reached the last door and quickly entered the room. She locked the door behind her, hoping it would buy her more time. She glanced around finding the cabinet quickly. The cabinet wasn't very heave, but for a small princess with no strength training, it was a bit of struggle. Praying to very god in the book, she pushed hard, slowly working the cabinet over. Once again, the banging at the door struck fear in her heart. They were just on the other side now and she need to get out now. Rosalind swore loudly and gave one more huff as pushed. Finally the way was open. She quickly slipped in and made her way out.....

    The sunlight burned her eyes. She shielded them as she stumbled out into the corridor. Dazed and still a little confused by the event, she quickly got away from the secret exit. She tried asking for help but many people turned away. She realized she must look like a mad woman, but she really needed help. She grabbed many shoulders, and every one of them turned away. Rosalind made her way closed to the entrance. More and more people moved away from her. She last ditch effort was to grab the man sitting on the curb, by the should and ask for help one more time.

    "Please, help me! I need someone to hide me!"
  3. Neverins Peaceful and scenic departure from the chaos was yanked from his reality, he turned and instantly he was dragged into something much greater then himself, something much more complicated then his simple life could know handle. Her voice rang on high heels, Why did she ask for his help, and whom was she hiding from, who were her tormentors, so many questions and not enough time to process what to do

    "wait..... What? whats wrong, hide from who?" his questions seemed to answer themselves as he heard some chaotic shuffling came from the place she appeared, he felt a weight tug him down, his rules shooting right in his face. Do not ever get involved stay neutral in all situations, but his gut instinct told him to protect this girl, this lady who had ripped him from his peace, the choices started to run wild in his head: run and hide, stand and fight, leave the girl by herself. the last one suited his own ethics but a foreboding feeling overwhelmed him when he thought of leaving her by herself, he knew he would have to stand and fight, he would have to be seen by the people he hid from. Taking a second look at the girl he saw how fancy and neat her clothes looked, other then the fact that they were burnt and ripped, he looked up towards the castle and his heart skipped a beat, the castle he used to always look at in the mornings was now ablaze in the darkening sky, the feeling of acknowledgment and fear took him and he knew what was happening, the kingdom was under siege. "who are you!?!....... did you come from the castle, Dammit answer me" he wanted questions, she had brought him into a new type of life so he wanted to know why and what was to happen in this new adventure of his.

    Each second he analyzed what was happening, people around them started to cry and scream in fear, little children cowards against there parents and parents stood indignant to the situation, there were probally think how come us, why are we experiencing this, this isn't fair. Hell even neverin was thinking this, he looked into the lady's eyes, and at that moment he chose, he chose to not ever give up on her to stay by her, he felt a connection to her somehow and he would make sure that it would never break or falter. Men yelling could be heard from the place the girl had appeared from, as well as smoke and red flames....... not fire, it was magic, fear stroked neverins chin and whispered in his ear's "" time to find yourself Boy! time to finally be seen""
    the men leaped out of the entrance with the fire of hell on there backs, no one stood up to them.... no one drew close to the chaotic men who stood there searching for the face, her face the one that they were in need of finding. They drew there gaze towards neverin and the girl, and a sick feeling wrenched him towards the men, he walked but he was not in control of his of feet, he felt fear yet he stood bravely in front of men who could burn him to a crisp, he had not noticed that he held the girls hand in his, she was beside him. Was he giving her up to them....? No he was going to take a different route.
    "sir... hand her over to us know.... don't be a hero kid just hand her over and you can be on with your pitiful existence you call life" the tallest of the men spoke this to him, anger swelled in neverin, how dare he speak to him like filth.

