The Theft of a Princess

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  1. He hated kidnappings. People were so hard to carry. He should have declined when he had the chance, but his client was very persuasive. It didn't help that his client had also shoved him a large bag filled to the brim with coin, more than Tace had ever seen in his lifetime. Well, he couldn't pass that up.

    And that was what led him here to the castle. He perched on the spiraling tower containing his target, feet balanced precariously on the flat top. Satisfied that no one was taking any looks at him, the thief climbed down the roof and gripped a hole in the stone. He dug his feet into the grout, alternating his upper and lower body until he was next to the stained glass window near the Princess' room.

    The metal hinged squeaked as he pushed it open, and he winced with the sound. When no guard showed up to try and arrest him, the thief slunk into the window and melded with the shadows. He made sure it stayed propped open, since it was his way out.

    He took the stairs by two as he climbed the tower, all the way to the top. He figured she was up there to dissuade normal thieves from attempting a theft of her jewelry.

    Well, he wasn't any normal thief. He was Tace Alveron, a master at the art of theft and staying invisible.

    A thin wire was produced from his belt and he popped the lock open to the door, sliding inside and finding the Princess right where his client said she would be: in her bed, asleep. In fairness, it was rather late at night. Tace pulled out the short length of rope he had, moving her hands so he could tie them up with his deft fingers. Once she was secured, he pulled back, unsure if she would wake up. When she didn't, he slid his arms under her body and lifted her up.

    He had to be careful now. One wrong step and she would wake up.
  2. The young princess sat up in the bed looking around the room she had spent most of her life in. The tower at the back of the castle like fort her father had built before she was born. Yes, all Elizabeth Smitherson had known was that of the royal palace life. That of rules on dress and etiquette as well as what should be done at what time. To be honest it was a rather boring life.

    She rolled over in the mattress as she looked out the small window that allowed a small amount of light to come in. Her eyes dropped as sleep fell upon her. She knew that there was little to worry about that night. The castle guards were the best of the best and every night she could at least know that she would also be safe.

    She allowed her eyes to close as she drifted off to sleep. Her body relaxing and going limp as she slipped into the coma like sleep.

    The sounds of the wind blowing against the upper part of the tower had done blocked out all of the sounds from the rest of the castle and night. The guards had done their rounds and were now starting towards the lower part of the tower. Everything was how it should be.

    Or was it?

    As Elizabeth turned in her sleep as she felt eyes staring down at her. Her body slightly more awake as the feeling of something tightening around her wrists and her body being lifted came into the subconscious.
  3. The Princess stirred in his arms and he stopped moving. She stilled and he kept moving, all the way back to the window. Now came the really hard part. Getting into a window by himself was easy. Getting through a window carrying his precious, living cargo... That was another story entirely. Tace's arms switched around so she was slung over his shoulder, and then he slipped one leg out the window and then the other. He was lucky enough not to hit her head on the edge of the window, but he couldn't stop her hands from doing so. He had to deal with it, and if she woke up, she would be wise not to mess him up unless she wanted to die.

    He was slow about going down the side of the tower, but the extra weight was sagging on his shoulder. With a quiet grunt, he continued his descent until his feet touched the dirt ground. Due to the tall towers, the castle only had a short stone wall, one he could jump over easily. In the distance, he could see his small pack pony. The animal was meant to carry his spoils, not him. However, the horse was bound to protest once he set the Princess on his back.

    Shifting her around in his arms again, he had one arm under her back and the other under her knees, silent as he hid and passed the guards in the courtyard. Tace was grateful for the mask covering his face, because if the Princess woke up, he couldn't have her knowing who he was.
  4. The feeling of her hand hitting the cold stone caused the princess to stir and awaken. She felt herself being carried and heaved down the tower she slept in. Could this be a dream? It had to be. Nobody could get inside to her. Nobody. She closed her eyes again she felt the one carrying her hit the dirt ground. She couldn't believe this. Her mind was not going back to sleep. Could this really be happening? Could she really be taken as a prisoner. She stirred a bit more as she heard the passing of guards. She started to move a bit, not knowing if to scream or not.

