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    …Present day…

    Everything had started 50 years ago, this war. Before, king Canadion had the upper hand, he was being feared though out the land for his none tolerance for disobedience and nothing could stand between him and his goals, except the Kingdom of Sehara that stood strong against him in his own country. Trying to stop him from getting what he wanted. He wanted to kill off all member of the Kingdom of Sehara whom where all rebels and very strong with magic.

    The king, you see, had disliked the Kingdom of Sehara Mostly because he saw there greed a foolish use age of magic, though before he could take things to his own hands a curse was brought to the world and he knew it was for the foolishness of magic.

    Every race was granted unique powers this he also knew was just for them to work in harmony with each other.

    But he for saw the greed of some that corrupted the world and he had blamed thoughts siding with the Sehara kingdom and 2ed Empire for it. The powers were abused and the Gods of old were angered. No race would be spared from this black plague that was sent to the word.

    But perhaps there they could be redeemed for such things? Through the sacrifice of others... Toughs who king Canadion saw as unworthy to see the suns light.

    His father had successfully dragged the Empire of Ariseethan to the underground vallys and now he saw that it was up to him to Rid the world of the Sehara…

    This war soon became The lands of Highlands and Gridlands against that lands of Sarin and Zamora. Erta when asked to join the Highland and Gridlands had chosen to stayed out if it, not wishing to fight since most of their population contained magic. Nothing seemed to be able to turn the tide.

    Erta had drawn away and was defended well and the King knew he could not attack them on their own lands.

    Fury possessed King Canadion and killing off the Kingdom of Sehara was no longer his goal now, he wanted peace and he knew he could not control the others any longer.

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