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  1. Three thousand years ago, this small world was inhabited by demons and humans alike. Demon Lords who ruled the West, the East, the North, and the South, lived in peace and unity. But unrest among the humans began to seep its way into the lands, whispers of revolution flittering from ear to ear. The four lords became wary and turned to one another for agreement. They must go to Netuv, a creature who lived in the deserted waste lands, a place where ashes blanketed the soil and the sky held foreboding in its sunless mist. It was said that the four lords banished the demon into solitude after he committed an outrageous crime and all cried for his blood to be spilt. But even when the lords sent message for him to return, no reply came.

    War was falling upon the people, death tolls mounting by the hundreds for each passing day. With no word from Netuv, the Demon lords passed a decree. The union between the two kinds were broken and bloodshed would become the new law of the world. Battle after battle, year after endless year, humans and demons fought for domination. It was only until the humans began to develop technology that the tides turned. It first started with swords, then guns, then bombs and tanks. The demons were being overwhelmed. Even with the most powerful warriors, their numbers began to grow smaller.

    Demons were being purged from existence.

    It became clear to every demon tribe what they had to do. They had to disappear. Not a single trace could be left of them if they wished for peace. So as time went on, the name demon began to be forgotten. The fact that they once lived and breathed had found its way into the dust of rotting history books and life continued.

    But it happened that one day an archaeology team would come upon a mountain covered in snow and begin a dig. As one lone woman searches for something of importance, she found a deep crevice untouched in its purity. She would have left it alone, knowing danger when she saw it, if not for the mere fact she slipped into its darkness.
  2. "Damn it..."

    Andrea groaned loudly, but she did out of frustration for her recklessness rather than the pain, which was minimal. Lying on her back, she tried to sit up, only to regret having done it too rashly. Her upper back had shouldered most of the impact of her fall, forcing her to keep still and to take a moment's rest. Owing to the jagged indentation of rock---the cursed thing that made her trip---hidden beneath layers of snow, and the surprisingly steep and inward decline of the crevice, she landed quite some distance inside. Well, she thought, at least my head's still in one piece. Russet brown eyes scanned the gloomy interior. Everything, except the outside light at the entrance of this fissure, was plunged into a pitch black. A voice called, faint from the distance away. There was no doubt that it came from one of her partners further down the slope.


    "Yeah?" she shouted back, her voice reverberating against the ice cold walls surrounding her.

    "You okay there? We'll come u--"

    "No, I'm fine! Just tripped is all!"

    "Oh... Just holler back if you need anything!"

    She didn't reply back, her hand reached over to the bag slung over her shoulder. Andrea didn't want to risk another slip like that, her fingers clasped around her led flashlight. The girl slowly stood up, wincing as she felt a bruise blooming somewhere on her back. One gloved hand pressed on the nearest wall of rock beside her for support. Then, she shone her flashlight around her, checking if anything from her bag fell out. To her right, nothing, front, nothing, left, nothing. Her hand stilled, something had caught her eye. She turned the light back infront, slowly moving it to the left. The light would hit the wall, her eyes widened. A hand embedded in ice, upper and closer the light went to her, to an arm and shoulder. Up until she shone it on a face and body. Her hand, which rested on the wall of ice above his chest, was immediately retracted away. "Holy... Oh god," what made it more shocking had been the pristine condition of the body. "Nick! Get up here!" she called for the man who spoke earlier. Andrea turned and trudged back out to deliver the news of her find. But of course, she did it more cautiously, lest she trip again.

    "I found something!" she shouted with glee, the pain in her back now forgotten, her voice growing distant as she traversed back to her colleagues.
  3. Warmth. It caressed his entire soul, nudging him with silk finger tips. It whispered in his ear, a mirthful hum to awaken from slumber. But his mind was in a deep fog, a haze that refused to lift. Every thought was pushed down into darkened waters with suffocating force. It was only until he heard the clear ring of a voice, that curled around him. The mist began to lift and he relaxed listening to the soothing tone, however it began to leave him. He started to panic and fought for his being to move only to find himself trapped. His hand pushed against his prison, finding he was slipping right through. It was a soft of liquid substance that froze in place, a spell that was meant to keep someone bond.