    "you wanna know what..... you talk all this shit.... you think my life will ever be the fucking same?" it wasn't a question to be answered, and to the looks of it the men, the soldiers grinned and laughed at him, they thought him something small, nothing to worry about. And then the voice came back ""show yourself neverin, show what you have been hiding, let go of your sanity ad give it up "" it was a soothing voice now, but it filled him with anticipation, his heart beat faster and his skin felt alive, as if electrified, his hair stood on end and his eyes were aware..... they were glowing. The men looked at him and took a step back unsure, they did not want to take chances so they started forward as if to attack..... and he felt it surge within his chest, neverin let go and he felt the thing he had hidden from his whole life, sparks flew from his fingertips and chest, they reached out towards the soldiers. A loud crack echoed through the corridor and open air, and the smell of burnt flesh wafted in the air, everyone around the scene that had just took place looked upon him in fear, neverin felt alone once again, he still held the girls hand but he felt as if he was falling down a hole that would lead to nothing but darkness and loneliness, for in front of him the broken and exploded bodies of the soldiers lay at waste, and it was his fault, insanity dragged him into a place he had never been before, who would save him ... from himself?
  4. Rosalind shook her head when he asked her questions, "We don't have time for that. I need to leave now." But it was too late. She could hear the men behind her. The boy grabbed her hand and started to pull her toward the men that had followed her. She struggled against him. "No! No please, don't do this. Please, I will do anything." She watched in horror as he walked up to them and they started to speak. She didn't recognized the men at all. They seemed to be magic wielders, which made it even stranger that she didn't know them. Magic was a strictly royal trait. If you had any magical abilities, there must be a royal member in you family line. Rosalind thought she knew them all, often working hard to learn their names when she would meet them at royal parties and balls. But this obviously showed that she did not. She tried to pull away from the boy again, but his grip on her hand was firm. And yet, it seemed to be very gentle. He didn't hurt her, he just wouldn't let go. She looked at his face as his eyes started to glow. What the hell? she thought, and with a sudden boom, energy surged from him, striking the men, burning them alive. Was that....magic? She didn't recognize him either, which was really starting to scare her. Where were all these new magic users coming from? And what were they all doing here? She looked at the bodies that the boy had made and felt like she was going to be sick. She needed to get out of here now. She pulled once more to see if he would let go, but to no avail. "Come on! We need to escape while we can. There are probably more coming. Please, we need to leave." she said taking her other hand and grabbing his wrist, as if to pull him away from the scene....
  5. He was snapped form the dark place he had withdrawn to, looking into the pleading girls eyes, he knew that she was asking for them to run. And he knew exactly were to go, with no explanation or answer to her pleas he picked her from her feet and ran towards the cliff face leading of into the lower town... and he jumped off, most would think him insane, but his ideas was set and full. As they fell descending faster and faster to the ground neverin forced the feeling of power to his feet, he felt the crackling and the energy burst through his soles of his shoes, and within an instant they were up in the air and soaring only five feet from the ground " oh god......... I didn't think that would work" his voice was pumped full of adrenaline and his eyes were shot from fear, but he laughed, he laughed in a fit of fear and joy mixing together "sorry if I scared you... but if you look back" as neverin said this he looked back just to check if his prediction was right. Yep! almost more then a dozen of the soldiers were now on the cliff face and looking of into the distance at them. She had told him to run, to get away from the spot that he had blown to smithereens, so he did it, but he may have overdone it. But there was no going back know, and no changing his mind about saving this girl.

    Clearing his through, he looked down at the girl in his arms.... he felt slightly odd not knowing her name " so, I am supposing your a royal..... but may i know your name know please" He tried to sound polite, but it came of a little arrogant and he hated himself for it, he tried to come back with something nice or re-encouraging to say but his voice caught in his throat and he was left with a wispy sound coming from his mouth. The awkward feeling came again, and it faltered the energy surging through him..... and they started to free fall again, it scared him, as he tried to boot up his power again; he knew he had himself in a very dangerous place, so he let him self and the girl descend into a back alley behind a couple of houses and tents. The landing wasn't the best as he tumbled forward almost dropping the girl, steadying himself he stood up and let the girl down from his arms, she was a dainty thing, not much muscle, but she was soft to the touch, she reminded him of a teddy bear almost. Always in need of hugging and protection, and some times provides the protection. "Sorry about that, that's the first time I have done that... Actually that's the first time I have done any of this" he let out a deep sigh as he said this, he was being taxed with way to much stress, and nothing was bringing his mood back up.