    She went to kick her legs only to find her body being held against another. Her legs unable to do much damage as her back was being held up. She opened her eyes a bit to look around her. She was nearly at the gates. Her heart raced to her throat as her body froze. What was she to do. She hadn't known what a moment like this would bring. Sure she always knew that it could happen, but really was the possibility of it actually happening. Evidently pretty good.

    She felt her kidnapper stand up and start to move again. This was her moment. She started to twist and turn in his arms. Pushing against him and making a small noise before adding a scream. "LET ME GO!" She yelled. A few the guards that had just passed, stopped and turned in her direction.

    "Whose there?" The called the sound of the armor came closer to her as she struggled some more.
  5. Tace swore under his breath, stopping as he jumped over the wall. He stooped and clamped one hand over her mouth as he pressed her to the stone. "Scream again, and I won't hesitate to kill ya." His client had never stated whether he needed the Princess dead or alive, but Tace figured he would probably want her alive. That didn't stop the threat from spilling from his masked mouth. Springing up, he saw the guards had grown closer, but he didn't waste any time observing them.

    Leaping back over the stone wall, Tace threw one of his knives, watching the blade embed itself in one of the guard's necks. Two remained, but he jumped down on top of one, driving another knife into the break in the man's chest armor. He still had one to fight and he actually provided a fight, nicking Tace in the shoulder with his sword before the thief managed to take him out. Panting, he pulled the knives out from the bodies and jumped back over the wall. He picked the Princess back up, walking again, not running. He didn't have the breath to run, not while carrying her. He hoped she would take his threat to heart, though he also wanted it to apply for the rest of their trip. The city of Mayalt was where his client was located, but from the rate they were going, it would take them at least two weeks, and that was if the weather complied with their travels.

    Finally reaching the pack pony, he threw the princess into the small saddle, much to the annoyance of the furry little mountain pony. Tace shot the animal a glare before he untied the reins and lashed them in between the rope on the Princess' wrists. If she ran, the pony would stop and she would get nowhere.
  6. She felt him push her against the wall as his hand was pressed over her mouth. She let out muffled struggles to say something as he whispered his threat. She couldn't tell much around the mask expect for the shape of his mouth and the color of his eyes in the darkness. Her throat swollowed hard as she nodded her head. No screaming was worth that.

    Her legs gave out from under her as he released her and jumped back over the wall. As much as she tried, all she could hear was the groaning of men in pain. Deep down her thoughts hoped it was him. Much to her disappointment, it was not. Her body was soon picked up again and thrown onto a small horse. She thought about struggling, but kept her mouth shut, maybe soon she would be able to escape back to the castle.

    Her eyes shot down to her wrists as the leather of reins kept hitting her hands and wrists rather harshly. It wasn't long until they were walking away from the castle. Why he was not in such a hurry she had not known. Most other kidnappers would be running on the horse by now trying to avoid any trouble at all. But not this guy. He seemed not to care as they walked into the castle. It would be morning before the other guards were found and they would be only Lord knows were.

    She pulled against the reins of the pony trying to get him to stop, but her fight was fruitless. She continued on it onward, but with little amusement of the man in front of her. Rather he did not care or was hoping it was exhaust her, she did not know. All she knew was that she had to escape and get back.
  7. She was finally being quiet, which was a relief on his part. Now he had to just get her to his client. After a half-mile of nothing but the clip-clop of his pony's hooves, he spoke. "If ya are wonderin' where I'm takin' ya, it's Mayalt." Not like she could tell anyone about her predicament. Tace was not about to pass up any large sum of money, even if the Princess proved to be a handful. She was feisty; he'd give her that.

