The Thieves of Estendril [Khalypso and mkvibe]

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    Welcome to the Kingdom of Estendril


    In the kingdom of Estendril life carries on like normal. The people, led by their King Lucius Ilberis, live in prosperity and peace. But as with all things, good things must come to an end.

    Whispers of a new thieves guild have made their way through the city of Aedrel. Some of the nobles prized possessions have gone missing with no trace. As the guards and victims search for answers, the citizens have begun to wonder who the next target will be.

    • The Kingdom of Estendril

      Estendril, a relatively expansive kingdom on the western coast of the largest continent. It is a primarily human population, however most races are welcome.

      Religion is a large part of life for Estendril, with the official religion being the monotheistic worship of Yvera, the Goddess of All. There are many religions throughout the world and these are tolerated but not really accepted.

      Aedrel, the capital city

      Aedrel is located on a large natural harbor, making it the largest port in Estendril. It’s the seat of power for the ruling family, the Ilebris. King Lucius Ilebris is currently seated on the throne.

      The city is split into different districts surrounding a central point.

      The Merchant District located just inland (south) from the port and is home to a wide variety of goods ranging from basic necessities like salt and foodstuffs to the finest wines and lace.

      The Crafter District is located next (east) to the Merchant District. Here you can find a craftsman in every known trade, and perhaps even ones just recently mastered.

      Royal Road runs through all the districts but both begins and ends in the Courtyard of Kings which leads to the royal residence’s main front gate.

      Small temples dot the different districts for ease of access to residents and travelers alike, though the main temple is located in the middle of all the districts. This is so that Yvera is at the center of all Her children’s lives.

      The Voldari Ridge

      The Voldari Ridge is the second largest mountain range on the continent. It's also the richest source of ores and gems in Estendril, which is one of the kingdom's highest grossing exports.

      Due to the numerous mines, the area is infamous for the bandit gangs that hang around hoping for easy wealth.

      The Wild Plains

      East of the Voldari Ridge, the plains offer a great deal of space for both farming and ranching. Towns are starting to grow into cities as more people move in from the capital, the ridge and desert.

      Rains occur year round, often with little notice as they tend to be brief showers.

      Rumors and tales of the great beasts of old still circulate in the region. To grant peace and protection to the growing populace, the Iron Guard was established by the King and stationed throughout the Wild Plains.

      The Ashen Desert

      The Ashen Desert, often called the Fields of Silence, is so named because of the war which waged there millennia ago.

      The lands once were rich fertile savanna much like the regions surrounding it but the area became so entrenched in gore, everything died. Eventually the rain stopped coming and the sun scorched the decaying land.

      Not many lived here for several generations until more recent times. The desert has been receding in the past generation as the plains receive more rain. Many believe the Wild Plains will overtake the desert given more time.

      Voldari Plains

      In the west the lies the Voldari Plains, named for the mountains they run into, that meets the ocean with both beaches and sudden cliffs.

      Those living on this side of the ridge mainly trade along the coast as the mountain passes are dangerous.

    • Rylah Zokar

      ♀ | Appears to be in her late 20s

      Kayal (often called Fetchling)

      At first glance Rylah’s ivory white skin and deep violet-crimson hair distinguishes her from the rest of those in the tavern. The second glance reveals the light blue-green glow emitting from behind her darkened glasses. She is usually found sitting in the corner of a tavern, watching the patrons, as she sips on a hot tea. Once she stands to leave, her shorter stature becomes apparent, while the bulk of her thick clothing cloaks the lithe figure beneath. Though she almost always travels alone, there are times when she will join others. Those she joins tend to think she's callous and a touch condescending, when she actually talks to them. Rylan is best described as cold, sharp and distant with those she doesn’t know.

      Rylah’s unusual appearance certainly sets her apart, and even those who are familiar with the Kayal view her as rare as most Kayal have yellow to yellow-green eyes. She does her best to avoid drawing unwanted attention via her hood, darkened glasses and traveling alone as much as possible. She’s very guarded about her past and usually completely ignores that any inquiry had been made. She seems to be hiding from something in the Shadow Plane.

      Aerilyn Laeroth Tanithil

      Addie | ♀ | A lady never tells

      Star-touched (sometimes referred to as Empyrean)

      Aerilyn is taller than average with a curvaceous build. Her long silver hair accentuates long frame and grants her a sort of otherworldly regalness along with her striking grey eyes. She has the snow white complexion of her kin making her seem somewhat frail to the humans around her.

      To those who know her, Addie tends to be somewhat shallow and so absorbed in to what she's doing or needs that she doesn't seem to even notice anyone else. Even to those who aren't aquatinted with the Lady, it's not much of a stretch to see she's been a little more than spoiled. Though many are quick to forgive her on account of her family connections and her beauty. [More to come later]

      Aerilyn Laeroth Tanithil is the second daughter of Lord Beiryndor Tanithil and Lady Amara, Duke and Dutchess of Voldari. Being born to such high station has afforded her with a very luxurious lifestyle, and being born second grants her freedom from the necessities of marriage. Addie has the uncommon opportunity to live comfortably on her family's money and do as she pleases to simply enjoy life. Many in the capital city have become accustomed to her pet-projects and seemingly random donations to shops she likes. Though she isn't afraid to "protect her interests"; in other words, those who cross her or upset her have been known to be thrown in debtors prison or socially disgraced.