    He walked back and forth thinking of what he should do with this new girl in his life, again; he reminded himself that she did break him from his peacefully life, she had caused this chaos... no he was being indignant, he needed to realize that this was cause by some outside or inside force in the kingdom, but who would so bravely put an attack out without any warning, ideas raced through neverins mind but he could find no answer. He needed to figure it out but he could feel his sanity being dragged away once again, he fell to his knees shaking, afraid of the dark place he went to when he lost his sanity "Please.... No" He needed someone to help him, it was to much for him to deal with alone, he needed something to anchor himself upon.
  6. Rosalind yelped in surprise when the boy picked her up. What the hell? He took off running and she realize what he was doing. A wave of relief came over her, but adrenalin still coursed through her veins. She did it! She found someone to save her. She wrapped her arms around his neck to help keep her in his arms. She turned to look out to where they were running. Buildings and people past her in a blur and it took her a bit to notice where they were headed. The boy ran faster, heading straight for the ledge. She gripped tighter and started to panic. "No no no no nO NO NO!" she said to scream as he took off. She squeezed her eyes shut and braced for the ground to greet her. But it never came. She peeked out as the boy apologize to her. Men gathered on the cliff and stared in bewilderment as the two soared off the cliff. A smile spread across her face. This boy was really her life saver. When he asked for her name, she blinked a few times, realizing she never told him. "Oh, my name is Rosalind." she said, giving him a small smile. She was still afraid for her life. When he almost dropped her, she screamed and gripped him tighter. When they landed, her quickly let go and stepped away. Was this really his first time? He had quite the amount of control for his first time. She brushed herself off, though it didn't help much since her dress was ruined. She was looked around. She had no idea where she was. They were far from the castle now, but she didn't know how far the men reach was, or if they knew how to find her. She was about ask the boy who saved her, when she noticed that he was having some sort of episode. "Sir? Are you okay?" she said, placing a hand on his shoulders. She stared him, watching his eyes. She saw the gears moving, but there was definitely something gone. She placed her other hand on his other shoulder and tried to get him to look her in the eye. "Hey, hey, hey, I'm here. Are you okay? Do you need something? Talk to me..."
  7. Hey eyes, he looked upon her eyes, that is what his anchor was, he was so blind to not have noticed that he already had his anchor, it was her! She was what would keep him from insanity, at least he hoped for this, Anchoring himself on her was his only choice to survive where he would be going. Getting up slowly and bringing her up along side him he pulled her into his embrace, he needed to feel that he was still here. His heart beat slowed down once again, almost becoming inhuman in nature, and his skin started to warm itself, he was an outlet of energy and he had no idea why? who had caused him to be like this, was it his own fault? or was it an unknown cause.

    "I am sorry... again, I just, since seeing you i Have lost control of myself.....including my sanity, at least I am led to believe this, Rosalind... you made me this way and theirs no going back to being normal" his voice was heavy with consequence, he knew he was putting a lot of stuff onto her, but she made him realize a part of him he had never truly believed in, the dark part, the part of him most would call a monster. He looked deep into her eyes then to keep his point standing, not knowing that flickers of gold and purple where flashing through his eyes, most likely scaring her half to death, he turned from her through to inquire the depth of the situation they were in, and to figure out how he a peasant such as himself had fought of magic wielding soldiers and won. Neverin shook his head, he was fighting with himself, he needed to understand that he wasn't perfect, time to take off your doll face and understand that you were a monster from the start.

    Turning once again to Rosalind " I probably seem insane to you don't I, but you need to understand I am a peasant, I scavenged for food for most of my life." he knew he was rambling, but what else was there to do in a time like this, having soldiers after you, most likely have stolen a royal princess. Who would not be afraid, he looked at Rosalind and felt as if she feared not, he felt like she was depending on him. He needed to change his behavior, but they were out of whack: going to sadness, to anger, and then to joy. " I know i should be your anchor, your probably dealing a lot more then me, but I don't know how to...." his voice was loosing its strength, he felt like a struggling child in a pit of snakes, each snake had a name on it, each snake was an emotion.