    From his client, he knew that she was Princess Elizabeth Smitherson, and the kingdom she lived in was prosperous. His client had shown a great interest in her capture, even though Tace knew nothing about the man who hired him. The horse nickered, chasing his thoughts away and making sure he had a tight grip on the reins. He felt her tug on them, but he only glanced at her. "Ya ain't escapin' me. I know this place better than ya might be thinkin'."
  8. Knowing that her tugs were effortless, Elizabeth slowly dropped her hands and allowed them to become limp on the pony's neck. Her wrists were actually rather sore and red. She did not think she was pulling that hard on the reins, but her skin was showing other wise. The saddle was rather uncomfortable. The insides of her bear legs were sticking the cold leather. She only came off her "suffering" as she listened to him speak.

    "Why exactly Mayalt?" She asked, her voice more curious than concerned, "There is nothing in that city. It is rather washed up if you ask me."

    Her eyes glanced him up and down as she awaited her answer. He was a rather tall man, towering over the small mountain pony, and he was rather slim looking or maybe it was the clothing. She couldn't tell. "You know, if you take me through any towns like this it is going to cause for come curiosity," She exclaimed, "I'm not exactly 'unheard of' nor am I properly dressed. My own mother hasn't seen me this undressed since I was five."
  9. "That's where my client is. I ain't takin' ya there 'cause I feel like it. Doin' it for a lotta gold." He said it so simply, like it was common knowledge that he hated kidnapping people. "Gotta point. Mayalt ain't great, but it's where he is, so that's where we're goin'." He fell silent again before she raised an outburst about her clothes. He was going to disagree, but then he remembered she was only wearing the same outfit she wore to bed. Sighing, he nodded.

    "I'll get ya somethin' 'fore we get anywhere big. Ain't goin' to be pretty, but ya will wear it." If anything, she would if she didn't want people to see her looking so open and exposed. It wouldn't have been the first time he'd seen a young woman so undressed, but that didn't seem like a proper point to bring up in that moment.
  10. She looked at him as he spoke. She couldn't believe he was working for someone. "Could I at least know who is taking me?" She asked. her brain was curious now as they continued deeper into the forest. Her eyes wondered just trying to figure out what was going on. Looking around the place only seemed to be getting darker as the sun came up. It wasn't making any sense to her.

    The idea of not being in something fancy and not being about to be seen as someone who was in "power" would be a new feeling for her. She looked at him as she adjusted herself in the saddle. "Couldn't we stop so I could change now?" She asked, "This dress and saddle are very uncomfortable." The pony moved awkwardly under her as they came into the darker part of the forest. This was a place that she had only went through once, and it was not that fond of a memory.
  11. "I dunno. My client likes to keep himself unknown," Tace said, lifting a shoulder in apathy as he continued to walk. "As for me, I am the great Tace Alveron." If he wasn't moving, he would have greeted her with a mocking bow, something he enjoyed doing to everyone he met, right before he killed them. He didn't like people knowing who he was. It was why he never showed his face to anyone.

    He huffed, irritated at her for continuing to mention her current garb. "We'll be reachin' a town soon." He had to contemplate his next move before he relented. "...Here." He untied his cloak and let it fall away, throwing it over her shoulders. "That'll keep ya covered for now. Like I said, I ain't got nothin' for ya to change into. As for the saddle, ya hafta deal with it. It ain't made for anyone to ride on it." It was better than her walking, as she had no shoes of any kind.

    Tace lost the moonlight as they traveled through the forest, but the trees weren't dense enough to be too far from the road. If he lost the road, he and the Princess would be stuck in the forest until daylight, something he didn't really want to happen.
  12. She looked at him as he spoke to her. She took his cloak and grabbed it the best she could and watched him lead the way through the dark forest. It was almost too creepy. Like as if they were being watched the whole time. It was something that Elizabeth did not care for. Her whole life she had been watched and waited on. It was nothing that she wasn't use too, but she really did not like it.

    "So, how much longer till we are there? Unless you know a short cut of some sort it's going to be a rather longer journey," She explained. Her body leaned forward into the saddle trying to find a more comfortable position. How the hell this happened or could have happened she would never know....and she was there and awake the almost the whole time. It was almost like a dream. That she had to admit to herself.
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