The Three Kingdoms

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    Over three thousand years ago, we split into three separate kingdoms. The ones that govern us is called the elders, and there a group of Vampires, Lycans, and Warlocks. They have come up with the rules and orders that all must follow. We live in piece with the human world, because we must in order to survive. But now there is a revolution on the way, and the elders will be question. Which side will you be on?

      • Immortal supernatural beings that appear human but can transform into sinister looking creatures with brilliant glowing eyes, and fangs. The more ancient vampires tend to look more demonic in facial structure when their blood lust sets off their transformation. They have enhanced physical abilities generally weaker than Immortals (Ones formed through Angelic parentage) but stronger than Werewolves. These powers include super strength (can lift many tons), super speed (Faster than a Cheetah minimum 84 mph to hundreds of miles per hour), super agility, enhanced vision that includes infrared night vision, a sense of smell rivaling bloodhounds, amazing hearing, taste, and tactile ability. They also have varied hypnotic, and limited mind reading powers (mostly emotions in humans), along with some psychic abilities such as premonitions. They can sense when other vampires are near and can read their minds to an extent but Master and offspring can fully read each other’s minds. They can also form bonds and read minds with other vampires by feeding off each other. Some can acquire the abilities of others after drinking their blood. Contrary to myth they cannot fly although some ancient vampires are reputed to have greater psychic powers that include telekinesis which they can use on themselves to allow flight to take place. If a vampire lives long enough and focuses on achieving this goal it's sometimes possible to fly.

        Despite their extraordinary power they are not invulnerable. They can be killed by complete incineration in fire of exceptional heat of a certain duration although holy flames guarantee instant death as they will turn into ashes. Complete immersion in holy water will disintegrate them into nothingness. Being exposed to full sunlight will cause them to burst into flames and turn to ash. Sasquatch and Angel blood is said to kill vampires as well. And of course there's the famous wooden stake and also silver stake to the heart which will cause a slow agonizing death. Once they die the body decays quickly into ashes. They can be repelled with lesser amounts of these methods along with various religious artifacts including the holy cross. These artifacts can be from Christianity or just about any other religion with a mass following. It's the mass belief in the religion that gives these artifacts their magical defensive power against vampires and most other paranormal forces. Garlic is the least of these and may in fact just annoy most vampires. On the other hand the flowering herb known as Vervain, aka Verbena, has been known to be an effective repellent against most vampires. Recently Cryptozoologists have devised effective tranquilizer darts infused with Vervain so vampires can be captured for study. Since these weaknesses are a result of the demonic imperfection that originally brought them into existence thousands of years ago, they cannot enter a persons home uninvited thanks to Angelic protections. In addition dead human blood acts as a repellant, and is poisonous to vampires.

        A vampire is most commonly formed when another vampire kills a human by nearly draining them of blood but leaving a certain small amount behind. Attaining this takes practice for new vampires. Once the victims heart has stopped the vampire introduces his own blood into the victims system. The vampires blood contains the supernatural vampirical virus which re-sequences the humans DNA thereby transforming their cells into something similar to cancer cells except stable in nature. It is this similarity to cancer cells that gives them their immortality since cancer cells are immortal. The process isn't instant and often takes 24-48 hours during which time the pre-vampire is clinically dead. At least according to standard modern medical testing. So vampires will often rise in morgues or buried at cemeteries. There's even a few recorded incidents of vampires rising out of their caskets at evening funerals even after the embalming process which will not kill a vampire or a pre-vampire. In fact you could behead a vampire and his head would grow a new body but his body would not grow a new head.

        They tend to rise from their graves at around Midnight which is the witching hour for all things paranormal. At that time they have an uncontrollable ravenous hunger for blood and will attack the nearest human which usually results in the victims death. Blood, human being the best, is needed to maintain peak power as it fuels their immortal demonic cells. If an animal or their master (vampire father or mother) is the first thing they run across then they feed off them. Although the blood of their master will only provide a temporary fix until human blood can be found. If they were to go without blood they would eventually weaken and appear to age although they would never die. Only suffer agonizing pain until they fed again. Some choose to only drink animal blood which allows them to exist but they won't be at their peak power. In addition the blood of other supernatural creatures can have certain effects on them.

        Midnight is generally when most vampire slayers patrol graveyards and morgues ready to stamp out newly born vampires. However many times the Master Vampire is there to greet his newly born son or daughter. Since they now have components of the Master Vampires DNA he or she is in essence their new father or mother. Often they will teach their offspring in the ways of being a vampire. Despite having an eternal telepathic bond that allows them to read each others thoughts at close proximity the new vampire will eventually wish to leave his master and experience the world on his own. They are able to find each other no matter where they are on Earth so they eventually meet again.

