The Trickster

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  1. What a wonderful morning. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the--


    "Haha! You can't catch me loser!" oh, who am I kidding? There is no such thing as wonderful morning if The Trickster is around.
    "Damn you Trickster!" Bima growls. "I'm going to catch you!"
    Trickster sticks his tongue at the superhero, "I doubt you can do that while wearing a blue spandex!" If Bima isn't wearing any mask, you could see that his face is flushing red. The Trickster chuckles heartily, sensing the other man's embarrassment.

    Bima is a new member of Allies of Justice, a group of goody-two-shoes superheroes as the villains put it. He is trying to catch his current predicament, The Trickster, an enigma that wears long dark blue trench-coat and a fedora hat. He is called an enigma because he doesn't seem to take side on this battle between good and evil. At first, he seems like a good guy, protecting a shop that was being robbed. Until he grabbed the loot for himself. And then he defeated the most fearsome Supervillain, Mr. Madness, only to do a petty crime afterward (coughstealingcomicbookscough).

    Bima is getting frustrated by Trickster, and decides to use his power again to cut it quick. He raises his right hand and aims at the redhead. His palm starts to glow and a laser beam shoots out from it. The Trickster who is too busy laughing doesn't realize it until the last moment. He gets shot on his backside and crashes through a supermarket rooftop. "Uuugh..." Trickster rubbed his backside. A few seconds later he realized that he lands on a girl with pretty curly blond hair. The redhead grinned, "Hey Beautiful, what's your name?"
    "Robin? Good, you are going to be my hostage for a while."
  2. "I am going to what...?"

    Living in a city such as this, where the battle between good and evil seemed to happen on a daily basis between heroes and villains of all shapes and sizes... Scenes like this were not all that surprising. For Robin, she tended to just ignore it all and go about her own business. Though, she was more and more thinking about moving to a new town. she was wishing she already had.

    Shoving the man off her and climbing to her feet, Robin dust off her clothes with a frown. "I'm sorry, but I don't have time to be a hostage today. You're just going to have to find someone else!" She grumbled, already stepping over him to continue her way down the sidewalk. There were a million errands she needed to get done, so she really didn't have time to for all of that nonsense.
  3. Trickster blinked a few times. Did she just...? The redhead grinned and pulled his fedora hat down. He proceeded to grab the girl's hand and embraced her. Before Robin could react, The Trickster turned around, still hugging Robin. "Look Bima! I got a hostaaaaage~" He said in a sing-song voice. Bima who just arrived at the scene looked shocked then enraged.

    "Release the girl! You bastard!"
    "Or I could just use her as a shield. What do you think?" The Trickster smiled at Robin.
  4. "That's a terrible idea..!" Robin nearly shouted. For a moment she stared at him with wide-eyed disbelief. Once she realized he might actually be serious, she scoffed and pushed him away. She swatted at his hands and arms before they got any more grabby ideas. Which must have looked comical to any passerbys, expecting to see a more dramatic and frazzled damsel in distress.

    "You just stoppit. There are better ways to hassle heroes." Now instead of dusting off her clothes, she was trying to straighten them. She wagged a finger at Bima. "...and if you want to actually accomplish something, stop having monologues with the bad guys!"

    With that said, she placed a hand at the Trickster's arm, attempting to push him aside so she could pass on by and get back to what she was doing.
  5. Instead of feeling humiliated or angry, like normal people should be, Trickster just laughed. "Oh man, Bima! You got burn!"
    "Like you are the one to talk!" Bima started attacking the smaller man with his glowing fist.
    Between dodging his opponent's punches and laughing, Trickster managed to shout to Robin. "Robin! I like your attitude! Let's meet again sometimes!"
  6. "Stay away from me~!" Robin responded in a sing-song voice, not missing a beat as she strode on down the side walk.

    The nerve of the Supers in the city. Assuming everything revolved around them and their battles. The world was in danger every other day, these things had little meaning to them now. The true battle of life was trying to get all of your errands done in one single day, so you could try to enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    Thankfully, within minutes that altercation had been forgotten and left behind. Several streets down Robin entered the grocery store. Picking up a shopping basket near the door while she dug her list out of her pocket with her other hand. While she walked down an isle, she was already thinking about how nice her evening was going to be home alone, just kicking up her feet and reading a book.
  7. Meanwhile, with The Trickster. He was getting bored with his fight and decided to ditch Bima alone. Not that the Hero would allow that so easily of course. The redhead sighed at the charging Bima and used his mind power. Contrary to popular beliefs, Trickster's power was not shape-shifting, but brain-wave manipulation. If he made his own brain believed that he was a dog then his body would turn into a dog. Trickster wasn't sure how that work, but it worked. He could also manipulate other people's brain-wave to certain extent, like giving them illusion. Sometimes he read minds too, but he can't change people's body.... yet. After changing himself into a fly, making it like he disappeared into thin air, he left poor confused Bima alone.