    His body fell through to the frosted earth, a breathless gasp that struggled for air passing him. Even though he escaped, the world still seemed dark and he struggled to see. Grasping protruding rock, he lifted himself to lean against the wall of this ... Where was he? He willed for a memory, any memory to appear to tell him where he was. But he found nothing, not even a name. His brow furrowed, aggravation taking over and he lifted his head towards the sky only to see that he was in a cavern. And he could hear voices returning, coming closer.

    With no idea with who he was and who inhabited this land. His legs sprung from under him lifting him to the surface of the crevice only to be met by a bitter wind. It stung his eyes and bit at his face with wrathful vengeance, a curse leaving his lips. He was ready to walk in the opposite direction in where the voices came, but one stood out above the others. A gentle melody present in excitement. His eyes lit up and a breathed a low murmur, his presence gone from existence as if he was never there.
  4. Andrea chattered excitedly about what she found. The brunette led the way with a train of three people behind her, most of them carrying shovels, pickaxes, small shovels and other tools that they thought were needed. "Ya sure you didn't hit your head, Andre?" the twang of an older woman's voice sneered. "Hey, can it," Andrea had cut back, positively nettled by the jibe thrown at her. She ignored Nick's suppressed laughter as she trudged carefully on the snow laden track. "We're here," she then announced excitedly at the familiar sight of the fissure's opening. "So... where is it?" Nick asked right behind her. "Take your lights out, we're going in," Andrea held her flashlight up, and without another word, she slipped herself inside the crevice. Biting, turbulent and cold whips of air were blocked from the inside. It was a whole different atmosphere inside the cavern, pure stillness and a more muted type of coldness was found within.

    Lights searched around the ground and walls, rays belonging to the other three, while Andrea led the way and watched for obstacles and hindrances. "Watch your feet," she warned in advance, stepping over another snag. She wasn't going to trip over a second time, her pride would suffer greatly if she did. Now she stopped at the very spot she was in before, "I found him here." She scanned the area with her light, looking for any sign of the body. "Where?" the third one, a gruff sounding man spoke. Beams of light moved about, inspecting their surroundings. "I don't see anything..." Nick commented after several minutes worth of silence. Andrea shook her head, her light still scanning the same, exact place over and over, "No no...," she mumbled, "It was here... Swear."

    "There?" Nick had caught her words, pointing his light at the same direction, the other two soon followed.

    "What I tell ya, nothin'."

    "He was here."

    "We best get ourselves down now, we're wastin' time. I ain't gon' stay here for long. Derek?"

    Andrea desperately looked left and right, it was a futile attempt. "Nina's right," the man agreed, "You're tired, work's getting into your head." Andrea scoffed, "What? No!" she replied incredulously. "I just tripped, I didn't even hit my head," she emphasized the phrase, sending a glare to Nina, "I'm perfectly fine, and I saw the body. In here. You believe me, don't you Nick?" she turned to her friend, only to be disappointed by his nonchalant shrug. "I dunno Drey, but nothing's here. And I'm tired." Normally, Andrea would smile at the nickname and his soft toine, but now he just seemed whiny to her. "Settled. We go back," Nina said smugly. Irked, but not finding the strength to protest any longer, Andrea followed trio out. She lagged behind them, sulking and grumbling to herself.
  5. He couldn't understand. The words they spoke meant nothing to him and he strained to make sense of what he heard. He stared at the group, defining one to be male and the other female. But he was drawn to a singular voice that had grown from excited to down right frustration. Her companions seemed to be giving her a a difficult time, making him all the while more aggravated. A growled whisper blew into the air, wisps of clouded mist disappearing into the cold winds. He watched as they walked away, the crunch of snow falling beneath their feet. He itched to follow them, perhaps find out what he was doing here but he glanced down to the robes. Taking the fabric in his hand and rolling his thumb over the soft feel, he knew that something would go awry if he openly approached them. His line of sight fell to the girl, who now seemed to be moping. Her voice was the one echoing in his sleep and possibly her touch was what freed him.