        The first vampire was a result of a pure non-physical demon taking human form or basically possessing a human to the point of re-shaping their DNA, and then mating with a human thereby creating a vampire birth. Angels battle to stop this so it's extremely rare. In addition this is different from a demon directly translating himself into physical form and then mating with a human which would create a demi-demon. For reasons of intelligence demons seemingly had no urge to have relations with humans until they became homo neanderthalensis, and later homo sapiens and this was limited to small above average groups that existed some 100,000 years ago. Groups that went on to create ancient lost super civilizations such as Lemuria and Atlantis (Some of the oldest vampires could very well be mermaids). Although before this it's plausible that vampires existed in the Dinosauroid civilization some 65 million years ago. However back then demons were far more common in physical form which would have been similar to the reptilian form of the Dinosauroid people evolved from dinosaurs. Since they were rather particular about their pure demon bloodlines back then it's probably unlikely that vampires existed during that time since they wouldn't have mated with a Dinosauroid. Eventually the entire civilization along with the demons were destroyed by the famous asteroid that killed the dinosaurs. So more than likely the oldest vampire could be about 100,000 years old. Although it would be amazing to live that long and not succumb to the various demises possible for vampires.

        There is also a rare breed of pure blood vampires that can mate and give birth to children just as humans do. These vampires are far more powerful than standard vampires and can even withstand some sunlight and other things that might normally hurt vampires. This first generation of vampires aka pure breed vampires are the only vampires that can directly give birth to babies. Female vampires can only mate with another first generation vampire, and have kids in addition to the traditional method of bringing a human across which involves draining their blood until they die. Such pregnancies last 666 months (55.5 years) due to the fact that vampires are living dead creatures and not ideally designed for bringing forth new life. In addition a female vampire can only have one pregnancy in her entire immortal life. Although in almost every instance she has twins which are usually male, and female. The resulting offspring could have kids as well. First generation vampire kids are the only vampires to age. They age the equivalent of 10 human years for every 100 years on this Earth. Their aging permanently halts at the human equivalent of age 33 which takes 330 years. These vampires have some of the longest childhoods on Earth.

        Male vampires can father offspring 13 times in their entire immortal lives at intervals of 100 years. In addition unlike female vampires they can mate with humans creating Dhampir's, aka Demi-Vampires which are generally considered a sub-species abomination among royal vampires. Dhampir's often go on to become Vampire Slayers, or in some cases servants of the royals. Demi-Vampires can also be formed when a Demi-Demon mates with a human. Dhampir's generally feed off animal blood since their urge for blood itself isn't great enough to go after humans. Learn more about Dhampir's here.

        Vampire animals do exist and are brought across the same way as humans. Some vampires will bring dogs or other animal across as eternal companions. However they are hard to control and their deadly killing sprees draw attention so they often are killed. Some violent Cryptids such as the Chupacabra have vampire DNA within them.

        These first generation vampires and their offspring are considered high royalty among vampires. They even have a secret pseudo-government where they feel they have the Devil given right to rule over all vampires. Generally speaking the closer a vampire is to the first generation the more powerful it will be. Although all vampires slowly gain strength over the centuries so the older they are the stronger they are. Vampire generations of 6 or less are considered royalty.

      • We’ve never run across one but there are ancient anecdotes of vampire werewolf hybrids existing. If they still exist then they are quite rare. Such beings are vampires most of the time as the Werewolf DNA lies latent until full Moon nights. Although the amazing will of the vampire would allow it to transform any time at will, or even to resist transforming on the full Moon nights. The hybrid could create a new vampire anytime while only being able to transform someone into a Werewolf when in complete wolfed out form on the night of the 100% full Moon. In addition it seems they would have no ability to transform anyone into a hybrid at all even with the aid of magics.

        Both vampires, and werewolves are the product of powerful paranormal viruses which are demon based in nature. They enter the body, and alter the DNA supernaturally. The vampire virus is more powerful than the werewolf, aka Lycanthrope virus. In cryptozoological lab studies the vampire virus always eradicates the Lycanthrope. Under all circumstances the two viruses have been able to exist together inside various test subjects. Despite both being demonic based they can’t get along, and strike a balance.

        A Werewolf biting a vampire yields nothing but a temporary increased aggression, and an odd aversion to the Moon for vampires while their body fights off the Lycanthrope virus. For the Werewolf partaking of vampire blood will weaken, have hallucinations, and other random symptoms which will last up to two days, and nights. A vampire attempting to bring a Werewolf across in it’s furry wolfed out form will most likely produce a dead Werewolf. A vampire transforms someone by draining them of nearly all their blood to the brink of death, and then introducing their own blood to the subject. The Werewolf might survive the blood drain but it would not live through the introduction of vampire blood.

        Despite this there is anecdotal evidence in various ancient scrolls, and books of magic that a vampire werewolf hybrid might be created with the right timing, and some magical intervention. The vampire must drain the Werewolf of blood taking it to the brink of death in it’s diurnal human form at the stroke of Noon on the day of the New Moon. Then a magical potion must be administered containing a bit of vervain, a bit of wolfsbane, a drop of quicksilver, aka mercury, a pinch of 24K gold dust, three pinches of Dragon’s Bloodfrom the Daemonorops draco plant, a drop of he vampires blood, and a drop of the Werewolf’s blood from it’s fully wolfed out form along with a bit of sage. All of which is to be mixed within 13 ounces of unholy water blessed by a Dark Priest, or Priestess. The final mix should be pitch black. The entire 13 ounces must be poured down the Werewolf’s throat immediately after the blood is drained. Then they must lie seemingly dead until the New Moon is at exactly 0% of full. At that point the vampire is to introduce generous quantities of it’s own blood into the Werewolf. Theoretically within 24 hours you should have a vampire werewolf hybrid. The hybrid themselves, as mentioned previously, could not transform others into hybrids at will, or even with the method above. This would account for the rarity of this hybrid creature.