    Now... what to do? Searching for Robin of course! Wait... what was her last name again?
    "She didn't tell me..." Trickster frowned inwardly. "And I can't follow her smell... Oh well, guess I should just browse the web then!"
  8. Thankfully for Robin, the rest of her errands ran without a hitch. She was able to pickup groceries for the week and even a new book out of the bargain bin. When she exited the grocery store, she had her grocery bag in one arm and the book in her other hand. Reading and walking was a natural talent. She only needed to glance up once ever so often to make sure she wasn't tripping over anything, bumping in to someone, or accidentally walking in to traffic. Her worries and annoyances were completely gone as she continued down the sidewalk, headed back towards her apartment.
  9. After stealing some clothes and got changed, Trickster walked down the street like a normal person. He wore a simple red v-neck shirt and blue jeans. Really, he looked so normal that no one would have guessed that it was the notorious Trickster. "Hmm, wonder what name should I use today..." He mused inwardly, trying to find a name that is cool but not too outlandish. However, he stopped his train of thoughts when he noticed a familiar shade of blond passing by. "Ah, it's Robin... Lucky me!" He grinned The Trickster's infamous grin and stalked her to her apartment. "Heh, I guess I find my new home then."
  10. Robin hopped up the steps to her apartment building, juggling her bag in one hand as she unlocked the main door and stepped inside. Her building was so old that it didn't have an elevator, so she was stuck climbing up five flights of stairs just to get to the top floor where her apartment resided. She would have hunted down a more convenient place, but the prices for apartments in the city were ridiculous. Still, she always dreamed of having a nice loft somewhere with a great window view!

    Once she was inside her own apartment and dropping her bag of groceries on the table, she took a look around to frown at the room. This was definitely not a good view. There were only two windows in the place. One in the living room and one in her bedroom. It had the worst airflow and was miserable during the peak of summer!

    Completely oblivious to having her place being watched, Robin put away her groceries and left to her bedroom. She kicked off her shoes and was getting undressed to change for bed.
  11. Trickster smiled charmingly at the landlady, introducing himself as Sam Skulduggery. She was happy to have a 'such a respectable and polite young man' in her apartment. Sam was trying hard not to laugh when she said that. The Trickster? Respectable and polite? There was so many punchlines he could deliver that could be summed up into two words: 'as if'. The landlady took him to his room. Much to Sam's delight the room was across Robin's. "Thank you Ma'am."
    "Oh, it's no problem!" The landlady smiled.

    Sam dropped the bags that he brought from his Hideout. He went there as soon as he knew where the blond girl lived to pack. Yes, he did this on an impulse and there was not much planning involved. The redhead was a bit disappointed at the room's condition (only two windows? seriously?), but shrugged it off. It wasn't like he would actually spend much time here. Sam decided to unpack later. He approached Robin's room and knocked on its door. When the door was opened, Sam smiled. "Hello, my name is Sam Skulduggery. Nice to meet you new neighbor!"
  12. Robin answered the door wearing her pajamas and looking a little surprised to see someone knocking so late in the evening. "Uhm... hello. I'm Robin..." His name was weird. Skulduggery? It sounded like it came straight out of a wizard novel. Very silly, but who was she to criticize.

    Her head tilted then, a look of confusion coming across her face. Something about his voice sounded really familiar, but she didn't think they met before. "Have we... nevermind. I was just about to sit down to have dinner, so if you'll excuse me..."
  13. Sam smiled mischievously, but quickly hid it to avoid suspicion. "Oh, it's okay, don't mind me! I'm just introducing myself!" He decided to act like an embarrassed awkward you adult. The Trickster is a very confident person, so it would be appropriate if Sam was the opposite. "Well, uh... see you later!" The redhead dashed toward the stairs and tripped over his own leg. He fell with a loud 'THUD!' and groaned in pain. It hurt, but at least it was a convincing act.
  14. Robin eyed him curiously as he turned to leave, but shrugged to herself as she began to close the door. Of course the loud THUD had her immediately stopping and peeking back out to see what happened. She crossed the floor quickly, kneeling next to him on the ground.

    "Are you okay?" she asked with concern. He didn't seem to be bleeding or have any serious sort of injury. But the fall did look pretty painful regardless! She wasn't completely heartless.