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  1. Deep within the belly of the earth; in a world of darkness and heartless stone. Where the radiant warmth and welcoming rays of the sun dare not tread. A place forgotten by the surface and its time, resided various races in a constant struggle for survival. Here in the Underdark only those truly adaptive, strong and lucky can dwell. A home as hostile if not more so then any clime of the world of sun and sky.

    For the longest while The Drow and their spider goddess Lolth claimed dominion as the dominant force, yet like the world above the times are destined to change. Like the ocean change was overlapping, ebbing and flowing with no regard toward the feeling of those that live within. The shadows and dark stones of this world were whispering, uttering a name as ancient as they themselves. What started as a single glistening strain has become a complex and intricate system of webs.

    The Illithids, beings bent on dominant the minds of those around them, and the deep gnomes who often cared only for precious ores found themselves seduced and enthralled by her call. Reverberating from these claustrophobic chambers a daunting tune as menacing as it was beautiful rang. Luring those who sought change into her loving bosom and sweet embrace. Valerna, Queen of the spiderlings who were once thought as nothing more than beast with an insatiable appetite for death.

    To the north a spiraling tower of onyx resided, piercing the roof of the hallow chamber as illuminating stalks of fungi displayed the glory of her rule. Thick strands of web decorating its shell, as Illithids could be seen patrolling the Stalagmites. Clinging to the darkness and cover as they maintained an ever vigilant watch. The rhythmic sound of pickaxe fractioning against stone drummed heavily, as the deep gnomes were of their own volition hard at work.

    Never before have the gnomes willingly worked alongside the more grotesque and otherworldly appearance of the Illithids. Their writhing slime drenched tendrils refusing to brand them as slaves, instead they worked as one. Their relationship resembling a more symbiotic approach as oppose to a slave and master. Deep within the very heart of the spiraling tower of onyx she nested, back resting against her stone and webbed throne. Long shape talons beating against the solid mass that was her arms rest. Eyes of crimson narrowed, defiantly piercing the darkness as they gazed heavily into an orb of crystal.

    Reaching out her finger plucked a single strand, causing the entire complex system of strands to vibrate and emit a soft nearly inaudible tone. As from the darkness an Illithid levitated, closing the gap between before offering a sincere bow. “Yes my queen?” His otherworldly voice piercing her mind, refusing to disturb the silence that had gripped this room for far too long. Full pink lips contorted, an amused smirk staining her otherwise expressionless porcelain toned visage.

    “My dear sweet Althros; you were the first to find me and the first to follow. You have my blessing to speak your mind whenever you wish to.” Valerna’s voice was sweet. Soft and even divine; a complete contrast given her appearance and loyal followers.

    “Of course my queen.” He verbally acknowledge before standing upright. The mossy cloak adorning his scrawny frame draping back down his spine, as his eye lids blinked from the sides to moisten his dry eyes.

    “I need you to be a good child for Mother, inform your brethren to stay their hands should any approach. We have enjoyed solitude for far too long and have prospered, soon we will be noted by the other races, primarily the Drow and their little baneful Goddess. Only kill and dominate if they should warrant such treatment by their actions. I’d rather not burn any bridges needlessly.” Her request seemed odd, most in the Underdark killed without hesitation nor remorse. Yet here his beloved queen was, a rose amongst a valley of decaying fungus advising otherwise.

    The mechanical shrills of her spiderling booming, swallowing the entire tower as she mentally sent her orders out amongst the guard and her children. “Act with haste now Althros…” She spat, finding his Slothfulness appalling. With a simple nod of the head the tentacle creature vanished, melting into the shadows to carry out the task commanded of it. A grin now resting on her content face as outstretched arm gently pated and ran through the prickly hair of one of her guardian spiders.

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