      • After all it would be foolish to eradicate a potential powerful ally who would have personal insights into vampires. If the Slayer senses the vampire is evil then they will be taken out with extreme prejudice.

        Most vampire slayers tend to be solely dedicated to eradicating the vampire scourge of evil from the Earth rather than taking on other beings. In that case those folks tend to just refer to themselves as paranormal or supernatural warriors. Slayers are almost always Immortals, super humans, witches, or have some type of powers to combat vampires. Some may even be Demi-Vampires, otherwise known as Dhamphirs. These rare half-human half-vampire hybrids have the advantage of sensing when a vampire is near, and picking them out of crowd of humans. Their enhanced physical and mental abilities also aid in their quest to quell vampire violence against humans.

        Whether they have powers, or not, Vampire Slayers generally carry the standard tools of the trade. This includes guns loaded with silver, or even sometimes hickory stake bullets, along with wood stakes, holy water, holy oil, crosses, crucifixes, Vervain, and garlic. Speaking of garlic Vampire Hunters without powers tend to eat a lot of garlic which ends up being unpleasant for both fellow humans, and vampires alike!

      • Psychic vampires, also called psi, or energy vampire, are quite different from the standard sanguine (blood) vampires the world knows very well from various television, motion picture, and literary incarnations. Energy vampires are more or less supernaturally enhanced humans. Their origins lie in first generation vampires mating with powerful psychic humans. Usually witches or warlocks born with various energy based powers. Normally when a first generation vampire mates with a human it yields a demi-vampire, or half-vampire. During the rare mating with special psychics a psi-vampire is born. They have none of the limitations of a vampire such as not being able to go into sunlight, aversion to holy artifacts, etc. They also don’t have any special physical abilities at first. However after several decades of sucking energy from humans they will exhibit enhanced strength, speed, and agility.

        They look very human, and seem perfectly normal except for their psychic energy abilities which can begin manifesting anywhere from their early childhood to early adulthood . They may communicate with the spirits of the dead, and other higher dimensional beings. They can sense various energy fields including human electromagnetic fields, and even the energy of the human soul itself. They can see the past, future, and read people’s minds along with manipulating them. Their powers vary greatly, and can include various forms of telekinesis. The power will begin to decline if they don’t feed off the energy of humans which can include mere biological energy, electromagnetic, or that of the soul. Each time they drain energy from a human they gain more psychic power, and continuing to do so will guarantee them immortality, and eternal youth if they do it in the correct manner. Some grow so powerful that they have the power to kill by draining a body of energy right down to the soul. These individuals may feed off animal or even plant energy but they will not attain immortality Rather they will only maintain their current powers.

        Unlike sanguine vampires one cannot be transformed into a psi-vampire but rather they must come from a family line containing the gene which is usually latent. There are very few first generation energy vampires so they almost always mate with humans which dilutes the power base. Eventually normal humans are born with the latent gene always existing in descendent’s for all eternity. For reasons unknown it will randomly become active in certain people so you might be a psychic vampire, and have no known ancestors who were one as well. Although somewhere in the past they exist, and may in fact still be alive on this Earth.

    • Werewolves are humans infected with the supernatural Lycanthropy virus. The virus re-writes their DNA causing transformation into a monstrous wolf like humanoid during all nights a full moon is present regardless of cloud cover. Although their strength, speed, and aggression is lessened by a thick cloud cover. A full moon in terms of werewolf transformation is defined as 80% or more of the moons surface illuminated by the sun. However this is only the minimum requirement, and only a small number will transform. Generally the newer Werewolves will transform unwillingly the most. With age resistance is formed, and more Moon illumination is required to achieve Lycanthrope status. With each percentage point of Lunar lighting the number of Werewolf transmutation increases greatly to it's peak at 100% full Moon. Werewolves can transformation as the sun sets sometime within Nautical Twilight if the moon is visible. Since there is still daylight the minimal sunlight will cause them to stay in deeply wooded areas or even caves. The vast majority of werewolves reside within Astronomical Twilight where their power is strong. The peak of their power comes at Midnight otherwise known as the supernatural witching hour. The subject remains a werewolf until nautical twilight just before the sun rises. The rising sun triggers the de-transformation back to their human form. The sun in general blinds the werewolf and renders it helpless. However it will not burst into flames like a vampire in sunlight.

      Werewolves are extremely agile, and run about in an ape like way utilizing their arms as legs. They possess strength comparable to at least two large polar bears with a speed greater than that of a wolf (66 mph). Their carnivorous teeth are as sharp as diamonds and tough as steel. When in human form during the day they possess strength and speed above that of the average human and would be classified as superhuman. At night in human form in the presence of non-full moonlight they can have double or even triple the strength and speed of the average person. These superhuman abilities are the first clues that something has happened to them along with waking up naked and sometimes bloody from the previous nights hunt as they have no memory of being a werewolf. Generally if a person has a strong will of goodness, which is rare, their werewolf persona will mainly target animals rather than humans. There's also an attraction to other supernatural creatures. If presented with a paranormal being or a human, the Werewolf will always go after the supernatural entity. Those human Werewolves that are evil will be some of the most horrid creatures ever and will go after any living thing. Those in between will probably go after animals and adult humans. However what little humanity shines through may prevent them from harming children. There are also rare cases of exceptionally strong willed people controlling their transformations to the point of being able to transform without a full moon. Some reports also indicate that a rare few have achieved human consciousness in werewolf form. The longer they live, the better control they have.

