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  1. Year 2079 A.D., The world could no longer hold its self from War. Nukes rain from all parts of the globe, shattering all matter of land and bring the human race to a complete stand still. Most animal life was gone and almost all trees or any type of vegetation were wiped off the face of the world making the air so thin that any survivng humans had to seek refuge where artificial air can be obtained... As artificial air was rare in the first place, most died suffocating... Alone... and in a world they never could recognize... Those who did survive well.... they did what humans were best at... War.... Bearing Gas masks and Automatic Weaponry, Bandits raided all civilizations who survived the wastes... Theses varied from Scientific bases to underground bunkers... None were safe from the bandits.. The citizens were sick of them and pushed the bandits back.... But the bandits were not a threat compared to the Abominations... The creatures were once human but now roam the wastes killing all living creatures... Towns were forced to be abandoned.... Villages were overrun... People were slaughter... These creatures seemed unstoppable...

    500 years have pasted since the War and the world seems to have lost its glory and beauty... any survivors who hear this transmission, I am requesting assistance... G.W.F.D Base is being overrun by the Abominations and we can't hold on much longer... Any one! Everyone! We need you....

    Character Skeleton


    If you have any questions about the Sheet please do ask
  2. Name: James Merango
    Alias: The Grand Man
    Age: 57
    Gender: Male
    Specialty: Construction

    Personality: Tough, Sarcastic, Dry Sense Of Humor, Talkative When He Knows There Is No Threats, Brave, Respectful, And responsible. Smart
    Strengths: Ace Shooter, Master Builder, and Great Strategist
    Weaknesses: Bad Runner because of Limp, Not a People Person, and A real Grump
    Weaponry: M40A5, H&K USP.45 Tactical, M16A5, Ka-Bar Knife,
    Equipment: Duffel Back Full Of Ammo
    (100 7.62 NATOs, 60 .45 Caliber, 150 5.56mm, And A Silencer To Be Attached To The USP.45.), Backpack Full Of Radiation Free Water And Food

    Clothing: A Camouflage Jacket, A Military Full Body Armor Gear (Helps Against The Radiation), Some Combat Boots, A Hunting Cap, And A Military Class Oxygen Mask
    Shelter: He Has A Place He Lives Right Next To A Metro Station Where He Returns After He Is Done Scavenging (Has Lots Of Ammo, Food, Water, And Clothes There). This Place Has A Entrance Area That Allows No Radiation In The Living Place By Cleaning Off Any Radiation That Comes Onto You Making It A Very Safe Place. It Has A 2 Inch Thick Piece Of Bullet Proof Glass With An Intercom So He Can Speak To People Who Pass And Has A 5 Inch Steel Door So No One Can Break In Where You Need A Password To Enter It And An Automatic Opener Inside So You Can Let People In. (In This Home He Has More Weapons For Passers That Have Nothing To Defend Themselves With (A Weapon Rack Containing 10 M16A1s And A Cabinet Filled With 25 Beretta M9s) And Some Oxygen Masks As Well)

    (A Military Grade Humvee With A 50 Cal. Attached To The Top Of It. He Found It At A Military Base Not To Far From Where He Is. It Is Carrying 1000 50 Cal. Rounds And Two Canisters Of Fuel (More At The House). There Is Enough Room For A Total Of 6 People (1 Driver + 4 Passengers + 1 Gunner) And Some More Supplies.)

    Background: Ginrall Was Born In Stuart, Georgia From a Military Family. He Was Taught How To Shoot When He Was Only 5. But His Father Died From An Everyday Shooting Practice When A Trigger Jammed Putting Two Shots In His Stomach. When He Was 18 He Joined The The U.S. Militia To Become A Sniper. Twenty Years later he left the Militia and scavenge enough supplies to build his own Secure Building. He Then found Lots Of Armor Plating, Some High Tech Stuff, Some Food And Water, Some Weapons, Ammo, And Many Other Things. He Stayed In There Until He Had Enough Supplies To Build A Safe Zone For Passers And Scavengers To Have Some Where To Sleep And Eat. He Then Took Some Last Things And Ran For It.
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