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  1. (In Iwaku, character descriptions can be as detailed as you want them to be. Since you're new, im gonna give you a little run through)

    Character sheet

    Name: (First and last name would be good for this roleplay, but usually most people will be fine with a first name)

    Career: (Usually role playing threads won't have this. but for this thread, where we're dealing with modern day stuff, i think it's relevent)

    Race/ethnicity:(Human, of course)

    Age:(Any age you want


    -Outwardly: (What other people see, and how the character acts toward men and women)

    -Inwardly: (The emotional and mental Stability of a person, and what they value, believe, and think.

    Motivation/ goal in life:(Anything goes)

    history:(what ever you want)
  2. Name: Benjamin Pascualli.

    Career: Collection Agent.

    Race/ethnicity: Human, Southern Italian.

    Age: 26.


    -Outwardly: Benjamin is quite put off by other people. He avoids them most of the time because he has to talk to the worst of them, the ones that don't think they have to pay their bills. So, instead, he only talks to ones that he believes he'll be able to relate to. Not just something in common, the other person has to have traits that match Benjamin's. Though, when he does relate to someone, he is almost a completely different person. It's a lot different than most Italians, being social butterflies. But he never grew up in Italy.

    -Inwardly: Benjamin wishes he could drink. But he won't. He won't stand for it. He thinks alcohol is the worst thing that could be put in the body. He constantly thinks of pick-up lines that he'll never use. And he always has those, 'I could have said this!' moments. Deep down, he needs an adventure of some kind.

    Motivation/ goal in life: To become a millionaire and own his own studio apartment that he can do anything with. Ben doesn't want much.

    History: Ben was born in Italy, but his parents moved to England as soon as they could after Ben's birth. They didn't want him to grow up in Italy for some reason. Ben had always wanted to go back though. He was raised in England, moving from town to town, never going to the same school for more than a year and a half, and always having problems with the new people he wished he could meet. His first job was in fast food, then he went straight on to be a collection agent. Now, he has one of the worst jobs imaginable. He's the last person that anybody speaks to before getting sued. He hopes to change all of that, and probably travel. He has quite a bit of savings for a trip like this, seeing that his rent is almost dirt cheap. Currently, he lives in a complex that is in the worst neighborhood and is almost condemned for being insanitary and about to fall down if anybody stomps their feet too hard.

    Should I describe his looks?
  3. Hahahaaha, The motivation made me laugh.

    "Motivation/ goal in life: To become a millionaire and own his own studio apartment that he can do anything with. Ben doesn't want much"

    He seems to have high standards. He probably won't like the female character all that much. It'll be an interesting pessimistic relationship.

    You should describe him the best you can, or just go use a picture. Im giving my character a physical description.
  4. Name: Illiyana Juniper Jasi.

    Career: Veterinarian

    Race/ethnicity: Human- African american/ indian/ irish




    Many people would say she has a very vibrant persona. She is very tolerant and self controlled when at work. When dealing with owners who are half hysterical with fear of losing their beloved pets, she needs to be.

    She can accept any one, finding it crude to judge people for their religion, race, or background. Her mother's family is to thank for that, due to how they treated her father, who was not an indian, and alienated her mother for not marrying the man of their choice.

    Otherwise, many will find that she has quite the temper. They tend to be surprised when she just short of pounces on them like a tiger they hit a raw nerve. Her friends often push her to lose her calm, simply amused by the way her Indian accent floats to the surface, and how she absolutely refuses to swear. Both results of her upbringing no doubt.

    She tends to be a bit on the strange side, however. Some will recall instances when they have walked down a completely normal street to suddenly have her refuse to go further, begging to take an alternate route, or even become extremely upset to the brink of tears.

    Other times the usually agreeable and open minded woman will take an instant disliking to a person, no matter how attractive or agreeable they first seem.


    She suspects that she may be an empath due to the fact that some places affect her emotions so much that she feels she has lost control. It is something she fears people will look upon her with derision if she confides in them. Yet she knows that this is often a warning of sorts, possibly just a heightened sense of intuition.

    She also suspects that her intuition also warns her of the true character of a person. Or rather their intentions towards her. She does not know.

    These aspects of herself do not disturb her. In fact, even though she feels others would mock her for it, she puts her trust in them completely.

    Motivation/ goal in life: She hopes to run her own clinic one day. But otherwise, she is quite content with her life.


    She was quite involved in the daily life of her father's side of the family. She grew up in a small town in florida, next the sea shore. The sound of it she loved her home.

    The way the Banyan trees looked like they could belong in an ancient legend, the way the waves would lull her to sleep, the coconuts that fell from the palm trees.

    The people she'd not been so enamored with. Most of her life she'd been picked on by her peers, ostracized by half of her family, and as she grew into womanhood, approached by the opposite sex in less than appealing manners.

    She went to school to study biology and become a veterinarian in Connecticut, and that is where she has stayed since.

    Physical description:

    She has a slim, toned build from being athletic for most of her life. She is petite standing at 5"1 with small breasts, slim waist narrow shoulders, but her thighs are thick from years of competing in track all through out her high school years.. Many underestimate her strength. Her speed is even more impressive. Quick and agile, she has an ability to squeeze into impossibly tight spaces at a moment's notice.

    She inherited her bronzed mahogany from her father, while inheriting her facial features from her mother. She has large brown eyes, full lips, a narrow nose, and dark, long curly hair that grows to her waist which she prefers to keep in a braid. Over all she has a graceful, yet strong feel to her features.

    She tends to wear loose, light clothing, and is quite comfortable with venturing outside in her scrubs. Often many will see her wearing a pleasant, cordial smile. Yet amusingly, many will say that she tends to be very beautiful when she pushed to anger. Which is, when she is out of work, very easy to make her.
  5. Well at least Ben has had quite a bit of experience with angry people, seeing as how he's a collection agent. And I'm not just saying that because I've been one myself, knowing how to get people to calm down and actually think for once in their lives.

    That aside, what else do we need?
  6. Ok well I'll create another thread. We can get to the story telling, and find a way to bring these characters together. We'll determine how he finds the object later. We can start by doing dialogue of them going through their lives, then pretty much having them be invited to the same event by their friends. Somthing by chance.

    They can meet each other upon finding the object, or even get thrown together when disaster strikes.

    If the object happens to be a small skull, or some sort of unidentified bone, talon, or tooth, we could easily manipulate the plot so that Illiyana is the one that Benjamin goes to to have it identified.

    I'll start the thread now.
  7. Dreadfully sorry, I was gone for the while that I was.

    Just tell me when it's made and I'll start posting.
  8. And I replied.
  9. You are a good writer, haha. Had me cringing with pity for the man and his miserable job. How does he plan to contact her? through phone call? a visit to the clinic?

    I'd like to know so i can write the post accordingly.
  10. Sorry that I didn't see this. Yes, he will be stopping by. Unannounced.