      Werewolves are created when a werewolf bites a human thereby transferring the supernatural lycanthropy virus into the victims bloodstream. From there it makes it to their cells where the DNA is altered and lies mostly dormant until a full moon. There is currently no cure for Lycanthropia aka Werewolf Syndrome, however if they were just bitten it is possible to reverse it with magic or religious remedies. The afflicted individual can take steps to insure people don't get hurt. Many who realize what's going on choose to lock themselves away on full moon nights. There's also evidence that some witches and wizards can temporarily de-transform a werewolf although they are by no means cured of the disease. Werewolves are not immortal as they are still human and therefore age. However each monthly transformation regenerates the body to an extent so they will have double the life span of a normal human. It's pretty common for a human with Lycanthropia to live for 175 years. The highest known age for a common Werewolf is 251 years old although it is rumored that a small number have utilized magics to attain immortality so there might be werewolves roaming the Earth who are thousands of years old.

      The humans with werewolf syndrome can still have kids and they will be perfectly normal. In fact it's pretty much a guarantee they will be free of birth defects and not have any negative genetic factors. There are hereditary Werewolves who pass down the Lycanthrope gene to their offspring, but that isn't as common as people who are simply bitten. They don't pass along anything paranormal to their kids. In werewolf form it is possible for them to mate with another werewolf but a male werewolf running into a female one is beyond rare. The resulting pregnancy would cause the female to stay in werewolf form for the one week gestation period. She would most likely find deep forest cover, a cave, or bury herself in the ground until the unholy birth. The werewolf child would be a rare pure blood werewolf that has no human form and would become an adult within a week. It would be born an albino and would be beyond ferocious. Although it's strength and aggression would be somewhat beholden to the full moon, it would constantly be in werewolf form most likely hiding during the day in a dark cool place. Albino werewolves cannot mate nor does their bite create another werewolf. In fact it's mere bite would kill a human. Albinos are the only true immortal werewolves and will live forever until killed.

      Werewolves can be killed with silver bullets, silver stakes, any sharp silver implement including silver swords although beingWerewolf On A Violent Blood Thirsty Rampage! beheaded by anything tends to finish off just about any supernatural creature. Since they are still human beings we recommend saving this for a last resort. Once they're killed they will return to human form and you could be charged with murder. If attacked we recommend a full power taser which will stop it for a matter seconds or a tranquilizer gun loaded with elephant tranqs or something containing the right amount of Wolfsbane, and minute amounts of silver or colloidal silver. Wearing anything silver in general, especially a cross, will deter them along with holy water. Wearing the flowering herb Wolfsbane in various forms is also a highly effect deterrent. They can be scared off like most animals with bright lights, and loud noises. Dog whistles of a certain pitch have also been some what effective in scaring off most werewolves but a Werewolf Whistle is the safest bet. They are also attracted to bright colors so dark clothing is recommended. Especially in the wooded areas they are drawn to.

      Certain holidays like Christmas & Easter can nullify werewolf transformations due to the forces of good being marshaled in full force. Holidays like Halloween on the other hand can intensify werewolf activity and power due to the forces of evil marshalling their power. Certain holidays and types of moons can also effect werewolves. For instance a Supermoon creates a hulked out mega aggressive werewolf while a Friday the 13th full moon can cause a demonic werewolf who is possessed by a demon from hell. See the chart at the end of this page for more details on the various monthly moons, celestial events, and holidays effects on Werewolves.

      Some in the paranormal community will hunt werewolf for sport and experience the ultimate rush. A fringe few will actually eat the beast alive since death would cause it to return to human form. They believe it has magical properties of rejuvenation and strength. The majority of supernatural hunters try to tranquilize and capture the hairy horrors until they return to human form. Killing Werewolves is saved as a last resort to protect innocent lives. Some Wicca spells call for Werewolf hair which is believed to possess magical properties and has been used for centuries in various primitive cultures including Native Americans who compromised the first werewolves in North America.

      Werewolves are thought to have originated with a group of Pagan Celts practicing extremely dark witchcraft in Iron Age Great Britain. The ancient British Isles were teaming with large blood thirsty wolves which were caused by Hellhounds biting a common wolf. The Hellhounds themselves were released from the Underworld, the physical extension of hell on Earth, by a coven of dark witches who had a sinister plan in mind. A plan of revenge to curse as many humans as possible for the death of fellow witches. The ancient people eventually turned these dark practitioners of Witchcraft for help. Unfortunately the people were fooled into thinking they were good witches. A diabolical demonic ceremony took place at Midnight in the light of the full super (closest to Earth) blood moon (First full moon after the Autumnal Equinox Harvest Moon) amid an eclipse at Stonehenge. The dark witches tricked the people into making two human sacrifices. Sacrifices that had to be make willingly by the subjects, and the villagers as well. A young male and female virgin were tied to a stone alter. One on each side of another alter containing a live Hellhound infected wolf tied down with silver chains. The deeply Devilish and demonic ritual took place as the blood of the virgins was mixed with that of the wolf who was slowly being bled to death while at the same time being fed said blood. The wolf died but then was resurrected containing the blood of humans and the spirit of a demon who possessed him. He was then unleashed as the lunar eclipse began and killed all the humans observing the ceremony before finally biting the two dead human virgins at the apex of the lunar eclipse. After ingesting the blood, the huge wolf transformed into the familiar monstrous humanoid form. As the eclipse cleared to reveal the full moon again they transformed into the first real werewolves and ran off into the night to wreak havoc on the nearby village killing nearly the entire population. The full moon that night indeed turned blood red. The only survivors were people bitten, and infected with the Werewolf syndrome.

