The Time Paradox (Psychological/Thriller RP)

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  1. Something is not right.

    That's what you quickly realized when you went to sleep in the year 2015, and woke up in the year 1944, in America. Or, when you went to sleep in 1944 and woke up with a few crazily dressed people claiming to be from the future! The time travelers consider many options, from seeking out Einstein to trying to become their own grandfather (accidentally?). The 1944 natives also have a few different options, from guiding these poor folks to the nearest loony bin or reporting these dastardly German spies to the government.

    Except, when they try to act, time resets itself to that bright and sunny 1944 morning.

    That's when you know there is something very wrong happening.

    Oh no! You're stuck in a time loop! Half of you are condemned to the war-crazed 1944 America, and the other half have to live with these cooks claiming to have a black president (as if!).

    That's when a 1944 police officer tentatively suggests that they take advantage of this time loop to continue researching a serial killer case. Using your inter-dimensional time resetting powers, you make some leeway on the case.

    And, lo and behold, time doesn't reset itself! There is only one logical conclusion, you all decide. Whatever the reason, you've all been placed in this time warp to catch this killer. Maybe the Universe really does work in mysterious ways? Maybe the bad guys really do get caught in the end, even if reality has to be broken to do so. And, compared to living out the same day in WW2 era America for the rest of eternity, maybe playing detective doesn't sound so bad?

    Until, of course, you begin to notice some inconsistencies. You begin to suspect that this time paradox wasn't random at all. There may be a more sinister explanation...
    You try to ignore these unnerving details that seem to eat away at your mind: maybe I'm not alone here. Maybe someone else is here that isn't supposed to be. Are they causing this...? The serial killer is all you can focus on to keep your sanity, an objective being heavily reinforced by the passing of time itself. You learn her only known identification is Marjorie, and she has poisoned more than twenty men and women all across the United States in the past month with an unidentifiable toxin. Nobody knows who she really is, so it's likely she's using a fake name. A woman killer catches a lot of people off-guard, so there isn't a lot of attention on her right now... especially with the war going on.

    Marjorie is on the loose. Is stopping her key to returning things to normal?



    I'm hoping this roleplay will be small and focused, think of a miniseries compared to a TV show. I want to have a plot rich story full of twists and turns, character development and all that juicy stuff. As I hoped you could tell from the tone of the intro I plan to keep the narration a mix of light and serious.

    My plan for this roleplay is to have a series of "episodes", events that drive the plot forward and have a concentrated chunk of story. With each passing episode, you'll discover more and more about the nature of the time paradox and why exactly you are stranded in 1944 (This will take place entirely on the homefront. No Hitler killing, sorry).

    Chasing Marjorie will be a background/underlying goal of the roleplay, but this roleplay will be MUCH MORE than a Law and Order type thing. Things will take a turn for the bizarre the further down the rabbit hole you go, I promise.

    Note: I classified this RP as sci-fi because it deals with common Sci-Fi plot points, but the setting is the past. Funny, right? I promise, if you were looking forward to more Sci-Fi, that things will only get stranger for our time-paradox'd friends as time goes on.


    You can either make a 1944 native or a person from 2015. I'd prefer an even mix of the two, or more on the 2015 front. To be clear, the people from 1944 are apparently the only people aware of this time paradox, and are immune to the time reset similar to the 2015 people.

    I will be playing Marjorie, the police officer from 1944 and other plot relevant NPCs. Along the way, you may create and control NPCs, but be aware they are not affected by the time paradox so they may get lost along the way.

    Your character can be anyone from anywhere, just be aware of the limitations they'd face in 1944 America. Your 1944 character woke up one day in the same room as the 2015 time travelers. No matter what they try to do to go back to normal, time just resets on them.

    Here's your character sheet:

    Timeline (1944 or 2015):
    Appearance (Description or realistic picture):
    Personality Synopsis:
    Weaknesses (I'd like at least one genuine weakness. No "Too loyal" or "Lovable Smartass"'s, please):
    The rules are standard and, I hope, not worth mentioning. Be aware that the setting may change but the theme and feel of the RP won't. Your characters may die (often), but remember time paradoxes are funny. They might just come back. And then die again. And then come back...

    Please join only if you plan to stick around. I want this to be smaller, as I said, so it won't be a huge commitment. Although if it goes well I'll make a sequel. ​
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