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  1. Ara smiled as she walked up to the doors. It had been a long time since she'd found a place of refuge and she needed this now more than ever. Her arm was bent at an unnatural angle, and her foor was torn off at the ankle. Still, she did not wince as she walked. She couldn't feel the pain. Parts of her hair were stuck together with blood. When she entered, she announced, "I need a bath and a solitary room. Stat. I'll pay 300 upfront.
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    phoenix smiles with a toothpick in his mouth as his new customer walks in. he pulls out a key and puts it on the counter. "300? alright then." he frowns at the wounds she has. "would you like me to take care of those wounds?"
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    Sakura Queens walks in tall and proud. She has long pink hair and looks about 13. She has a metal collar around her neck that never moves. It has a faded number on the front, and a part torn off in the back. She also has another unmoving ring on her ankle, which says in faded letters, 'Property of St Annes ((Not my idea. This character is directly from another rp.))' She had a wad of cash in her hand that she placed on the counter. "Give me the nicest room that this will pay for." She demanded, ignoring the girl who was severely wounded. She had place about 700((Something)) on the counter. "I'm not sure how much that is, exactly."

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    *i raise an eyebrow and look down at the money then back at the woman* excuse me. i am talking to an injured customer. but my associate phoenix 2, *a duplicate of me appears beside me* will help you out.
  5. Sakura rolls her eyes. "Whatever. Just get me a room." She demands. She glances behind her to make sure she wasn't followed.
  6. phoenix 2: will do! *i smile but then i frown at the collar and lean close and look at the woman in the eye* after you say please
  7. "Please just give me a damn room!" Sakura shouted. "I don't have time for your idiocy!"
  8. *i raise an eyebrow* oh? and why's that? im just trying to be nice
  9. "PLEASE!" Sakura was starting to panic and tears started to fill her eyes. She didn't want to go back to St Annes. She had only one plan: Lock herself in a room until she was sure the St Annes people weren't looking for her here.
  10. *i disappear and appear beside you and put my arm around you* hey. listen. tell me whats wrong.
  11. "No." Sakura replied. "There are other inns out there. If I don't get a room I'm just gonna leave." Her heart beat faster. She was bluffing. She wondered if he could tell. She pulled away from the man.
  12. *i sigh* girl i am one of the most powerful beings in the multiverse. i can tell your lying. this place travels from place to place and reality to reality. so, ill make you a deal. you may stay here for how ever long you like. but you have to tell me what your hiding from
  13. "It jumps between realities?" Sakura's eyes lit up. "Does that mean they wont find me?" Sakura sighed and pointed at her ankle brace. Her feet were bare and bruised. "I am the property of St Annes. They aren't nice there. They experiment on me." She glared, her eyes filling with tears. "If you're the most powerful thing in the universe, then wouldn't you already know??"
  14. im the most powerful. not all knowing god. there is a difference. hold still and ill remove the brace and then i'll get you some new clothes and you can take a dip in the hot tub ok?
  15. Sakura's eyes widened. "Don't." She said stepping away. "It's fused to my bones. The only way to remove it would be very painful." She turned away. "Will you take me to my room?"
  16. i frown and sigh. "ok. let me take you to your room." i lead you down a hall and upstairs to a room on the right. "here we are."
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    Sakura nodded and closed the door. She immediately collapsed on the bed, exhausted and sore.
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    "mrs would you like anything?"
  19. "No!" Sakura shouted from inside. "Thank you though..."
  20. "if you need anything...just call my name.." i sigh as i walk away and start cleaning dishes*
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