      The two Werewolves mated that night and within a week the first pure blood Albino werewolf was born. The female stayed in werewolf form for the week's pregnancy while the male returned to human form the following morning to find his entire family and village slain in a bloody catastrophe. He had no idea what had happened but transformed on the other nights of the full moon during that week. He moved on to other villages, and decimated the populace turning some into fellow Werewolves. He finally realized his black outs, and the mass deaths were connected. Now in human form he sensed the birth of the albino Werewolf, and found his mate in Werewolf form giving birth. The small white cub ran about the woods while the man witnesses the female return to human form. He then realized the demonic curse he was under, and that he was now a hairy serial killer. He, and the woman sought shelter that night to discuss the situation when all the sudden their albino son burst through the door, and mauled both of them before racing away. The bite of the albino transferred an unknown virus, and the first Werewolves become the first Lycans. A rare species of powerful Werewolf who manifest an almost vampire like appearance in human form while able to transform into a wolf man like creature at will without any need for a full Moon. Although the full Moon gives them more power. No matter what form they were in, they had complete awareness of their actions, and their lust for blood, and flesh took over as they embraced their new lives. Unlike common Werewolves, Lycans are in fact living dead, and are therefore immortal. The two Lycans mated, and were able to bring forth offspring. However they could only bare one child who was born within a week but took a half century to grow into adulthood. It wasn't until a century later that they ran across other Lycans who were Werewolves bitten by the Albino. Their son was then able to mate, and slowly the Lycan race grew.

      At the height of their population they had a run in with powerful vampires, and many Lycans were eradicated. From that point on they hid themselves, and are almost impossible to find in modern times. They considered themselves Werewolf royalty but have no real power over Werewolf packs across the globe. When a Lycan bites a human they don't create a Lycan but rather a common Werewolf who retains human consciousness in Werewolf form. It's rumored that the Lycans want to amass an army of these Werewolves to attack vampires, and the world. In human form these Werewolves remain under the Lycans control through a form of hypnosis.

      The demonic wolf aka the proto-werewolf who created the original two, was angered by being trapped in the wolf body by the dark witches. He attempted to hunt them down but only got a few of them. He also managed to turn some into the first Werewolf Witches, an extremely rare, and powerful form of Werewolf. The demon was trapped within wolf form by magic and he knew if he were to die then his spirit would be eradicated for all eternity. So the immortal demon wolf stalked, and killed witches all over the Earth. He also continued biting humans, and transmuting them into Werewolves. Only humans bitten by him have the Werewolf gene which they pass down through the generations. These First Generation Werewolves who are more powerful than common Werewolves. Eventually the demon wolf made it to North America where he came across Native American witch doctors who utilized special magics, and the mystical power of Sasquatch, a friend of the Indian, to deter him. The demon wolf, and the natives he turned into Werewolves menaced the various Indian tribes. Finally several Witch Doctors gathered together, and managed to kill the demon wolf in a ritual spiritual ceremony that ended up creating Indians who could transform into large wolves at will. On the full moon however they transform against their will into full blown Werewolves who still have somewhat of their will intact. Although they are not fully conscious humans. These Native American wolf packs protected their tribes from the mindless Werewolves, and other threats. To this day there are Native American werewolf packs that can transform into werewolves at will without the full moon. Sometimes they are good and sometimes they are evil. Certainly something to think about next time you gamble at an Indian casino.

      Other ethnicities also have werewolf packs although the lone Werewolf is more common. Pack always are the type who can maintain their conscious or some semblance of their will when transforming into Werewolf form. Sometimes they have the ability to transform at will or are beholden to the Moon. It depends of who they descended from, and if they can get a witch, wizard, or sorcerer to aid them in controlling their Werewolf nature. Packs have a leader called an Alpha, and a second in command called a Bet

    • All are paranormal practitioners of magic and all have the potential to be good or evil. Although in the case of Warlocks, they tend to be evil. Also a good number of Sorcerers or Sorceresses end up being evil due to the awesome power they wield going to their head. That being said Sorcerer’s are the most powerful followed by Wizards. Witches and Warlocks come in third although as with any practitioner of magic or any art for that matter, someone can be so advanced in their field of choice that they end up being more powerful than someone in a higher field.

