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The Tiger has the power back!~

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by PureKor, Dec 8, 2014.

  1. People..as some of you know already I was off for a while, just lurking around the forum but I am back now as much as possible even if I have two running jobs at the moment xD Crazy shit I must say ha ha

    I am trying to be part of one or two rp`s at a time and get back into writing again. I apologise again for my other partners if they thought I ditched them, But I did left messages for a reason about my life situation.^^

    It is still bit crazy and stuff, but I guess I can RP every now and then :D


    Go Tiger Power!! rawwr..~
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  2. *meow!! Welcome Baaaack!!!
  3. Thank you for the welcoming xD Very kind of you. ~

    Whispers in the corner as she pets her Tiger and giggles in the darkness.~.~

    WELCOME BACK!!!! <3
  5. THANK YOU FIJ!! <33

    It is good to be around writers and stuff lol :)

    - is giggling while munching her oreo Biscuits and floats on her tiger ~
  6. Welcome back~
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  7. Welcome back!!

    I pretty much pulled a you, two weeks ago. Finally came back to Iwaku, to get my write on after being away way too long.

    Have fun gettin' yo' write on!
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  8. *bows* you have been missed, welcome back
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    THANK You everyone for the kindness ~.~
    I hope its not an conspiracy ha ha lol xD
  11. Welcome back pain =P

  12. Salutations how's it going
  13. you evil person xD :))

    -giggles evilish floating on her Tiger-

    thank you again :D
  14. She's on to us! Better skedaddle!

    I-I mean welcome back! *shifty eyes*
  15. After all.. I got the Eye of an Tiger xD

    -pets her tiger and chuckles by looking at you-

    No worries, I can deal with EVERYTHING Now.!~ rawwwrr
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  16. Welcome back random pe--