    Something slapped him on the inside, and then he heard it again "calm yourself, you need to think, were is the best place to hide... get her there, she is all of you know, nothing else matters" it was clarity from insanity, a pathway formed in his head, a place, his place. His sanctuary, the place he hid when he felt alone and afraid ; of course it was no castle but he felt it was a good enough place to hid while they figured this all out.
  8. Rosalind stared wide eyed as the boy talked. He was absolutely mad this one. He pulled her into an embraces, which caught her off guard, but she allowed it. She didn't really understand what he was saying. Who did, other than himself? But there was one thing she did understand. There was pain in his eyes. He longed for someone to be there an understand him. He had powerful force coursing through his body and it was eating him up inside. There was a good reason only royalty wielded magic. It consumed the mind. It took a strong will and a strong heart to maintain it and a normal life. She could see it in his eyes that he did not understand what he was. Magic was a powerful thing. It wasn't un common for royalty to have children outside the royal court but most children died because their bodies could not handle magic. Somehow though, this boy survived, and it was driving him crazy. She wasn't sure how to help him, but knew that she must with all her might. The boy did just save her life and was now the only one she could trust in. She was indebted to him, though she didn't fully realize how much she really meant to him. She relaxed a little, knowing that if she was tensed up, he would be too. She cupped his face in her hands and spoke softly. "Hey,'s okay. We will be fine. You got us out of there. I thank you for that. Those men would have had me in no time if it wasn't for you." She slide her hands down, placing them on her arms. "We should get to know each other, but not out here in the open. It may not be safe here. We should go somewhere more private. Do you have a home or a place we can go?" She came to the conclusion that they were in the poorest part of the kingdom. Many people here starved to death and fought and worked hard for any money they could get their hands on. Rosalind had heard many times about the poverty problem and often tried to speak for funding to fix it. But being only second in line of the throne and the only one in the court to not have magic, her voice was usually ignored. Still, it did not make her feel any safer being in this part of town. Soon, the men would be looking for her again and a reward would probably be placed on her head. In a place like this, it would be a death sentence for sure......
  9. " I know were to go.. its a safe place.... and its kinda weird getting there" he looked Rosalind and knew she would not like what he was about to do, he had done it many times before, and it felt weird as hell, actually the first time he had done he had almost lost consciousness. But he thought it bad to explain that fact to her, so he grabbed her by the arms and hugged her tight, he had no clue if this would work or not, he hoped he wouldn't leave her behind by herself, he hoped. The energy within the core of his body started to course out of him and cover him, only him though... he forced it to cover her, he hoped it would not hurt her, but they had to get out of there, for as he looked left and right he saw the soldiers coming in upon them " Hold tight, don't be afraid...... this is gonna hurt" his voice was chocked, he knew that this was not gonna end well, but it needed to happen. There body's started to shake in tune and then they were gone, but they weren't, neverin closed his eyes as he felt the tugging of the world upon his body, he hoped that Rosalind was still in his arms when he reappeared in the promised spot, the spot he knew would protect them.

    And then the tugging and feeling of being sick dissipated and left him to feel cold stone under his knee's, the warmth beside him made him realize his plan had worked, it was a little to much to find out that you can do so much with such little energy used in so much little time. He felt dizzy, and the onset of him doing to much started to beat down on him, he could feel his lunch from a couple hours ago... and he threw up to the side away from them. Guess that is the answer to the energy usage, it affects his body physically, did not know fully if it affected him mentally though, he would worry about that later. Turning to look at rosalind, he found her to be in no harm, or in any real pain so he walked of into his small shelter, the place which he called home. It was was warm here because it was right below the black smith's forge, and he thought it a perfect spot to hide, because the only way to get in was through the forge itself, which he knew most of the general public did not know about, he let out a sigh of relief as he sat down on and old metal chair beside one of the many dark corners of the room " I am sorry if that shocked you, but I had no choice, and also I had no idea if that would have worked or not, at least with you, I have only done it by myself on many occasions.. of course those occasions were on accident and I had no idea what had really happened?" he was ranting again, he bit down his tounge and waited for her to speak p.

    He wondered about her thoughts, and how free and wild they may be right know, was she happy or was she sad. This all eluding him sending him to the conclussion that some things were not meant to be known. looking up at the ceiling he thought over the things that happened today and how they would know affect him, how they would affect them, he reminded himself that he was not the only on this damned joyride.
  10. Rosalind held on tight when the boy when he told her to. She wasn't sure he was doing but decided to trust him anyways. She feel the energy surround him and his struggle to move it on to her. It was then when she realized that she knew what he was doing and gripped tighter. Was he really going to try and teleport them? Together? Even very powerful magicians had a hard time with just themselves, but with two people? Soon the energy covered her to and it filled her with a sense of pure power. Is this what magic feels like? She had never performed magic herself. Her body never muster it up. Her mother was ridiculed harshly about it, many people wondering if the child was the king's. It was proven enough when she had grown older and had inherited the dark auburn hair her father had, but still many questioned why she didn't have any magic. She closed her eyes and let the boy do this work, still fearing the feat he was about to do...

    When they landed, Rosalind strangely did not feel anything. A little dizzy from the sudden movement, but nothing ached. She watched as the boy went threw up. Poor boy, even though he had a really skill for it, magic was still hard on his body. She reached out to help him but he was already moving to sit down, so she retracted quickly. She glanced around the hide out as he apologized to her. This really was a good hiding spot. There was no visible entrance and was that metal working she heard. The warm must be from the furnace, which was good for cold days. "This is actually, really nice..." she said, small smile spreading across her face. It was slightly deceiving. Of course, she was afraid for her life. Her family was back there, probably burning alive as she spoke. It scared her, as it would anyone, but just fact that she was almost completely safe here gave her a little comfort. It's funny how she could find a little happiness in something like a small shelter under a smithy when her world was being tossed into chaos. She realized that she was standing there awkwardly and decided to say something.