      Witches can be a person who learns Witchcraft or they can be hereditary witches who are often born with a supernatural power and a natural ability to manipulate magic as a force of good or evil. Those born witches have the ability to more easily master witchcraft and cast more powerful spells including making up their own. Non-Witches who learn witchcraft can only use other witches spells and cannot make up ones that will work very well. Although there’s always a rare exception. Most practice the Wicca religion although some only practice the religion and never attain magical powers. Witches call upon deities, mostly Goddesses, from which they derive some or all of their power from in the form of spells, incantations, rituals, divination, summoning, charms, and potions. Some exceptionally good white witches may also on occasion call upon Angels for power as well. Advanced witches can build up power within, especially when favored by a Goddess. In such cases they may have the ability to conjure up one or more powers with just a few words. If a witch is born with a supernatural power then that power comes from within and no deity is needed to access it. Witches can be male or female. More often they’re female. Witches are usually members of covens. When one is cast out of the group they are refereed to as a Warlock, whether they’re male or female. Witches also practice the healing arts through herbology, homeopathic medicine, and other alternative remedies. Many without much magical ability tend to become midwives.

      An evil male witch is always called a Warlock while a female might simply be called an dark witch or wicked witch. Someone can be born from a line of Warlocks and be either good or evil although they tend to be evil. In this case a female would be called a Warlock. Warlocks do not practice the Wicca religion and call only upon Gods for power rather than the Goddesses used mainly by Witchcraft. Although if they’re evil they in fact mostly call upon demons for dark power. Warlocks clearly reject reverence for Mother Nature along with the healing herbal and magical arts that are apart of witchcraft. They tend to work alone although if they form an alliance it’s called a Dark Coven.

      Wizards can operate alone but often work with other Wizards within what is called a Wizard’s Circle. Many males choose to become Wizards rather than witches. Wizardry can be learned or power can be inherited either from a Wizard or Witch parent. For many Wizards the goal is to someday become a Sorcerer which is at the apex of magical power mastery. Wizards are known for their magical laboratories, their potions, and practice of alchemy and the manipulation of magic energies and the exploitation of science. In general they cast more complicated and power spells than a witch. Wizard spells call upon both Gods and Goddesses, often within the same spell. Advanced Wizardry relies less on spells and is about accessing the power within or imbuing ones self with permanent power free of any magical source. In order to focus magical energies Wizards must rely on a wizards wand. When a Wizard no longer requires a wand they are considered a Sorcerer. A hereditary Wizard advances much quicker than an average person and may never be able to perform magic without their wand.

      Sorcerers (males) and Sorceresses (females) are the rarest practitioners of magic and the most powerful. Power cannot be inherited but rather learned and earned although they almost always must have some magical parentage to advance to this level. Many start out as Wizards while other born from a family of Sorcery to become a Sorcerers Apprentice. Sorcerers utilize a Sorcerers Staff to focus their maximum mystical powers although they have power without it. Sorcery is the ultimate manipulation of magical energies that accesses the true source of magic itself. The power of our own pure thought, trapped within our supposedly physical brain, accessing the pure thought foundation of reality which is actually the one original eternal God’s mind. This ultimate power can be used for good or evil since all good and evil had to derive from the mind of God. Although demons (fallen Angels), and humankind amplified the minimal evil energies that were naturally occurring. The lure of the dark side takes over many a Sorcerer which is why there are a number of evil ones. Luckily Sorcerer’s as a whole are a rare breed.

      Sorcerer’s almost always work solo but usually have an Apprentice to pass their powerful knowledge on to. The most powerful ones eventually attain immortality and train many apprentices over the centuries thereby creating a Society Of Sorcerer’s. A Sorcerers Society identifies themselves by the magical rings they wear which link their powers and make them an all powerful force to be reckoned with. It’s said that a Society of 12 or more Sorcerers could conceivably take over the Earth.

      Practitioners of magic master sorcery by first learning all forms of magic that exist on Earth which includes wizardry, and witchcraft. They can take the best of all magics, and combine them into one which eventually lead them to the true power of their mind linked to their eternal soul. If a Sorcerer lives long enough he may ascend to an even higher level and become a Traveler which is considered the ultimate being of free will in the Universe. Travelers are beings of pure thought who exist in the physical realities in a pure light and energy form. A natural hologram in essence bound together by the quantum forces of the Universe. They are explorers of space, time, parallel Universes, Multiverses, Omniverses, and beyond into the great Macroverse within the mind of the original God we all exist within.

      Beyond Sorcery

      Whether still officially a sorcerer, or a Traveler, they collect magical knowledge in their eternal quest for ultimate power. They learn to master the magics of the entire Milky Way Galaxy, and the entire Universe. They delve into Hypermagic which is the mastery of all magic within our Multiverse, aka collection of parallel Universes. This then leads to Omnimagic, the practicing of all magic within our Omniverse. This can lead to ascension to Omniverse Godhood which then lead to the practice of Macromagic, or the mastery of all magic in all of infinity. This is in theory impossible since only the one Macroverse God can know what infinity is. However some Omniverse Gods wish to become one with the Macroverse God thereby achieving the ultimate throne of magic possible in all reality within the mind of the only infinite God there is.

      • Humans, along with most animals, are generally classified as not being supernatural beings. However in the grand scheme of things everything is paranormal in nature at it's fundamental level since our entire reality is composed of pure thoughts within the mind of God. Humans are called the children of God yet don't have Demigod powers. At least on the surface. It's also been said that humans were created in the image of God which refers to our minds since God is non-corporeal. Yet we don't display the omnipotent powers of a God. However our ability to intelligently reason, and feel emotions are qualities that first existed in God. Technically we're Animal-God Hybrids due to our bodies, and minds being biological in nature while our extraordinary minds have the potential to ascend to infinite heights.

