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  1. Alright, i wasn't sure if it went here or in the off-site advertisement section, but long story short, i own a tumblr. Now, tumblr's roleplay community isn't necessarily bad, but people often get overlooked for being an original character in their fandoms. I being one of those people, so what are your gripes about the tumblr rp community if you're part of it?
  2. ....There's a Tumblr RP community?
  3. I knew Tumblr had roleplayers on it, but nothing about it felt legit if you ask me. Tumblr's for blogging, not roleplaying. Lol
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  4. Surprisingly enough, Tumblr isn't just a baby fight of SJWs screaming "CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE" at each other. There is a small RPing community, you'll have to check hard to find it. But, from what I've seen, it's no where near as big as what goes on in here, and like Tundra said, it doesn't really feel legit. Like it's just "light" Roleplaying.

    You'd probably be better off using a site like this as your roleplaying platform.
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  5. Well ain't that something. I've only seen a few people roleplaying there, never really knew there was a community. But I guess that's where the term small community comes in. I'd really rather not know what people on Tumblr RP about though -Shivers-
  6. We actually rp about more or less all the same stuff that this site does to be frank. Just more fandom based. A good amount of them are canon character roleplayers as well, and can get up to about 1,000+ rp partners. Others are multimuse blogs, where they have more than one character and generally tend to be fandom based as well. Then there is the multimuse/multifandom blogs, which are generally left alone for some reason or another(i'm one of those multimuse/multifandom blogs.)

    It's not half as organized nor really a legitimate system of roleplaying, but it's still there and still exists. Roleplay is Roleplay after all.
  7. An entire community. You learn something new every day, I suppose. I'd be tempted to go and have a look if I weren't so inclined to dislike a majority of the site's population for varying reasons. Still, sucks that they go and overlook OCs -- they're usually pretty fun to try and fit into whatever canon.
  8. Yeah, on rare occasions like in the Dangan Ronpa fandom the OC's are welcomed with open arms. But in most not the case.
  9. I find an OC is sometimes more fun to write than the canon characters, really. You get to take and create whatever you like.