    His native tongue rolled past his lips as he slightly opened his mouth, scenting the air. He grunted in disgust, twisting his head away when the males's scent snuck its way into his senses. He heaved a strangled cough, nose wrinkling in a scowl. These creatures smelled terrible, a potent scent that could have any normal animal fall to its grave. Rather than trying to risk his sense of smell with the full group, he stalked over to where the chestnut haired girl walked. Her pace was slower than the others and thus made him feel uneasy. Was she sick? Or was this how she normally traveled? He leaned down, silently taking a lock of hair between his clawed fingers and brought it to his nose. She smelt just as bad, but this time it was an overwhelming stench of floral perfumes. As he continued to take in her scent, small puffs of warm air hit her neck. He then stopped, letting go of her hair as he stood in place. She lived far from here, miles away. He could see where she walked home, the unusual stack of homes upon homes that reached toward the sky. He also remembered why these creatures couldn't see him. Humans were blind sighted to a demon who didn't want to be seen.

    He watched as they walked away, disturbed that he had caught hold of the woman's scent that now refused to leave him. He wondered what she would smell after she bathed? Perhaps she would be easier to be around. He glanced over his shoulder, past the glacial mountains. He wanted to memorize this one and ask why she had woken him. Maybe she had answers of who he was if she was graced with power. A swirling golden pattern formed on his hand and with a one swift swipe, a shadowed hole appeared in front of him. He felt an odd determination to seek the girl out and find his answers, so he would wait for her. As he stepped into the gateway, it closed behind him without trace of it ever being there to begin with.
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  6. She held her breath. Shivers ran down her spine. Andrea stopped in her tracks for a second, gazing behind her. There was nothing there, nothing to offer any explanation for that peculiar feeling. The experience, brief as it was, felt so real. Real enough to convince her that someone was following her. That the warm gush of air came from parted lips, and that the gentle tug of her hair had been a hand, not the wind, not any other feeble constructs her mind needed in order to rationalize. Maybe Nina was right, things really were getting to her head.

    Andrea scoffed before turning back to catch up with the group, she refused to relent to those thoughts.

    By the lower slopes of the mountain, the rest of the team resumed their main dig. But Andrea's actions were done half-heartedly. She willed herself to get over it, to immerse herself with the work at hand. But she just couldn't do it, her convictions yelled at her, banged and screamed to be released from its cage. If there was one thing she felt bothered with, it was lying for the things she knew. Andrea had not spoken another word about her little fiasco earlier, and she knew that there was a slim chance of anyone lending her their ears. But omission was still a lie. Omission was giving herself an unfair hand on this matter.

    She suddenly felt angry. Angry at herself, angry at her friends, and even angry at "him", the man who should have stayed. Andrea was quite sure he was there, she was also sure that she'd been lucid and sane during that discovery. Irrational as it may seem, she was mad that his body just went up and left. Poof. Gone. But that was impossible, the body had been encased in solid ice. But impossibilities were beyond the reach of her flaring temper. She tried to control her emotions, but it inevitably showed through her actions. Andrea shoveled quickly and harshly, accidentally landing a pile of snow onto Derek's face.

    "Hey! The hell is your problem?!"

    "Sorry, didn't mean it," she grumbled, taking down the intensity of her actions by a notch or two. Andrea sighed, she was tired. She wasn't worn out physically, just emotionally. The girl returned her tools to the small, temporary camp, then approached the leader of the excavation. Her sullen expression was enough to convince her superior, "I'm not feeling well... I just want to go right now. To go home, and rest." The supervisor nodded, concerned of her situation, "Sure thing sweetheart," the kindly tone and the pat on the back helped lift her mood for a little bit, "Wait here and I'll get Lance to drive you back. Sound good?"

    Andrea smiled, "Yeah. Thanks a lot."

    "I hope you get well soon," said the supervisor before going off to fetch her designated driver. Andrea didn't have time to correct him, he was under the impression that she was actually sick. Then again, she did look and sound sick.