    "So, I guess, I owe you an explanation, huh? Can I at least get your name first? You did save me after all and I wouldn't want to be rude...."
  11. neverin was forgetting himself, he turned to Rosalind and tried a smile, but it felt awkward, he wanted to say sorry for not introducing himself, but that's not what he felt. "well Rosalind, my name is neverin... neverin elfiace... and now I presume you will be telling me why I risked my life for you, not hat I did not want to of course" he tried to sound nice, but his tone was serious, he wanted to know why she had been attacked and under what order were the men attacking her given, it made him infuriated to think they would attack someone so pretty and cute, he tried not to ponder on these though for these type of thoughts were unneeded and most likely invaluable. So he set his mind onto a task, figure out how to escape from this city.. kingdom without being caught and sent to jail, or worse killed, he shivered at the thought of death, it was not death that scared him, but the thought of not being able to see think or hear when being dead.

    Walking back and forth he tried t figure it all out, there were service tunnels under the kingdom much like this one, but ones that led out of the city? were there any, he tried harder thinking and contemplating his ideas " do you know of a place where we could get out of the kingdom safely... because if you don't we may have to take a frontal attack to escape this damned place, not that its a bad place.... it just has bad people inhabiting it!" again, was he being to rude, he didn't know why his attitude had changed all the sudden, but it was not going away, trying a new approach on his thinking, he thought about the flying he had just a couple of minutes ago, and teleportation, could he do it again, and how long before he started to break down " I don't think I will be able to teleport again or fly, but if that's an option I will try it"

    Why was he giving his all to this girl, it baffled him that he could think that he would lay his life down for this stranger, but something in the back of his head told him to not think like that, he needed to love this girl with all his heart, unconditionally. He felt this illogical, but it seemed needed, this girl was more important then he and because of that he would do anything for her " you do know i will lay my life down for you right, I know that's a big thing to say, but i feel as if your something very important" his voice sincere he looked at Rosalind from the other side of the room, he wondered if she believed him.
  12. Rosalind played her nails as she explained to him who she was, "Well, I am still not sure what really happened........My full name is Rosalind Eleanor Flasch, daughter of King Flasch. Before you say anything, no I'm not running away from home or trying to escape from my father or anything like that. I was attending a meeting with my father and my brother when suddenly we were attacked by a group of men. I had no idea who they were. Everything was in complete chaos, and I was just told to run and I did and now I'm here...." she looked up at him, "And that is all thanks to you..." She looked at him, with a smile. It was strange to find a savior like him in a place like this. She had heard about the town people and how they weren't very happy with the nobles in the kingdom. But they were still kind to strangers and she hoped the kindness would remain after she told him who she was......

    She watched him pace back and forth. He was right. They needed to get out of the kingdom and fast, but how? He said that he probably couldn't fly or teleport out like they did before, but was a frontal attack really the right thing? She took a step towards him and held out her hands. "I don't know a good way to get out of the kingdom without being detected. I've actually never been outside the castle walls until today. I don't a frontal attack would be a good thing. It may cause us more trouble then good. I think we should try to sneak out first. Not everyone had seen our faces, but I am sure descriptions have been spread out to the guard. If we can find a disguise, maybe we can get past them undetected...." she clasped her hands together and looked down as she thought. "If that doesn't work we can try to teleport or fly and if that doesn't work, we will fight our way out.....though I am not sure how much help I would be......" she said with a sigh. She still hadn't been able to use magic, which was strange for her age. So, if things were to go bad, she would no way of helping him. She hated being helpless. She never got asked much back when she lived in the castle, but now it was even worst.....

    He mentioned putting his life on the line for her and she instantly waved her hand in disagreement. "Oh no, I never meant to ask you to put your life on the line for me. I know I asked you to help but I don't want you to die for me. That would a terrible. If you want to walk away now, I would understand. There is no need to risk your life anymore. I just ask for your help to get out of the city and then, if you wish to part ways, I understand....." She lowered her hands and looked to the side. "But you are all I have right now, and I have nowhere else to go....."
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