        The programming of our reality, bodies, and minds is made to deceive us into perceiving a lackluster reality devoid of magic. Under the Universal laws of free will we can in theory do anything, be anything, and go anywhere in the entire Universe we so choose. We have the power to do it as well. Our souls contain amazing powers that aren't easily tapped into within the illusion of our physical Universe within our biological bodies. We are connected to these souls all the way up to the God level as humankinds destiny is to ascend to Godhood in the afterlife, or as a societal whole in the distant future through technological, and genetic evolution. We are already in fact 10 dimensional Gods, or more, of our own Omniverses, aka collection of Multiverses (Parallel Universes), as we speak since it exists outside of our four dimensional time frame. Below that is an Archangel soul of a seven or six dimensional nature which is the unification of all your Angel lives since you ascend to Angelhood in each Multiverse you exist in. Your five dimensional Angel soul is the unification of all your lives in the various parallel Universes of this particular Multiverse. Then in each Universe such as this one you have a four dimensional soul which is composed of three dimensional plank length time incremental sections that contain your 3-D body which is in way a soul as well. That body is composed of two dimensional sub-atomic particles that make up the physical matter of your body. Those quantum particles in turn are made up of one dimensional energy strings which are composed of the zero dimensional pure thought points of God. Pure thought points that connect us to all Gods, all our souls, and every living being, and inanimate object that exists in all the great Macroverse which is the one original God who always existed. Within his mind everything exists as he expands in all directions for infinity, and beyond. In essence creating a Macroverse internet network which would allow us to access every power there is in existence everywhere. Many of these powers actually manifest in the form of latent DNA that scientists call Junk DNA. Unfortunately most human never access these powers on any noticeable level.

        So there is unlimited power out there for the taking but our 3-D minds, and bodies of illusion trick us into not seeing any of it, and make it beyond difficult to access the ultimate freedom of being the children of God made in his image. A state purposely created so we can live unique lives that will prepare us to become the ultimate Gods someday. Humans are supernatural but only a small amount of us are able to ascend to the next level within this life rather than the afterlife. Only those special ones can perform true magic, or manifest powers, and abilities beyond that of the masses who think of themselves as mere mortals.

      • Any being who has the ability to live forever may be called an immortal. Although those who are the offspring of Demi-Angels, Demigods, Demi-Demons, Travelers, and other half-human breeds of higher dimensional origins are often referred to as immortals. However when we make the I in Immortal a capital letter we are referring to a distinct race of supernatural beings. They are a group of unique biological beings separate from humans or anything else. They were in fact the first intelligent beings to exist on Earth. Immortals were the only biological beings created by the direct hand of the Hyper-Omniverse God, aka an Archangel of the Macroverse God, outside of the Omniversal Gods evolution process. The Macroverse God is all infinity, and is the only God who has existed for eternity into the past. However evidence suggests he might have been self-born from a pool of pure thoughts that coalesced into his super-consciousness. Whatever his origins everything that is exists inside his mind. Although he may have directly created Universes on his own he later directed his Archangels to become Gods, and create Hyper-Omniverses within their minds. This was the beginning of the process to allow lower beings to ascend to Godhood. It was the birth of humans in a way. These Archangels then created Omniverses which eventually spawned their own consciousnesses, and became Gods. They in turn created Universes, and sentient biological beings within them that spawned into Multiverses via the pure thought process. Eventually those beings ascended to Angels of the Omniverse God, and then on to Gods themselves. They then became Omniverses in which they created their own Universes. Our current Omniverse seems to be a former biological being of another Omniverse. Now that we got that complicated introduction out of the way on to the Immortals in question.

        Our Hyper-Omniverse God apparently overrides the Omniverse God, and creates a race of their own beings in the various Omniverses as his own personal on the ground observers who record history, and guard the intelligent beings destined to ascend to Omniverse status against supernatural incursion. However that is far as they can interfere in human lives. In addition they can only intervene where fate takes them. They can't seek out trouble. They presumably live on every planet where intelligent live has evolved. Certainly they must based on their mathematically perfect numbers. The total original populace of these beings created in our Omniverse is the seventh perfect number of 137,438,691,328. However that populace has probably grown quite a bit. Originally 6 Immortals were created on Earth. Three males, and three females. Six being the first perfect number. They have the ability to procreate with another Immortal only once until the populace of the Earth reaches another perfect number. Although they can mate multiple times with ascended beings of goodness who descend to Earth in biological form. This can include Angels, Gods, Travelers, and other higher dimensional beings. The current Earth populace of Immortals is thought to be near 496 which is the third perfect number. One ancient scroll says that when their numbers reach 496 Armageddon will come. Another ancient text left out of the Bible seems to suggest that the birth of the 496th Immortal breaks one of the Seals that leads to the apocalypse. What their role will be in Armageddon is unknown. Most likely they will simply observe unless fate directs them to help someone. No matter what they are bound by an honor code of ethics. If they stray then a fellow Immortal is authorized to behead the evil one with a special sword. The sword senses the evil, and will create a final death for the Immortal. His spirit is then absorbed by the other Immortal. His strength them increases two fold. Those Immortals who have self-resurrected, and killed an evil Immortal are the most powerful of their kind with two to four times the power of the rest.