    The bitter cold just wasn't the kind of element she could thrive in.
  7. The air. The air was tainted. It absorbed anything, a despairing spirit that clawed for a single droplet of purity. But the toxins - oh those wretched little monsters. They have dug down deep, gritty nails scratching and biting into the very fabric of life. And these humans lived in it. They lived in their own waste. No wonder death gripped to their very souls and illness was worn like a natural perfume. The demon, hid beneath the shadows of a looming building, hallow swallows of breath rashly heaving from his chest. The ground was dusted in broken glass and tossed pebbles, dirtying ivory robes. Leaning against the eroding bricks; littered with endless cracks and dotted holes, he covered his face with his hand. His eyes burned terribly, tears streaking down his face.

    "How can these humans live like this? It's disgusting.", he thought. Wrinkling his nose, he looked back to the memory given by the woman. If he was correct, he home would be here, somewhere. He needed to find it. He would wait for her return, possibly even demanding she wash herself before coming near him. But the demon clenched his eyes, a groan echoing in the lone alley. She couldn't understand him. He couldn't understand her. This plan was not thought out. With a disdainful hiss and muttered curses, he stepped out into the evening chill. The clouds, grey and mournful atop their heavenly place swirled above the crowds below. Truly, if he wanted to he could lower his hand and breath in the scent of oncoming rain, but only if he found that losing his sense of smell would be beneficial. The idea was becoming more tempting as he thought about it.

    His eyes flickering from left to right, unsure of even where to turn. He remembered the building nothing more after that. "Mommy, why is that man dressed like that?" He glanced to the soft voice of a child, the high pitch squeal ringing in his ears. The woman looked panicked, glancing back and forth between her son and the man he had just insulted. Quickly, she pushed her child forward, muttering rebukes beneath her breath. "That is just his culture, honey." The demon, tilted his head, wanting to place the sounds he heard but he felt ... uncomfortable. They wandering stare of those who passed him lingered for too long, causing an urge to snarl at the disrespect shown. Rather, he shouldered his way into the bustling movement, slowly blending in the the wide ranges of color.

    He walked for some time, wandering helplessly. The hopelessness was getting to him, toying with the reason that said he would eventually find it. Without thought, he walked into the street and straight into an oncoming car. What happened next, no one could say for sure. The chilling screeching of a speeding car and the sound of crunching metal was enough to any to merely conclude that an accident occurred, leaving someone dead.

    The demon lifted his hand from the trunk of the monster that had tried to attack him. Quite foolish really, to boldly make known your presence to the enemy. He chuckled lowly, flicking his hand in contempt towards the mangled thing. "Hey! Hey! Wh- What the hell man!?" The demon watched in astonishment as a human came out of the creature. Had the beast been eating the poor humans? He then came to the conclusion that he was indeed a hero. He puffed out his chest, awaiting his deserved praise only to cringe as the young male started waving and screaming at him. Had he not just saved the human from being digested? More car began to slow, some even honking their horn as their drivers yelled to get out of the road. Nervousness began a steady build, crawling further and further to its peak. More humans were joining in the cries, pointing and yelling at at the unharmed man and the car which was beyond repair.

    The human boy held out his hand, his strange language pouring from his lips with a tense anger. The demon took a step back and the human took a step forward. Fear was bubbling and his chest ready to explode. The fumes rising from the monster where too stronger, making his head spin. With a low, challenging growl, he raised a hand, claws swiping the soft flesh of the boy and tearing down the side of his face. The iron tang and flowing river of red made him note his mistake. What made him sure that he needed to leave was the terrified cries of the humans and their pointing fingers. This time he could make out a word. "Monster! Monster!"

    He fled, not even looking back as he blindly ran from the humans. He didn't care where he ended up, he just needed to get away. Then he found a familiar scent, weak and lingering but enough to follow. He tracked the smell, ragged pants tumbling down from an aggravated frown. The woman's home had only been a short distance away. If he had only just walked away earlier.

    Soon he was standing in front of an apartment building. He wanted to go in, but one thing stood in his way. The demon glared at the twirling doors. He had tried twice to walk into the spaces, just as he had seen the other humans do but simply couldn't get the timing right. Finally, he had to keep in step with an elderly woman who wobbled her way through the revolving doors. With barely any effort, he climbed the stairs her scent now even stronger than ever. His nostrils flared and he came upon a door, soaked in her aura. The demon took one look at the handle of the door and gripped the round knob, melting it into a steaming puddle. Pushing the door back, he walked into the woman's home without a second thought.
  8. "Get out," she repeated again.