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      Aedrel - Merchant District

      Time & Weather
      Mid-spring | Afternoon | Sunny and clear

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  2. [BCOLOR=transparent]Her gait was a little shaky, swaying slightly as if to anticipate the rolling of the sea. Despite the clear, sunny skies and warm temperatures her hood was pulled securely over her head and her cloak was wrapped about her tightly. She walked quickly from stall to stall, scanning the wares at each. This continued down the marketway for several minutes as she weaved through the throngs of other patrons. Suddenly she stopped in front of one of the shops, peering intently at the items displayed on the table. Her fingers brushed against the hilt of a delicate dagger. The metal shone dully in the light, almost as if it was resisting the light.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Like that dagger, cutie?” The shopkeeper smiled at her. “It’s not like a lot of other’s I’ve seen.” The smile was meant to be endearing, but the missing canine made it a bit more insincere. His eyes searched under the hood looking for any sign of more than a passing interest. His eyes narrowed at her, “Where are you from?”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“How much?” Her voice was a steady alto, while her gaze never wavered from the dagger.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Uh, well, ten gold. It is a rather unusual dagger. I’m not sure I really want to part with it.” Somehow he seemed a little less sure of himself.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Ripoff.” She sneered at him. “It’s a wonder you sell anything with those prices.” She turned, almost as if to go.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Wait.” He almost reached a hand out to her, “Seven gold?”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Five,” She turned to the shopkeeper, “And you have a deal.” Her arms crossed over her chest. Her gaze was turned up towards the shopkeeper’s face.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Five, “ he agreed, sticking out his hand. She grasped it and gave it a firm shake. Five gold was quickly laid upon the table and the dagger was snatched up. Turning, the woman headed off in the direction of the Crafter District.[/BCOLOR]
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  3. A shriek rang out down the royal road near the edge between the Merchant and Crafter districts. Moments later, two cloaked figures bolted through the crowded street tailed closely followed by three guards and a very well dressed Empyrean woman who was closely trailed by a servant woman. The guards yelled for them to halt, but their orders only spurred them on faster.

    The well dressed woman called out, "Stop!! You thieves!!!" She tried to run a little faster and began saying an incantation. Her hand and eyes started to glow as a white ball of sparkling energy formed before her palm. She thrust her hand forward sending the spell blast whistling up at the thieves' heels. It sputtered into a small explosion which the thieves were able to mostly avoid.

    The lady quickly tired out after her failed attack and stumbled to a stop. " could anyone do this?" She cried clearly distraught. Her servant stopped beside her trying to console her. "The guards will catch them, surely, mi'lady. Just relax."

    "That was my favorite necklace! Father said it made my eyes look like stars...Oh, what will I do? What will I do?!"
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  4. Shrieking and the sound of running caught the woman's attention just as one hooded figure slammed into her. The other ran past, but stopped and hurriedly tried to help his comrade to his feet. It made no difference, the woman slugged the one who knocked her over. She climbed on top of him as he struggled to get away, her hands gripped his neck. The man on his feet saw the guards nearing and so turned tail.

    "Halt!" A guard shouted, running past the two on the ground. He was closely followed by a second guard, the third however turned his attention to the scene before him. He bodily pulled the woman off the thief, who lay gasping on the ground.

    "That's enough!" His foot pinned the panting man to the ground before he could muster the strength, and sense, to flee again. "We'll see how much you like the dungeons."

    The woman collected herself once the guard let go of her. During the fight her hood had fallen about her shoulders revealing crimson hair with a touch of violet and ivory white skin. Shaded glasses slid down her nose but were quickly reseated. Panting slightly, she looked around, clearly trying to figure out what had just run into her.

    "You'll give the Lady her necklace back now." The guard manacled the thief, "and tell us who your friend is."

    Patting herself down, the woman froze. Ice was not near as cold as her voice, "Where's my dagger?"
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  5. "Look! One of them has been apprehended mi'Lady!" The servant stated in an attempt to cheerful. The young Lady transferred concerned eyes to the scene. She watched the guard demand for her necklace and cuff the criminal, and a woman with rather vibrant hair call out rather coolly for a dagger. As she slowly approached, she overhead the thief sneering at the guard.

    "Hehehehee...I have nothing. In fact you're arresting me without cause! What's the punishment for that these days?"

    The guard stepped on the man's heel and shoved him forward. "Silence, thief. You're fooling no one."

    "I'm telling ya, I didn't take anything!"

    "Enough!" The guard moved to attack the man, but was halted by the Lady.

    "Wait!" She jogged up to face the man and looked him dead in the eyes. "Return my necklace now, please. Return it and less harm will come to you."

    The thief stared at her, blinking for a moment before bursting out in ugly, mocking laughter. "Hahaha! Less harm? Ha! No harm is gonna come to me unless this idiot behind me wants to add to his criminal charges. And as I've already said, I didn't steal your necklace."

    A sharp lack of amusement overtook the Lady's face. "How do you not know who I am? Allow me to educate you, knave. I am Lady Aerilyn Laeroth Tanithil, daughter of Lord Beiryndor Tanithil, Duke of Voldari. You will return my necklace. Or trust me, you will find that dungeons here are far kinder than those back in my formal homestead."
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  6. The woman frantically patted herself down again, her gaze searched the street. The dagger was nowhere. She had ignored the fancily dressed woman who stormed up to herself, the guard and thief but as she confirmed that the dagger was now officially missing her attention turned back to the scene before her. Without regard to the conversation the woman and thief were having, her hand clenched into a fist. She slugged the thief again, this time there was an audible crack with he captive man's head slamming back. "I just bought that dagger, then you and your friend come along and poof! It's gone."

    Her fist raised again when the thief spat blood at her. His tooth struck her cheek, leaving a red streak as it bounced off. The thief found this to be hilarious and his bloody cackle only seemed to infuriate the woman further. She hit him again. Then again. The guard was shouting at her to stop, then physically restraining her. The thief lay panting, bleeding, on the ground. The woman stopped resisting and the guard released her. She turned to the Lady before abruptly walking away, "I hope you find your necklace."

    The thief coughed, blood sprayed from his mouth. "You're just gonna let her walk away?"