        The original six appeared on Earth at the dawn of civilization to record history, and act as guardians. The exact time is unknown. The appear human but have greatly enhanced physical abilities, senses, and intelligence. However it seems as if the development of mental, or magical powers has been purposely blocked so they don't ascend to higher dimensions, or become tempted to turn into Gods among men. Despite this their strength is near that of Demiangels, and Demigods. They require no food, water, sleep, or anything else humans, or even many supernatural beings would require to survive. They never get sick, age, or die. They're nearly indestructible, and are immune to all magics. They aren't totally invincible as there are beings stronger than them. Beheading by a special type of sword, or by intensely hot fire will finish them off. They cannot travel to an afterlife so they have no choice but to self-resurrect. So in this way they are invincible as they will always return shortly after death. If their body is totally destroyed it's said they can translate their spirit form directly into a new biological form. In addition their first death, and resurrection has the added benefit of increasing their strength, speed, agility, and enhanced senses two fold. All subsequent deaths have no effect. It's also said that killing themselves, or having someone else kill them on purpose for this reason makes them blink out of existence for eternity. It must be a legitimate righteous death.

        The future of Immortals most likely lies in following us humans to the stars, and galaxies where they will eventually meet their brothers, and sisters on distant planets. It's said there will be a great Gathering of Immortals at the ends of time, and they will finally meet the Hyper-Omniverse God. This might indicate a time when humans, and all sentient beings in the Omniverse eventually ascend to Godhood. No other information is available about the Immortals at this time but we will continue to scour the Earth for ancient texts or even a real live Immortal to tell us more!

        Besides the various supernatural beings who can be termed immortal with a lower case "i" there are also some humans, who by genetic fluke, are born immortal without any supernatural parentage. A simple role of the DNA dice as it were. A sparse few of these men and women have been walking among the human race for many millennia. They don't have any special powers other than never aging, and healing perfectly with no scars. They must eat and sleep like a human. They can get sick and injured but they heal faster than normal people. They can die by various means including beheading, burning, starvation, drowning, and other means that kill humans as well. They seem to have an amazing immune system that can quickly fight off normally deadly diseases. It's unknown if any viruses could kill them such as a flesh eating virus. These type of immortals can procreate but their offspring are never immortal and don't display any enhanced healing abilities. These brave immortal humans have suffered greatly over the many centuries working hard to survive, battling untold dangers, surviving deadly plagues, tyrannical regimes, and their ultimate fear of being locked away somewhere to die slowly by starvation which will take far longer to occur than in humans. Torture is also another concern since they could be kept alive forever in some kind of a hell scenario.

        These immortals are often wealthy due to centuries of compound interest, and investments. They do however tend to get bored, and will often fight crime, or even supernatural beings to give their life meaning, and just for the rush of it.


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  2. Bio Configuration: Royalty Ranking, 1 = highest, 10 = lowest, Royalty Ranking = How purebred your character is.



    Age when Changed: (Vampire or Lycian only)


    Date of Birth:




    Royalty Rank: (1-10)


    History: (1 Paragraph Minimum)

    Looks: [Real Please]
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  3. Name: Xavier Cole Vangues

    NickName: Sav

    Age when Changed: 17

    Age: 206

    Date of Birth: July 17, 1825

    Sexuality: Gay

    Gender: Male

    Species: Vampire (Psychic)

    Royalty Rank: 4

    Personality: Stubborn, careless, hot headed, can be mean, reckless, and rude. Hates humans, desire blood.

    History: Xavier was born in the year 1825, to a careless father, and his mother died during childbirth. He grew up in the old fashion town of Boston, his father blamed him, for his mothers death, and wished that he had never been conceived. So he later ran away from his family, at age fourteen, and he met his true friend Dimitri, a vampire that later turned him into one. They roamed the street together, and ravaged for food, and clothes when it became necessary. They created hell in Boston, and in Manchester, New York. This was were Dimitri, asked Xavier if he would like to become like him, and he said yes. He and Dimitri have been good friends since that lonely night.

    Name: Dimitri Alec Pendous

    NickName: Dim, Al, Alec

    Age when Changed: 15

    Age: 556

    Date of Birth: January 28, 1458

    Sexuality: Straight

    Gender: Male

    Species: Vampire (Normal)

    Royalty Rank: 3

    Personality: Bubbly, funny, very considerate, nice, kind, compassionate. Can be stubborn at times, and can be very careless.

    History: Dimitri was born in 1458, he was born in England, and was raised there until the age of thirteen. His family got mixed up into the the business of the DarkArts, and his father soon became a Warlock, and he forgot to pay of his debts to the Vampire colony. So the vampire believed that the only way to get their revenge on Dimitri's father, was to take him away from his father, and change him at the age of fifteen. After this, Dimitri never saw his father again, and he moved over to the United States in 1836, and later on his journey he found a young boy by the name of Xavier Cole Vangues, and they traveled together and created hell for Boston and Manchester. About two years after they met, Dimitri offered to change Xavier into a vampire, and Xavier chose to, they have been together since. The Year now is 2014.
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