The thief, the Justicar and the Queen.

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  1. Justice, Charity, Honor these are but a few of the traits that guided her actions. As a Justicar Justina was charged with the difficult task of becoming the avatar of the seven just traits. Often being sent out into the realms to influence political affairs, end unwanted cults and uphold a strict sense of justice. Even now, as she wandered through the mostly human settlement she walked this narrow path. The line between good and evil is thin by nature, sometimes forcing her to commit atrocities for the greater good. Currently she was charged with infiltrating Valerna's cult; a powerful and ancient entity who recently created an empire and threatens the current geopolitical scene.

    Adorned in her Justicar ornate armor she walked this road, navigating the ruffian and piss filled streets with little contest. Even the most dense of apes understood the power and influence behind a sun elf. Her full lips contorted, giving birth to a subtle grin as she could feel their trouble filled eyes linger on her defined yet golden toned frame. With pride she flaunted her bodice, as well as the markings forever etched onto her sensitive flesh. Secured tightly to her hip could be seen an empty sheathe, and on her back nested an empty quiver. These tools though appearing to have no purpose were used to house her ethereal weapons, a well known skill of all Justicars.

    Recently there had been a robbery, a shop had a break in and their supplies and trinkets stolen as they slept. A witness told her of a female low life responsible; though such information didn't come without a bit of rough housing first. Valerna had charged her with a simple task, one that eluded her understanding. The ash Queen wanted her to find a novice thief, preferably young whom she could morph into her own agent. The oddity of such an order was troubling, but even more so would be the foolish chain of thoughts that could birth questioning. Any such unwanted acts of inquiry ended poorly for her stewards; and as a representative of the solar dominion she had little choice but to comply.

    Standing outside of a rundown house Justina paused, taking in the idle whispering of the locals who took an abnormal interest in her arrival. She could sense the greed building up inside of them, a dangerous notion that would lead to the lose of limbs if they should act on it. Shaking her head the Justicar grabbed the knob of brass, turning it but the door was lock. Gently she pressed her right palm against the weather worn wood. As a sudden burst of magical energy caused the door to fly freely from it's rusty hinges. "Pardon the intrusion..." She barked, stepping past the jaw of the threshold; entering the humble abode.

    "Do not fret child, I mean you no harm. I come with an offer; one you'd be foolish to refute." She purred matter of fact like, as she made her way toward the living room.The heart of the home. No doubt the owner of the home would be frighten due to her sudden entrance; and confused what an agent of the Solar dominion would want with someone of her skills. Whether or not this female trusted her was of little import; for one way or another she would be leaving this old life behind her. Either of her own volition or by force, the means meant little to Justina.

    The neighbors gathered outside of the home, far too intimidated and frighten to step in. Instead opting to convene as a mob, whispering among each other as a few flirted with entering. But such antics would be snuffed out like a candle in the wind; for the mentioned of a Sun elf Justicar proved far too threatening to justify any gains.[​IMG]
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