    "Not your car Drey," the man told her nonchalantly. "It's too late to get out anyway." Nick sat in the backseat with Andrea. There was a wide gap between them. Nick, resting his arm on the base of the car window while Andrea avoided his gaze and stared out at the blur of moving scenery. "Gee, you think so?" she quipped dryly, "Look, I don't want to talk about it. So don't even bother." And all this time, their driver kept silent. The man didn't want to interfere, letting the tense silence fill the air.

    The sound of laughter finally peeled her eyes off the passing landscape. Andrea replied to Nick with a withering glare and a scowl plastered on her face. Nick pressed his mouth against his palm, suppressing his chuckle before answering back. "I won't," he promised. A hard thing to keep, since he couldn't help but chuckle at the results of having her temper all flared up, with Derek inadvertently ending up in the line of fire. "Besides, it gets boring out there after a while. All we got was a flower."

    "An extinct flower."

    "Bah. I don't give a damn. Look at you, dead bodies. Fun, my kind of fun."

    "You mean my fictitious corpse?"

    "Still better than a lousy plant."

    Andrea gave in, smirking, "Really? From what I heard last time, you wouldn't stop talking about it in the lab." Nick raised his hands in a sign of mock defeat, "You got me there," he smiled back at her, sincerely pleased to cheer her up. Andrea didn't know just how exactly he could do it, or how he could endure her sometimes overbearing attitude. She didn't even know why she continued to be so cruel to him. He'd done nothing wrong, and he'd always been there. He was young, fairly attractive and had the same interests that she had. The roots went back deep into childhood, and yet she still denied his advances. Andrea wondered whether it was fear, whether she needed more time, or whether she was being selfish. But it wasn't her fault, she'd gone through most of her life feeling nothing. Absolutely nothing, a dull existence, and she was better off dead.

    They slowed down to a stop, her place would be nearby now.

    She closed her eyes and sighed.

    "So, by the way, how's your dad?" Nick asked, sensing something amiss.

    "Same old, same old. He's still stubborn about it."

    "So you still can't see him? For a stupid reason like that?" he said rather bluntly.

    "Yep. Stupid, right?," she mumbled, her voice suddenly weak and agitated.

    "I'm sorry... just... fuck it. If you just let me hel--"

    She shook her head, disappointing him once again. Another bout of awkward silence. "Hey... What's taking so long?" she shifted the attention before the painful topic could resurface. "Crash, probably," came their driver's terse reply as he overtook the line of vehicles before him. It was soon followed by him muttering a curse under his breath. Three pairs of eyes gazed at the wreckage, a small ring of people was slowly flocking towards the scene. "What the hell," Andrea commented, "Doesn't look like a normal crash to me." There wasn't even another guilty party, or car, in sight to confirm it as a simple, everyday accident. They passed it.

    In any case, this wasn't her problem. Yet.


    With its owner still out, the living room was still dim. The only source of light came from another room to the left, the door had been left open on purpose. The two other doors leading to the bedroom and bathroom were closed. A short path led to an open kitchen.

    The silence intensified the sound of tinkling bells. There were small pauses, as if effort was used on each sound. The small wicker ball, where the sound came from, rolled out from the lit room and slowed to a stop in front of the demon. Then a small blur hopped and darted towards the ball, all floppy ears and paws playfully pushing its toy. But the creature stopped, pulse racing as it raised its head and scrutinized the looming figure. Trained and normally friendly, the cottontail suddenly dashed away, heading towards the kitchen to hide. From basic instinct, it sensed a threat from the man, a danger that the animal was keen enough to pick up on. After all, it was a prey animal. And prey animals were tuned in to the movements of a predator.

    Andrea barely took a step towards the stairs when her manager called for her. Payment schedules, idle chitchat, conversation that briefly stalled her from discovering the intruder in her unit.
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